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  1. Continuation

    A FAQ would be best hosted in a PPD to make revisions easier. It would still be necessary for us to quote parts of the FAQ in a discussions where it occurred, and would not be something we would only link to. Example: Anti-Mo-Pai Troll: Jim's cancer was caused by incorrect Mo Pai practice. Us: As per Mo Pai FAQ number 2 (located here) Jim's cancer was genomically linked to agent orange exposure, see studies x,y,z, and links to the VA department website for more information. If that is agreeable I will post a FAQ in a PPD, but only because it is something you are requesting be done. All the people we have met that expressed interest here in this forum have been told to message or email us privately, it isn't something we are actively going out and announcing.
  2. Continuation

    100+ page, 1000+ post, flame wars that span years it is then.
  3. Continuation

    There is no such thing as WMP, only MP. We aren't actively recruiting, we merely try and passively keep an eye out for like minded people who want to seriously pursue this practice.
  4. Continuation

    Hi Zork, Our "goals" are merely to politely defend ourselves, our practice, and our teachers, and continue to look for like minded people who want to pursue this path.
  5. Continuation

    The only alternative to this is flame-wars that last 100 pages, thousands of posts, and span years. We have a private forum, and I don't know of any threads on reddit that we created. Also there is no such thing WMP, there is only MP.
  6. Continuation

    The only alternative to this is flame-wars that last hundreds of pages, thousands of posts, and span years. These are in my opinion every bit as disruptive to the community as the pro trump, right wing nonsense, and the solution for that was a moratorium, and banning the trolls behind it. The behavior displayed by these hostile individuals in my opinion is exactly the same as the right wing reactionary nonsense, same behavior just a different topic.
  7. Continuation

    I certainly appreciate that, but the problem here is the community here is hostile and a FAQ isn't going to change that one bit. Example: Hostile neocon: Did you hear those evil LIBRUL SOBS EAT BABIES!!! Liberal apologist: As per our FAQ number 21, We do not in fact eat babies. We are however support a woman''s right to terminate her pregnancy. Hostile neocon: YOU EVIL SOB!!! YOU SLAUGHTER CHILDREN!!! Liberal apologist: As per our FAQ number 28 we do not see grant person-hood status to unborn fetuses. Hostile neocon: FAQ YOU! YOU EVIL SONS O BRICHES NEED TO GET SHOT IN YER HEAD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KILLIN BABIES! Etc.. It isn't going to fix this mess at all, and it will still be necessary to explain our side when the topic comes up, even having a FAQ pinned. A major concern is that if you choose to step down from the forum again and place people like Dawei and Kar3n in charge their solution will just be to ban members of our group whenever they speak out even politely and even when not violating any rules whatsoever. Having a FAQ to hide behind in such a scenario won't help. The easy solution when conflicts like this come up is to ban the smaller group, and that is what will wind up happening again. The only other solution I can see short of a complete moratorium here would be a new rule instituted whereby ALL Mo Pai discussion that comes up gets moved to a private access sub-forum, and only allowed there. I or another member would have admin status in this private Mo Pai sub-forum with the ability to remove people as they cause drama and troll. I can go ahead and tell you now that this is a terrible idea and you'll have several of the most vocal anti-mo-pai trolls screaming at the top of their lungs about their constitutional right to disrupt, troll, and cause problems in the mo pai sub-forum. I know this because I've seen it happen in a group member's PPD, where an entitled troll went on a rampage for having their posts removed. The only real solution to this that I or any other member of our group can see is a complete and total moratorium on Mo Pai discussion here.
  8. Continuation

    We do our best to present our case logically and reasonably, that is all. I certainly agree there is a lot of the things you list occurring, but not so much from our group. We answer everything we can without dousing the fire with gasoline.
  9. Continuation

    I don't think any members of our group enjoy being here one bit, and we certainly have better things to do with our time. Our reason for being here is to defend ourselves, our practice, and our teachers, and to look for like minded individuals who feel this path is for them.
  10. Continuation

    No such thing WMP, and we answer all we can without causing more conflict and drama.
  11. Continuation

    I realize this was made as a joke, but I genuinely believe a lot of people here intentionally fan the flames of anti-mo-pai side of the debate because they enjoy the conflict, drama, and chaos it causes.
  12. Continuation

    As far as false info goes, our info comes straight from the horses mouth. That is as good as we can do.
  13. Continuation

    Hi Zork that is an interesting way to look at it. Our perspective is in the past when we tried to discuss these blueprints, it did nothing but cause endless 100+ page, 1000+ comment flame wars that spanned months, sometimes years. We don't feel we can talk shop here without a war ensuing. We however do look for like minded people, and bring them in to the shop to let drive it for themselves and verify the claims for themselves. That is the best we can do. I hope that makes sense. Also there is no such thing as western mo pai, the practices are the same.
  14. Continuation

    I see what you did there.
  15. Impossible Whopper

    No just regular cheese.