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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    That's called a dog gone moment ; )
  2. Voices from 'Murica

  3. An inside view of the situation in India

    One can only hope.
  4. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    I can attest to that which I bolded. Or is affirm? Either way it uncrosses my eyes, and results in a chuckle or two. And occasion the rare guffaw ; )
  5. An inside view of the situation in India

    Living well should lead one to dying well... I have been fortunate to witness it at least twice. Outside my family a very dear friend and mentor was an woman of color, some 50 years older than I. She was strong in her faith having given birth to 12 children and raised them all in a three bedroom one and half bath farm house. Widowed early she was well into her sixties when we met. I tried to share some bounty from my garden with her, carry that down the homeless shelter why don"t you? And here is money to buy some corn to carry for me. We shared common values, an appreciation of chickens, a tolerance to their predators, including both foxes and hawks. Not so much raccoons who often killed as if on a spree... we shared a strong distaste for ground hogs. I spent countless hours just sitting on her porch, enjoying her company regardless of the weather. We would talk about crops past and present, the weather, or as often as not in silence, being bathed by nature and mutual affection and respect. She was in her nineties and blind when our visits increased. I am looking for the good Lord to carry me home she would say as I approached. He ain't in no damn hurry to fetch you anywhere as long as you keep blessing us... I met the second who oddly enough was both an oncology nurse and an acupuncturist. She spoiled my father with care and loving kindness as he struggled with pancreatic cancer. Our first meeting could not have started off on a more sour note. My dad and I were delayed, and she wanted to cancel. Not having any of that I assured her we were doing our best, didn't mean any disrespect and would prefer we did not lock horns on our first meeting, which was going to happen soon. We arrived at the same building that housed the Oncology Practice who would be treating him as well. They hit it off from the git go. Turned out she was also a nurse at the oncology practice were my dad was receiving chemo therapy. Many days it was all I could do to get him loaded in the car for either appointment. We would struggle to the elevator to his acupuncture appt. and he would stride with confidence down the stairs unassisted afterwards. She and I became very close over the ensuing years, discussing life and death. She had very strong feelings on letting go or dying. I reckon she died as she lived, by her terms. Carrying on as best she could until it was too tiring. She went home just before Thanksgiving of 2020. I miss her dearly...
  6. An inside view of the situation in India

    As I was waiting to be vaccinated for the second time, a women of similar vintage, related she got the polio vaccination the very day following her cousins death from it. Seems he contracted it there were no Iron Lungs in her state. She said she had to be almost on a death bed before she ever saw a doctor. Her mom came home loaded every body in the car and they all got vaccinated. She could not understand antivaccers, if they hadn't faced terrible loss they were spoiling for it! Her words not mine... but she was preaching to the choir!
  7. An inside view of the situation in India

    I hope we can agree we don't know what we don't know. Experts either won't or can't admit that. Colchicine a interesting chemical. Yes, I said chemical. Strictly speaking water is a chemical too. I was aware of Colchicine in the 70's. Used at that time for genetic modification. Derived from fall crocus all natural. As was / is nicotine. Food for thought?
  8. An inside view of the situation in India

    Short answer see Hitler, Idi Amin, Caligula, Franco. All in my humble opinion personify evil. Not an inclusive list by any means...
  9. It is known

    I can no longer do zoo's. I stopped going almost 50 years ago. Broke my heart, to many times.. I am always interested in the underdog so to speak... And visit elder care, hospice and animal rehab as often as my heart and courage allow.
  10. It is known

    Sadly the only wolves I have observed were in captivity. Two separate groups of mixed grey wolves and hybrids in a private sanctuary Pennsylvania. And a captive pair of red wolves in a Gov. facility in North Carolina. Both encounters made me sad.
  11. How to step back and rest?

    I have had countless natural naps in nature, sitting in peace, my back to a tree at least as old as I was. Dappled sun informing me thru closed eyelids all was well in my world. edit to add: If my boney butt was comfortable it was either prime pepper planting time, or post pepper planting time. And either way I was in need of some peaceful rest.
  12. Hmm... words of course are feeble attempts at communication. How many roads must a man walk before you call him a man? How many cannonballs must fly.... Little Big Man to Custer: "You go down there" Custer: " Your advising me to go into the Coulee? Little Big Man (LBM) Yes sir. Custer (C) There are no Indians there, I suppose. LBM : I didn't say that. There are thousands of Indians down there... Is it up hill, flat, or down hill. Cold, cool or warm or Hot. Dry wet icy? How many miles must a man
  13. Level of experience not quantity, but quality in as many as are required. Unique to each individual?