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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The Taoist Art of Feng Shou: 'Hand of the Wind' Kung Fu (Taoist Arts of the Lee Style) by Professor Chee Soo.
  2. Atlantis

    Many thanks for this, clears up alot.
  3. Atlantis

    This is a rough sketch, I'll try to come with more detail soon. I have a feeling the submerge of Atlantis could also refer to the shaman's descent (perhaps through the underworld/netherworld) or a release of past outdated energy (biologically speaking trauma). Such an outburst could lead to similar destruction both within and without. Similar to the story of Yu who then had to pace/dance the steps to rebuild what the flood has destroyed. Alchemically speaking it would most likely refer to excess water clogging the dan tiens.
  4. Best way to stay warm in winter?

    Coffee, tobacco, but with tobacco good quality is best so one does not get addicted. I learnt that the hard way
  5. Best way to stay warm in winter?

    Consuming sage as a tincture or tea, may be cooling at first though.
  6. Atlantis

    What if Atlantis is also an alchemical stage?
  7. Liu He Ba Fa Chuan (Water Boxing)

    Nice one by Zhu Huaiyuan
  8. Kunlun and Demons

    The Kunlun posture acts as an 'Omni-Tool' / Tuning fork The 'demons' are gatekeepers designed to scare off the initiate
  9. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Basically a Time Machine
  10. Kunlun posture with Steps of Yu

    Good method to stir the cauldron:
  11. Canaan: Land of Milk and Honey

    The Immortals Blood to gain access
  12. Canna Bums

    Some nice Ice, need to fetch my hands on more