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  1. Recent case of Tibetan Nun in Thukdam

    I think Alan Wallace discussed something similar on the matter of mantras in his book stilling the mind and that they are related to "seeds" in the form or formless realms and that if they are repeated in dhyana then they can influence physical body and physical world here
  2. Recent case of Tibetan Nun in Thukdam

    Interesting I wonder what the mechanics behind the state are, and what it signifies I understand that with Thogal the disappearing body means a level of sucess in acheiving rainbow body
  3. Recent case of Tibetan Nun in Thukdam

    Really all of them? So you mean to tell me that practicing just shamatha to a high level will lead to thukdam? just practicing vipassana? It seems to me to be the result of tantric practice ? I am not familiar with it happening in non tantric schools of buddhism, though to be honest im not so familiar with the state I know thogal can lead to the dissapearing body or shrinking body phenomena after death, and i have not heard of many other practices (besides some taoist shen related practices causing a similar result)
  4. Recent case of Tibetan Nun in Thukdam

    Pretty interesting phenomena, I have read about it before a few times does anyone know what style practices lead to this state after death? I know dzogchen practices can lead to the body shrinking after death (a different result than the Thukdam state)
  5. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Please dont think im attacking you or your experiences with Zhou on the contrary im happy to hear them as a few years back i was interested to visit Zhou its just my investigations led me to a different conclusion than you thats all, the feedback i received from a reliable source who went led me to believe he was indeed using a chemical mixture setup does this word of mouth account prove zhou is a fraud? no, of course not I just cant wrap my mind around the fact that this individual put something from the liquid solution in his mouth and it gave him a chemical burn, but no it wasnt me personally experincing it so.... I was just sharing this Now you are correct me visiting Zhou and bringing my own equipment (foil,paper,water) would be the best way to approach the situation if i really wanted to see for myself Having said that I have met a number of qigong guys, some were legit, and some were a combination of legit and not so legit(having legitimate skills but way overcharging for questionable services) Never once was i impolite or accusatory in person, nor would i be with Zhou, i would simply ask to bring my own equiptment and go from there, where you get this idea im not sure, im just a proponent of hardball questioning Zhou ting jue and his techniques unfortunately create the perfect storm for skepticim due to his rather unusual setup compared to most qigong guys Its interesting to see he now seemingly has at least one student who can do the same as him this is the first time i have heard of this thanks for the info
  6. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Additionally in the 40+ years he has been practicing has he been able to produce a single student who can produce heat using qi (or project qi in any tangible manner for that matter) without using foil and paper towels? Asking because im genuinely curious
  7. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    Can you answer me two simple questions, why does master zhou need to use wet paper towels soaked in a special solution (hint it's not water) and aluminum foil on all of his patients? Why do no other qigong/neigong masters need to do the same?
  8. On walking

    Walking is certainly a great exercise, but i disagree about all the walking meditation I think walking meditation is a scam that dosent really work but you can certainly think about things when you walk
  9. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Wow Drew youve seem to come a long way, but I think you should have just stuck to riding bikes in snowstorms, dumpster diving for food (whatever that means) and giving strangers remote orgasms from a distance at mcdonalds, i think theres more profit in those fields
  10. Qi and Viruses

    I have met some high level qigong masters and i have known people who visited other high level teachers (John Chang Etc) I can tell you this while increasing your qi through something like neigong will increase your defensive or waiqi levels it certainly cant protect you much from a stong virus like Ebola unless your very high level possibly I known some masters who can project their qi, and they still get sick with flus and colds what does that tell you?
  11. Long hair and feeling connected to nature

    Unfortunately there is no correlation, unless you live in a cold environment and you dont wear enough clothes to keep you warm growing your hair out has absolutely nothing to do with your health
  12. Kidney jing

    Hello and welcome as a person who has traveled and met many TCM doctors and Qigong masters both in the west and in asia i can offer you some advice Firstly who diagnosed you with low kidney Jing? was it a good TCM doctor? in my experience you might need to get evaluated by a few reputable TCM doctors and see if they all tell you something similar secondly as a person who has visited this forum since 2004 I can tell you that many of the standard responses to fix any problem on this site go something like this... dont have sex at all, have sex but dont ejaculate, fast, dont eat this or that, do this type of complicated chigong, In truth most things are oversimplifications or just bad advice unfortunately As a person who struggled with (and still struggles with) a similar problem i can tell you first and foremost if you really do have a prenatal kidney jing deficnency qigong/meditation etc wont do much to fix the issue at all unless you can fix your kidney problem first, even really good qigong you need to know better details about your case as far as is it more kidney yin jing or yang jing? but in general the best advice is to take care of sex hygeine (dont have too much sex), sleep hygeine (sleep at 9 or 10 every night), eat heavier foods with more nutritional value (such as beef, lamb), dont do fasting, dont be vegetarian, take an herbal formula tailored to your specific constitution from a good TCM doctor, dont overexert yourself with physical activities (but some exercise is good), dont drink much or take much caffinated things, but thats just in general
  13. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    furthermore all of the demonstrations i have seen of Zhou ting jue involve him only being able to project qi as a heat like sensation if he does have a real dantian like other qigong schools such as mopai and gengmenpai he should be able to project qi into students as an electrical feeling sensation as well, which i have never seen him demonstrate
  14. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    I know of some people who visited zhou ting jue my opinion is hes a fraud think about thus why does the guy who is a high level qigong master need to use aluminum foil and paper towels soaked in a mysterious solution to project his qi???? well simple chemistry aluminum and lye create a lot of heat I heard of a guy who went to see him and when he was not looking he tasted the liquid solution zhou uses on the paper towels and he said it burnt his tongue just as a strong base (lye) would most things in cultivation are simpler than one would thing, thats because most things in cultivation are baloney!
  15. New Neigong Forum

    Please note the mobile site does not work yet, and in general it's kind of crappy, as I am still learning how to set it up properly, my apologies in advance The PC version should be up and working just fine