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  1. Account termination

    Hello guys and gals. I want to shut down my account. I do not wish to be part of this community anymore. How do I do that? Thanks
  2. Hello Brother and Sisters

    Greetings buddy! Hows it going? Mind sharing a little bit more about that system? Never heard of it. What are its purposes? Whats the philosophy behind it? Ever new joy Allen I
  3. Hi from Brazil

    Hello Fernando! Hows it going buddy! Great to see u are exploring this lovely thing called qi gong! What some of the things that u have learned from practising these arts? What was your best bit?
  4. Hi all from a qigong practitioner

    Hello Luminous! Awesome to have another dedicated practitioner here! With regards to embryonic breathing ... i only know about it what Gary Clyman teaches about it. Has 4 details to it to be performed at the same time. Inhale: squeeze anal/urinary sphincters, diaphragm, mind travels up Xhale > relax sphincters, breath out gently, mind travels down "into" the floor. Always keep mind at dan tien on the inhale / exhale. He explains it better than I ever could but you get the point of it. I think I also heard Liao mentioning it but don`t quote me on it. By small circulation - do u mean "micro cosmic orbit"? Blessings
  5. Digitized Occult manuscripts

    thank you Aetherous!
  6. Hello

    Hey Danasaurus! Cool to have u have here! I`m eager to learn more about those topics. What courses / materials would u recommend? Bleesings
  7. Hi! Greetings from China

    Hey Sora! Great to hear that you are passionate about your craft. Lucky you have have a master as a teacher / mentor! Mind sharing with us some of the things that your teacher taught you? Thanks
  8. Hey!

    Hi Seb! Could you share a little bit more about you? Why this website specifically? What have you learned so far from zen / daoism that u used to change your life? I am not familiar with zen nor with daoism so I am trying to learn as much as possible.
  9. Digitized Occult manuscripts

    thank you! gratitude! its`s like having christtmass all over again!
  10. Hi everyone :)

    Hey DOm How`s it going? It`s great to here that you playing and exploring. My question to you is: from all the things /materials/knowledge that are available here - what are you going to take with you and implement in your life?
  11. Greetings

    Greetings! Glad 2 have u here! I am new also! I am sure we can learn from each other!
  12. Greetings MIchael80!


     I saw on a very old thread that you have JAJ`s book "Daoist Alchemy"?


     Do you still have that book?

    Are you willing to sell it ?



    1. MIchael80




      There is a facebook group called "the arcanum library"....join it and you can download it there for need to pay for it.  :-)




    2. alleniverson




      thanks! thats amazing!


      also, do you happen to know where I can find materials by gary clyman?


      I have a few but i am looking for more.


      Have not been able to find them here.


      Do you know facebook groups focusing on that sort of thing?


      He is a tai chi, chi kung teacher.




    3. MIchael80


      never heard of gary clyman....but you could ask in the "arcanum group".....they have hundreds of books for free download and constantly add more and are very knowledgable about this stuff. best

  13. Greetings!


    I saw on an older thread that your ordered JAJ`  book "Daoist Alchemy".


     Do you still have that book?


     Are you willing to sell it?



    1. Ish


      Hi. Sorry i don't have the book any more

      good luck

  14. Hello Everybody

    Hello VIctor! Great to hear you are practising are obtaining solid results! That`s awesome! Never heard of that style of Qi Gong before. Could you share some more details please? Thank you!
  15. Old lady / new member introducing herself

    Hi Nunya! Great to have u here! I am no expert in Kundalini ...but my understanding from Master Clyman is that Kundalini only concerns itself with the "up" but never the "down". Thus, it can lead to massie imbalances in the individual. Hope that helps.