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  1. Ran into a specific lineage about 12 years back. Wont mention names. One of three internal branches, specific school. Pretty darn traditional. A couple of their "Masters" exhibited the exact opposite of compassion, awakening, and unity. Their focus seemed to be on domination and demeaning all other forms of practice. Their way was the only way, and if you weren't in the group, you were the enemy. While I understand the traditional vibe that was present thousands of years before, between dojos, I never understood their negativity. I was asked to be a direct apprentice because of my intensity of focus. I actually denied, even though they are internationally known, because of this energetic tendencies of their "Masters". What is your take oh Bums of Dao...?
  2. God as Self, Atman

    I know there tends to be a wall of text with Everything's responses, so here is the critical part from this answer. If you reached the height of heights and absolute understanding, and turned around to look back, this is generally what you see. It may be hard for the intense cerebral peeps to grasp, but its all right there...
  3. Human destruction of nature

    There is destruction and creation in all things. It exists in the spiritual world as well. The challenge of humans is to see the greater connection to the macro entities and their effect on the individual. Balance with the biosphere. Balance within the population. Balance with the village. Balance within self. Most people are good. The common man will go in the direction of the leaders. The leaders are still using scarcity, separatism, and self accumulation as the guiding principles for their lineages. When they shift to more unification, the common man will follow. Then humans will learn to not steal life in excess from the greater biosphere and act with balance, rather than as a sickness.
  4. The 3 dantiens have their own minds. The lower seeks supplement and survival. The middle seeks experience and purpose. The above seeks conceptual understanding. I see my mind as a "systems analyst". It outlays the various logical occurrences and potentialities. Some are positive, some are negative. But they are merely potentials of course changes, not finality of experience.
  5. Eyes in esoteric practices

    I do not know all systems. I have studied many over the years, but that is not one of them. I am superficially aware of the main concepts as they are similar to kundalini yoga and I have friends that I can refer to if needed. But my path was one of combined Japanese, Taoist, and modern medical science.
  6. Eyes in esoteric practices

    This story was related to me through a very traditional teacher. I have classical training as well as medical training. There are various definitions of shen. It is most classically known as spirit. In the Western understanding they often associate it with love and harmony. In the classical Eastern understanding its more along the lines of assertion and confidence. In the immortal body practices it is the culmination of sublime transformation of earthly qi into refined essence. Essentially eat really well for your body type, practice daily collection of qi, and with time it will alter your genetics. Its more intense than that, and more intense than can be relayed shortly in a forum. Have I? The reason most individuals who practice self cultivation eventually turn to a more hermetic lifestyle is the differential in spirit vs the common man. They just cant relate to the normal desires and focus of the general population. Things that seem important to earthly people often are ridiculous to those who cultivate. I still exist in the world, mainly due to dependents. But I sure do look forward to the days of solitude that are in my future.
  7. Eyes in esoteric practices

    What can be done with Shen? Wow. That's such a huge question, you can't possibly imagine. The most widely discussed, researched, modern interpretation of the easiest skill that Shen can provide is Remote Viewing. Search that, and it will send you down some interesting rabbit holes. The old story goes: A master once warned his student that he would be meditating for a really long time, and not to disturb him. No matter what happened, DO NOT DISTURB my body, he said. A couple days go by. A week. Two weeks. The Master didn't stir. Didn't eat. Didn't seem like he was breathing. The student, despite what the master had warned him, decided he had died. Called the town doctor. The doctor and the townsfolk thought he was deceased as well. They had a funeral. Buried his body. 3 weeks later a huge storm rolls around. Lighting and thunder. A loud knock on the dojo door. The student runs to see who is making such a fuss. There stood the town drunk, dripping wet with rain, with one eye barely open. He hit the student hard upon the head. " I told you NOT to move my body. That's what can be done with proper Shen.
  8. Eyes in esoteric practices

    You have not heard of the corrective gaze of the master? Simply noting the improper position in a student with a gaze is often enough to get them to move into the proper stance. But you have to have enough qi accumulated. The qi is stored, turned into shen. It is the shen that can alter things both internally and externally with the eyes. Strong enough, and it can influence the qi of another quite easily.
  9. Will Power vs. Intent

    Most people do not have the extra will power. After decades of dealing with patients and their attempt to heal or change their life situation, there are only a few that will actually do it. I was just having this discussion yesterday. The desire for I'd say, 90% of the world is to be comfortable and experience the things that cause them bliss. They don't want to be saved. They don't want the truth. They don't want change. They just want a little box to sleep in, be distracted, and bliss out over one of the major biochemicals of happiness. Which is why a place like this(Forum) is to be treasured, for there are a few individuals who actually have the will power or intent to REALLY alter their spiritual health, mental acuity, or physical prowess. Those people are often outcasts as they are not simply contented by the simple things. They are pushing boundaries and normal people will not understand. Kudos to all who are seeking more. You are making changes in family karma, local communities, and global energy patterns. Don't forget how important your vibration is, even if you can't detect it. It is broadcasting and making change...
  10. I don't agree with a lot of the traditional schools about detachment from self. This formulation was promoted not as a spiritual endeavor to be achieved, but rather a desired psychological condition to promote in the masses to ease the ability for them to be governed. I believe many people over thousands of years have been duped. Keep yourself. Enjoy yourself. But know thyself.
  11. News about john chang

    Like I said, I have no opinion. I have met another "Master" who does a trick with water and foil. I was actually asked to not attend because I was witnessing a chemical reaction that was passed off as legitimate qi magic. I am a skeptic as well. And I have sought out most of these people to feel their "powers". Still never met a superhuman yet. I've met some people with advanced abilities, that's for sure. But there is a long history of fraud in the qi gong community in order to prove ones mastery. Im still open to the possibility, just haven't been wowed yet in these 30 years.
  12. News about john chang

    A student in one of my classes years ago, actually went looking for the guy. He flew to Indo and spent a good amount of time attempting to contact the group. Most of the time when he asked about the guy, the locals referred to him as a fraud. They said he has some kind of battery trick in his shoe to make people twitch. That's about the closest I got to that system, or that person.
  13. Will Power vs. Intent

    In Eastern medicine, both of those terms are relegated to the spiritual aspect of particular organ structures. Will power is linked to your kidneys and adrenals. Intent is linked to your muscle systems. Certain qi gong and nei gong that focuses on banking qi for kidney health, can increase will power. Any general strength training regimen will eventually assist intention. As Yi is a result of muscle health.
  14. Qi Gong There are so many schools, so many variations that it is a very difficult topic. My third book deals with qi gong, and it is under construction at the moment. Basically I'm going to say it like this: All schools have to follow this path. 1) Learn simple breathing techniques. 2)Learn simple movements. 3) Learn some mild control over autonomic processes. 4) Repeat until you have some good physical awareness of self and coordination between breath and limbs. 5) Repeat the above process until you have refreshed every single type of physical structure in your body. No weakness. 6) Then you can start talking about empty force, external wai qi, nervous system emissions, fa jing etc... So whatever movement school you choose, you have to get strong. Not just relaxed. That's for health only qi gong. If you want all the goods from consistent practice, you have to get strong. Period. After strength comes the weird stuff that everyone wants to talk about. Earth qi will eventually effect Pre Heaven qi. But you have to work for it.
  15. Krav is about the most well rounded system in modern times. If a system doesn't have level one being physical fitness and strength, then turn away. If your practitioner looks like they ate one too many cheeseburgers and couldn't run more than 100 yards, look elsewhere. Strength is the number one, first step, IN ANY REAL SYSTEM. Including internal martial arts. If you can't resist gravity, you are worthless.