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  1. an insistent partner, does this make me look fat? as a primary policy I try to avoid lies. but for the sake of peace, one may slip out from time to time. lol
  2. I am waxing my skies, rather late in the season mind you, we call it the season of slippery slopes hereabouts. LOL
  3. The old pocket pinball? A traditional way to pass the time.
  4. I to am happy to get permission to believe whatever I like!
  5. It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice!
  6. Same here as well! With the exception some of what I report actually happened, some maybe not. Just so happens sometimes my imagination runs away!
  7. I am old school.... One is borne One will suffer and One will die Interupt with as many happy times as possible in between!
  8. And I am told attracted to heat! Many years ago... somewhere in Texas... I was both warned and shocked at the number of snakes whom frequented the asphalt runway at night, to enjoy the heat...
  9. Yeah right, try that on some one with broken bones or other serious trauma. Mind over matter only goes so far for some of us..... I am a non card carrying member of the great unwashed masses, I continue to struggle and shuffle every day.
  10. I can identify with that! Those days are long behind me...
  11. I have been snake bit typically not venomous, but still able to cause infection... no fun not reccomended!
  12. No, sadly not! I have without intent caused physical suffering. Tripping for example over an animal and shown regret orally by my words as well verbally thru my actions and seen less discomfort than if I did not acknowledge it thru my words or actions.
  13. I am glad you qualified that with animals (which we are) and most creatures of Mother Nature have to react based upon our instincts?