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  1. I am looking for Vessica Institute Spiritual science courses Specifically Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices The True Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions Connecting to Spiritual Realities I have a large collection of Liao, Clyman and Bk Frantzis courses. Willing to trade for the vessica courses. PM me.
  2. Selling my Adam Hsu Collection

    Greetings I am looking to sell my Adam Hsu collection consisting of: 1) Secret File of Ba Gua Zhang - Part 1 and Part 2 2)Xingyi Five Elements Boxing - Vol 1 to 3 3)San Cai Jian (Sancai Sword - Three Talent Sword) - Vol. 1 to 4 4)Tan Tui Get in touch if you are interested Cheers
  3. Selling Waisun Liao courses

    Nope Sent you a pm
  4. Greetings I am looking to part with my "Yellow court Scripture Lecture Series" by Stuart Alve Olson. Description taken from Mr Olson`s website "These 70 audio recordings contain Stuart Alve Olson’s line-by-line commentary on each verse of the Yellow Court Scripture. Recorded from online classes that Stuart conducted with a student in 2015, the information in these audio recordings touch upon Taoist philosophy, meditation, Internal Alchemy, medical Qigong, and the spirit world like no other Taoist material provides". Looking forward to hearing rom you.
  5. Gary Clyman - Black Diamond

    Greetings I am looking to part with the "Black Diamond" course (5 DVDs set) by Gary Clyman Let me know if u are interested in this specific course Or other Clyman materials. Regards PS I know I mentioned on another thread that I am looking to trade some of Clyman`s materials for Black Diamond (and Mind Light). In the meantime I gathered the funds and invested in "Black Diamond" - hence this thread.
  6. Greetings I am looking to part with my remaining Waisun Liao materials 1) How to Develop Chi – 10 Disc Set These DVDs show you how to delve deeply into single form practice to foster Chi awareness, and ultimately increase and direct Chi flow. On each disc, Master Liao explores specific single forms and the ultimate techniques in refining each movement. 2) Chi Flow Series – 7 Disc Set Seven high level DVDs with advanced teachings that will help you flow your Chi. In order to advance to martial arts, healing and other Chi applications, you must learn to flow. You can also purchase each DVD separately. 3) Enter the State of Tai Chi - 1 Disc 4) Learn to Connect and Broadcast – 6 Disc Set Live recording from a 2014 seminar for advanced students in Tucson, AZ. Master Liao offers flow, form corrections, and fundamental principles behind connecting to your original energy and broadcasting an energy signal. 5) How to Restore Your Life Energy – 2 Disc Set Filmed LIVE at Master Liao’s 2009 Chi Development seminar, these two DVDs give enlightening teachings on how meditative Taichi forms increase Jing and restore your health and vitality. 6) TE: Beyond Birth and Death - 1 DVD Master Liao explains what “Te” really is — the piece of Tao trapped inside us. How to un-trap that piece of Tao and reconnect back to the power of the universe is what spiritual adepts have worked towards for centuries. 7)How to Connect Chi & Tao – Set of 9 DVDs and 9 CDs The complete recordings of several interviews between Master Waysun Liao and a noted astro-physicist on the nature of life, Tao and energy. Purchase entire set, or separately. 8)TE: Beyond Birth and Death Master Liao explains what “Te” really is — the piece of Tao trapped inside us. How to un-trap that piece of Tao and reconnect back to the power of the universe is what spiritual adepts have worked towards for centuries. 9) Tao Gong Meditation Tao Gong” means “Tao’s work”. This DVD contains meditation forms that can help you calm your mind and feel your own internal life energy. One of the best DVDs to start with. 10) Using Your Center of Power – 5 Disc Set Filmed live at a seminar for advanced students, Master Liao explores all the applications of creating and using a powerful energy center in your Taichi or Chi Gong moving meditation. 11) Seminar on Internal Work – 9 Disc Set Explore the universe inside you! Let Master Liao show you the keys to internal energy circulation and Chi development in this 9-disc live seminar recorded in St. Pete in 2011 12) Learn to Connect and Broadcast – 6 Disc Set Live recording from a 2014 seminar for advanced students in Tucson, AZ. Master Liao offers flow, form corrections, and fundamental principles behind connecting to your original energy and broadcasting an energy signal. 13) Private Invitation Class Collection - 3 Discs (out of six) Master Liao recorded live at special invitation classes for Tao and Chi members at the Taichi Tao Center. These DVDs contain some of our more exclusive and advanced teachings, and are designed for those who have substantial Taichi experience, primarily under Master Waysun Liao’s teaching and materials. A) DISC 2: Bowing and How to Support the Eight Directions After this DVD, you will never perform the Taichi Bow in the same way again. Learn how bowing as a moving meditation form can be the gateway to expanding the power in your Dan Tian. Learn how the correct motion expands your Dan Tian and then pulls Yin and Yang from the entire universe back into your heart. When the Taichi Bow is done the right way, you may soon have different feeling sensations in your Dan Tian. “Embracing the Moon” or “Holding the Fetus” are just some of the analogies ancient masters used to describe the many different stages of developing the living energy of your Dan Tian. On this DVD, Master Liao gives you key insights on how supporting the eight directions helps you achieve goals described in the T’ai Chi Classics. You’ll learn the real secret to “light and limber,” and “follow the curve to find the straight line.” DISC 5: Real Method of Condensing and Using the Eight Directions In this high-level teaching, Master Liao diagrams the real method of condensing breathing and what it really means. Without this understanding, and without incorporating true condensing in your practice, you simply cannot advance in Chi applications such as martial arts or healing. On this DVD you’ll learn which two directions are the most important, and why without them, the other six directions are meaningless. You’ll learn the difference between expanding in one direction versus expanding in eight directions versus moving the center in a direction — and when and why each is required. You’ll learn what “center” is and how to create “center” through correct use of the eight directions. Master Liao discusses the power of our original energy when we were an embryo, and how we must go backward to return to that source of great power. But he not only explains why, he explains how. On this DVD, Master goes back to the teachings of Lao Tzu time and time again, to show how the Tao Te Ching is really teaching Taichi all the way through, but we have missed the correct interpretation. Finally, Master Liao reveals the secret of “broadcasting” energy, and what is required to make it happen. To apply this secret, you need the practice techniques contained on this DVD. C) DISC 6: Temple Bows and How to Charge Up Your Energy and Look Inside There are many different bows that were commonly used in the old Taichi temples. On this DVD, you’ll learn the Chi Bow and Tao Bow. These special formal bows are traditionally made before heavy meditation, special healing or spiritual work, formal occasions, and to demonstrate deep sincerity. This DVD includes a comprehensive talk on charging up and a diagram on “looking inside.” You’ll learn how to pull all your sensory windows into your Upper Dan Tian, and how to bring that concentrated energy down to reach your Lower Dan Tian. The successful practice of this meditation can culminate in reconnecting with your original energy. You’ll learn how the goal of strengthening and purifying your energy is to allow your Te to expand a full three feet around your body. Those who reach this goal can connect with outside energy, and would be called “real humans” by old Tao masters. Master fills this DVD with references to the Tao Te Ching and analogies to nature, so you can see how these teachings are grounded in pure and ancient Tao wisdom. Looking forward to hearing from you Regards
  7. Hello Brother and Sisters

