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  1. Do What Thou Wilt

    Stop feeding the troll.
  2. Do What Thou Wilt

    "Only a Fool lives just once" Silver woven thread weaving in the eternal moment of no thing - A Fool
  3. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    My advice is to be creative. Simplicity swims in Chaos.
  4. Correct use of Tarot

    Correct use of Tarot... I do not like the concept. It is interesting to learn how it has been used of course. But a 'correct' designation seems to be missing the inherent quality of the deck as thing of itself. But that is my taste. I recall doing a spread that indicated conflagration and sudden strife on a quiet boat in Amsterdam all alone in front of a gas/oil stove with candles on it. Unwise to place cup candles on the stove. Lady at the time comes home, notices the danger, exclaims and yells we both struggle to slide them off onto a plate, some fall onto the stove, ignition. Fire and screams. Throw blanket over stove, look down and consider the cards laid out on the floor burning and smile. The cards were unharmed it was the paraffin. I like Tarot.
  5. Thank you for the link, will peruse it.
  6. Gas.... Gas that comes from a stove is odorless in its natural state. The gas company add a smelly chemical so that we may know when there is a leak. So let us say that the odorless gas, before it's adulteration by a smelly chemical is that great and grand All Soul of Everything. You cannot smell it, you cannot know it. All we know is what we can smell and what we CAN smell is that smelly chemical and nothing more. And what, by god, do you think that smelly chemical is?
  7. In my experience when faced with open hostility I tended to either deflect or let it pass through. Anger taken in from another can have a weakening affect, well it has weakened me. This of course, can trigger the fight or flight response. But I hated giving in to common reactive patterns so often I would do my best to acknowledge the person and their energy but hold, or try to hold control of my own reflexive energy. Always more options that way. So I would say empowerment comes from keeping a equilibrium even when ones ingrained response demands otherwise. I word this wrong, but that is my two cents.
  8. Mantras

    Thank you for your insight. It helps me formulate my intent with this better.
  9. I am considering the difference between will and empowerment. I am reading an old book about esoteric Shinto from around 1900, there was a passage that struck me: "Consciousness is still held by most people to be a noumenon ornoumel phenomenon; mind being conceived by them to be something quite apart from brain, and this in face of the self-evident concomitance of the two. Now when we scan this distinction for an underlying difference, we find it to be due solely to man's desire for distinction. To put it unflatteringly, it is nothing but part and parcel of our innate human snobbery." and this, even if it is mildly off topic: "When we have , as we say, an idea, what happens inside us is probably something like this: the neural current of molecular change passes up the nerves, and through the ganglia reaches at last the cortical cells and excites a change there. Now the nerve-cells have been so often thrown into this particular form of wave-motion the they vibrate with great ease. The nerves, in short, are good conductors, and the current passes swiftly along them, but when it reaches the cortical cells, it finds a set of molecules which are not so accustomed to this special change. The current encounters resistance, and in overcoming this resistance it causes the cells to glow. This white-heating of the cells we call consciousness. Consciousness, in short, is probably nerve-glow." I will take nerve-glow over noumenon ornoumel phenomenon everytime. *I realize above quotes are a bit dated, but quite fun none the less.
  10. Mantras

    OK, will get it when I can, thanks again.
  11. Mantras

    Thank you. I came across: Om Swami - The Ancient Science of Mantras Wisdom of the Sages , for "free" as an epub. I will look into it that one unless it is no good?
  12. Mantras

    Greetings, I am curious about Mantras. Would it be correct to consider them having strength because of the many through out the ages empowered them so? Would be correct to consider them having strength because the tones reflect universal vibrations of reality? Also what are some good three or four syllable ones? I would like to use them for stillness and clarity. My mind can go very fast and in many directions, this gets tiresome. Thank you for any info. TheCove
  13. Thank you, and I surely do.
  14. Had something also, broke me for a year, and kept me at the bottle for many years; after the healing the major damage. But that has nothing to do with any system mentioned here. Probably why it went so bad for me. Reckless fool.