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  1. What about a Bums retreat?

    My apologies in advance. Am I wrong or is this a rather risque' invitation? Lol. Whether it is or knot (pun intended). Go for it!
  2. An opinion or observation of madness

    " Son of a Jewish Mother and an agnostic Father came home one day to ask his dad we pledge allegiance to one nation under God, who or what is God. The dad replied well son there are many nations, but only one God, whom we don't believe in."
  3. simplify

    Rain coat
  4. An opinion or observation of madness

    And I for one hope and pray peace is on the horizon, for all of humankind as well as all of earths inhabitants.
  5. twenty twenty vision

    It has provided a great many ways to help others out. Both Inside or outside, when in company of others I wear a mask with a prominent smile. I'm becoming a better listener, acknowledging the fear pain and sadness we all face... and just listening. More often than not, its all I can do. It helps.
  6. Is truth relative?

    I have been known to swear, (in the olden days use cuss words...) and leaving nothing out may both take some time, and shock all but the most : Mature, Liberal,** **(traveling in the 70's, with my not so liberal Aunt and Uncle on a highway in Arizona, during Spring break, a car full of youngsters, -damn carpetbaggers mind you-, passed my uncle's car. and whilst doing so both the front seat passenger and rear seat passengers, dropped their drawers shining a few full moons .. Uncle wrestled a pistol, a large caliber revolver, from what we called the "glove box" my uncle, grabbing the gun, and drawing down, on the miscreants, taught me high speed pursuit techniques to avoid... and added to my vocabulary* encouraged a new unofficial land speed record? Well travelled, Unapologetic, *A major part of my education on western swear words, and how not to drive.
  7. Is truth relative?

    I could not have said it better!
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I think captivity is (in most, although not all cases) cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. Hello

    Hi Daniel, Likewise.
  10. Hello

    New here once again!