    Greetings buddy! Hows it going? Mind sharing a little bit more about that system? Never heard of it. What are its purposes? Whats the philosophy behind it? Ever new joy Allen I
  8. Selling Mind Light Nei Kung - Gary Clyman

    hey Kar3n I recently invested in his course. I got some money through one of my businesses. where`s the issue? i even forgot about that topic. Want me to update it?
  9. Greetings I`m looking to sell the "Mind Light Nei Kung" course by Gary Clyman. The course contains A) Mind Light Nei Kung the intro Dvd the "Brown" sash workout Dvd the "Green" and "Blue" sash Dvds the "A, B, C and D" routines DVD his "Tidal Wave Chi kung" course C) and his "nei Kung bible" book. The Nei Kung Bible contains all of the moves from Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung. This is the COMPLETE Nei Kung Bible. Its not just chapter 1. The NKB is the perfect accompaniment to the Mind Light Nei Kung dvd set. It is perfect for those who learn better through pictures. It also features articles on and by Master Clyman that discuss chi, jing, long power, short power, cold power, golden bell/ iron vest kung fu, fajing, martial arts applications and much more. I will also throw in his "Chi Kung Bible" as a bonus Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards
  10. Selling Sacred Geometry Courses

    Greetings I am looking to part with the following sacred geometry courses 1) Michael Rice - Bio Architecture and Sacred Geometry 2) Opening the Golden Door of Sacred Geometry with Mark and Marnie 3) Jain 108 - Art of Number (2 dvds) 4) Jain 108 - Vedic Mathematics for New Millenium (1 DVD) 5) Jain 108 - Mathemagics :The Mathematics of Nature (5 DVDS) 6) Randal Carlson - Sacred Geometry International Level 1 - 9 Classess (full course) Offering great disount for investing in two or multiple courses. Get in touch with me Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards
  11. Greetings! I am selling these Peter Firebrace course 1) Classic Sex ( 2 dvds) 2) The body map of chinese medicine (6 dvds) 3) The body map of chinese medicine - Vol: The Circle of Ren and Du mai (5 Dvds) 4) Alchemy in chinese medicine 5) The Alchemy of organs series: Red Bird and Dark Stag (8 dvds). Green Dragon adn White Tiger (8 Dvds) 6) Dao Of Longevity - Growing old gracefully. (1 DVD) I will provide a considerable discount for investing in two or more courses. Looking forward to hearing from you Regards
  12. Selling Waisun Liao courses

    Greetings I am looking to part with these two course by Master Liao 1) Advanced Chi Awareness (full course) Link here: Description: These five advanced Chi Awareness DVDs offer a higher level of teaching from Master Waysun Liao. These lessons go in-depth on one or two key forms so that you can learn to actually feel your life energy. Specific tips and positioning, plus advice on how and where to focus your meditation, give you head start to mastering real Taichi. and 2) Ultimate Internal Power Workshop – 8 Disc Set (full course) Link: Description: Recorded live at Master Waysun Liao’s May 2015 seminar in William’s Bay, Wisconsin. Learn and practice well known Taichi Forms in a new and powerful way, with energy tips from ancient temple teachings. Looking forward to hearing from you! Regards
  13. Hi from Brazil

    Hello Fernando! Hows it going buddy! Great to see u are exploring this lovely thing called qi gong! What some of the things that u have learned from practising these arts? What was your best bit?
  14. Hi all from a qigong practitioner

    Hello Luminous! Awesome to have another dedicated practitioner here! With regards to embryonic breathing ... i only know about it what Gary Clyman teaches about it. Has 4 details to it to be performed at the same time. Inhale: squeeze anal/urinary sphincters, diaphragm, mind travels up Xhale > relax sphincters, breath out gently, mind travels down "into" the floor. Always keep mind at dan tien on the inhale / exhale. He explains it better than I ever could but you get the point of it. I think I also heard Liao mentioning it but don`t quote me on it. By small circulation - do u mean "micro cosmic orbit"? Blessings
  15. Digitized Occult manuscripts

    thank you Aetherous!