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Found 5 results

  1. Eyes in esoteric practices

    Jax was writing about eyes in a thogal thread. Interesting stuff, he wrote or quoted "The precious cauldron (yu ting) is a cavity in the center of the brain... It's left and right sides are linked with the pupils of the eyes by two channels; and it is also connected with the heart. Hence it is said that essential nature is in the heart which manifests through the two eyes." How do eyes relate to practice? To energetics? In classical Japanese pictures we see enlightenment in terms of cross eyed. In the Golden Flower and a few qi gong systems there is emphasis on staring/focus at the tip of the nose. Yoga, thogal, and 1,000 miles away Maori tribes have postures with 'fierce' eyes, tongue out; the tongue being connected to the heart in Taoism. Where different cultures come up with similar practices and ideas, I can't help but think they're onto to something universal and deep. Yet lost in the West. I was hoping for thoughts on eyes and practices. What do people do and what is the theory behind it?
  2. I was browsing DharmaWheel the other day and I came across this post called: "giant pressure in between my eyebrows". The poster, "threeyears" posted this: So big deal.. eh? Well, the first response was from Malcolm, the very same Malcolm whom has been idolized and mega quoted by Simple Jack and others as being the 'end-all, be-all' in Tibetan teachings.. I was totally amazed. Here was Malcolm, a Tibetan doctor, supposed great scholar and authority, telling "threeyears" this: Then, needless to say, the rest of the posters follow suit and spew out a series of responses all implying that something is sick or broken and needs fixing.. Wow! I can't believe that the forumites on DharmaWheel have no idea about ajna, the third eye, the etheric body, the advanced thogal practices and that particular experience of feeling 'pressure between the brows'. In essence, the ignorant posters on DharmaWheel have probably succeeded in convincing everyone that pressure between the eyebrows is detrimental and something to be avoided. Well, it is not. Far from it. Pressure between the eyes is a sign that the third eye is opening. I myself am very familiar with the effect which resembles a magnetic black hole that expands and contracts, moves about the head, especially down the nose and is a very important experience to master and exploit. First off, Samuel Sagan talks about the pressure between the eyebrows because it is something to develop, nurture and bring to fruition. In his book called "Awakening the Third Eye" he says this: In the preceeding quotes, we have seen how the 'pressure between the eyebrows' is key to developing the third eye. Ah, yes, but what good is the third eye, or developing the point between the eyebrows from a Buddhist or Dzogchen point of view? Surprise surprise! In the book called "Natural Liberation - Padmasambhava" in the advanced practices it sheds some light on the use of the point between the eyebrows. So, you see, the 'third eye stuff' is very relevant, even to Dzogchen.. To me, the most important function is to separate the dual from the non-dual.. (my words.. read on) Yes, the "Lamp of Pristine Reality-Itself"... This is from the Thogal section: So there you have it. The third eye, or the "Lamp of Pristine Reality-Itself" is something to be developed and it has a purpose, and is part of Thogal practices. I have spent many many times feeling the pressure at the third eye, between the brows. It feels like a magnetic black hole. It can get bigger or smaller if you will it to rotate in one direction or another. If you 'suck' in inwards towards the area about 1 inch inside the head, it produces ecstasy as there is a connection to the perineum at that point. If you gently breath into that area, just above the sinuses as if you were subtly sniffing a fine essence, it activates the pressure. I've spent many a night feeling that magnetic black hole move around my head, move around my face, distorting the feeling of the physical form as it moves about. If you look at the area that becomes pressurized, you can see a very clear open space in which visions and thoughts are present. If you push yourself outwards from the pressurized area, you enter into other realms. It is quite an amazing area. If you 'suck' the pressure downwards, you can dissolve most of the body as it moves. It most definitely is a major key in the discovery and development of spirituality. So the next time you read about "avoiding the pressure between the brows like it was the plague", you will know better, unlike the poor fools at DharmaWheel.