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  1. There are a few people on this thread that have expressed interest in Tien Shan Taoist chikung/ Neikung. If you read read my previous comments you will hear of many of the positive effects of the Tien Shan Chi Kung. The level 1 can be found on Vimeo and is sold at a very reasonable price. Purchase the video do the chi kung as frequently as possible, I believe energy work especially at the beginning requires most day practice. Notice as time goes by how the chi kung effects ones energy and how it makes you feel. If you like it and notice the benefits after 3-6 months move onto level 2. And hopefully continue on through the system. If you prove serious Mr Gray will likely answer emails and questions and help you out. A teacher with 30 years experience, the holder of a real powerful Neikung system. Real Neikung in this day an age is truly a rare Jewell to behold. Maybe I’m bit bias, but a practice that goes back 3000 years in its original form is something very special. Warm regards and best wishes for those that decide to take the Journey, 🙏🙏
  2. No not Steve Gray. I’m a 38 year old from the UK. Online student of Mr Gray Tien Shan Chi Kung. I’ve been doing Chi Kung for about 12 months. If you don’t believe that I can’t make you. Lots and lots I don’t know. Answering questions mate hardly giving lessons, I just answered the thread cause I’m doing Tien Shan. Which what thread bout. Warm regards 🙏🙏
  3. Mr Gray himself in his book “ Lineage of Dragons” and in the YouTube video “ Nei Kung is Bullshit video” says the best benefits that come from the chi kung are energy and super health. Any abilities that may or may not come are merely side effects of the training. These party tricks may waste chi and stop you growing. I would take superman comments as a reference more to super health. On this thread there are a few people that think highly of Steve/ Mr Gray As for aggressive behaviour it was internet arguing that went too far. No excuses but in the heat of the moment things can go too far, people can say things which they regret.No ones perfect not even the gods. If you did do the Chi Kung and showed seriousness Mr Gray would help and answer your emails and guide you on the way. He his a real teacher/ Master with 30 years experience. Tien Shan is a real deal, powerful ancient Daoist Neikung system. Ultimately though it’s alot of work which you must do. Beginning and inter levels will take you very far. After several years if serious he may give bit more privately to the serious and ethical. So you can go very far
  4. Path to enlightenment

    As another student ( online) of Mr Gray it’s nice to meet you. 🙏🙏 From what I’ve experienced in a short time I don't doubt the positive things/ special abilities you gained from training in Tien Shan Neikung. Warm regards! 🙏🙏
  5. I honestly didn’t give a crap bout enlightenment. I got into building Chi as somebody who was interested in the ancient training methods of the masters to improve my Martial Arts prowess. I found Mr Grays Tien Shan Chi Kung beginning levels ( wasn’t corresponding with Mr Gray at this time), did the powerful chi kung and Meditations, also other higher power meditations, I won’t speak of. One starts to feel energy in the body and that gets stronger creating a powerful process of inner spiritual alchemy. Like I said I wasn’t really in the game for this stuff. It just happened as a by product, I wanted just gain chi power for my Martial Arts. What do you really want? The ability to heat your hands up and project some energy out the hands silly little party tricks. Or do you want powerful white energy cruising through the veins, that gives you glowing energy to make love/ work hard from 6am to 12am at night? Powerful energy to get lots done. A powerful Aura and immune system, protecting you from disease and illness. Feeling absolutely fantastic and great. Being a nicer, better well rounded person with little to no sick energy in the body. These are the real benefits of building high Chi. Warm Regards.
  6. It all honesty it happened sooner than should have. Cause I’d been training relative short time. The Tien Shan powerful chi kung mixed with some higher level meditations ( didn’t know they were higher level) maybe I should not of been doing at beginning levels. The kundalini Yoga way. The energy went up my spine and into my head for several hours. I was red hot like having a horrid fear filled fever, not at all nice. Then the energy energised the crown Charaka which felt like a release valve. Then the heat in my head was released and I cooled down. It was very hard and brutal on my body. Not at all pleasant. Then for three days I felt great. A feeling of pure love and bliss. Obviously the initial energising of the crown charaka leads to a profound very pleasant neural chemical release. The aftermath of enlightenment is very mixed bag of emotions good and bad. I think you gotta experience these kind of things to truly understand them.
  7. I’m a online student of Mr Gray. Being doing Tien Shan Nei Kung/ Chi Kung for roughly 12 months. Benefits I’ve gained, increased energy, increased recovery, increased internal health, enlightenment and some other party tricks developed long the way. There are few burdens to developing high chi, including heating up and others things. No power comes without some price. He as beginning and inter levels online. Though not full system they can take you pretty damm far as it’s powerful chi developing system. Warm regards to All 🙏🙏
  8. Hello

    New member, hey from the UK, interests Daoism and chikung. peace out.