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  1. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    the early (80s to 90s) illustrations were made by Juan Li.
  2. Guan Yin, let me in!

    thanks for the welcome and the update! Chinese deci belle ... someone saying really profound things nobody can possibly understand? I will have to look into that! I have no idea why joeblast was banned but I'm strongly against it anyway. On a more serious note: it is true that I could not access the daobums. Since around october I was directed to a drawing of Guanyin and the note "offline, back soon". I supposed the daobums actually was offline which obviously is not true, so maybe Sean or other staff could look into that? Maybe I am not the only one experiencing that problem!
  3. Guan Yin, let me in!

    after three months of constant pleading she finally has granted my wish! Materializing in front of me she said: "Well honey, why don't you just type "/index.php" after that '' thingy and see where it leads you?" And what can I say? She is right - as always! Three months abstaining from thedaobums - did i miss anything important?
  4. Hi, I just saw on his website he has written an autobiography. Looking forward to reading it, just wanted to share here.
  5. It's a cellular automaton.
  6. This is what chi really is

    detailed description of the aparatus here:
  7. It sucks to live in UK

    anti-paedophile test
  8. Hi everybody from germany

  9. what?! ..down for like almost two days? whaa *panics* .
  10. Longmen (Dragon Gate)

    there's a translation in french (easier than chinese ) Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein: Procedes secrets du Joyau magique haven't read it though... .
  11. Taoist Canon

  12. Honey

  13. Prof. Pang Ming

    in the video list there is a video of his complete Xing Shen Zhuang form!
  14. Qi hanzi confusion

    knowing the radicals definately helps.. now this discussion revamps some motivation to pick up my learning chinese again! to spin it further i just found a obviously very arcane charakter (sorry cannot copypaste it here doesnt work) that has this ji4 thing (like in the "qi" charakter we discuss) as upper radical and instead of the four dot fire below is the four stroke radical for xin (heart), pronounces as ai4, meaning LOVE. Now i find that's cute. so instead of the fire causing the lifeforce of the dog to steam, rattle and shake him, you give him a heart underneath, and love emerges