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  1. The Gods and Magic

    All I can say is be careful very careful ... from your lips or keyboard to ....
  2. Mo Pai 2022

    That sounds like par for the course, LOL!
  3. Mo Pai 2022

    I think searching elsewhere for info on Mo Pai elsewhere might serve you better, or not your mileage will vary!
  4. The Grades of Initiation

    Well, you obviously either never studied anatomy or failed to pay much attention?
  5. will a hungry shark fall for this!

    Well, I once was surrounded by flying fish while floating calmly on my back, yes, they were all around me as well as above me and as far as I could tell below me! Yup, there were a lot of lessons that day as they truly schooled me! Buy away I have ocean property for sale in Arizona!
  6. will a hungry shark fall for this!

    Once on a dive in a boat based in Bonaire everyone was excited as the Dolphins began following the boat and everyone rushed to jump in the water. I was the last in, but also the only one wearing fins. It was sandy bottom in all directions, and pretty bleak until I encountered a seahorse in the wild! A better result I could not expect!
  7. will a hungry shark fall for this!

    That has been my experience. On a night dive on a wall reef I found it remarkable how many there were whom were mostly if not completely hidden during daylight. And oh do the coral show off at night!!!
  8. will a hungry shark fall for this!

    I don't know how one knows when one is being targeted from behind?
  9. disrspecting the i ching ?

    Let a mess of them southern ants, aka red ants, find your soft targets long enough and they will celebrate ones painful ignorant suffering! No straw dog's, life just carrying on its own way. And yes, not significate to many onlookers, but very important to the individual under assault!
  10. required new post

    Welcome to the bums.
  11. First posting

    Welcome to the bums.
  12. Oh, and for the record, it's better to be lucky, as I am than to rely on doing well, not that I have a problem with that. Go figure HUH?
  13. You are alright in my book! Should we ever meet up on this side, I have an inherited bottle I guess is going on 50 years on top of the 18, we might explore? ; ) I pulled it out and the original label is for 12 years old product but faded Maryland tax stamps lead me to think it is pretty old.
  14. Correct tongue position

    Irregardless it should not be wagging, after all don't loose lips sink ships?
  15. I once asked an unfamiliar bum if it was possible to be guided to familiar spirits (Chivas regal perchance) not applicable said my inner voice. YMMV