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  1. RIGHT !

    Entities don't exist my bro but I'll stay around just in case they appear
  2. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Okay we've seen it can be faked. In your view true siddhis exist or not? What are some true, real, not faked, feats of qigong you seen are possible?
  3. It's actually quite simple, I don't have it, if it takes 200 years to find it, when I needed/wanted/could have it right now, I don't have it, it's not even mine Maybe is it akin to potential of having it, .potential of becoming something., although you're not really it right now and it's nowhere to be found right now? (and now we engage in word games)
  4. What blows your mind?

    The apparent absolute meaninglessness
  5. Are you a Shaman

    @nungali @Nungali Text in spoiler is picked up by Google
  6. Are you a Shaman

    Seems like I am fit, I'm unfit, I might be unfit for it? I've never seen spirits I'm so unfit that I am unfit for the dao bums, how about that? Predictable joke I only come out of the woods to make useless ironic posts , gotta make that post count higher somehow Seems easy enough, lay down and let the thunderbird take me high
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Lol @welkin @welkin Not sure if it's common knowledge, that he mentions in the introduction has open areas you can read
  8. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Why do you think you're in the dao bums with us? coincidence? Ppl playing Messiahs/Morpheus> " there are 200 of us super special beings from this super special place, and I don't know, but you watching here might be one of them, isn't that beautiful, it's so so beautiful, it's a possiblity, if you felt something, in your heart or in any place, you felt it RGGGGGIHT?, chances are you are it " " what if I told you that ............. Realize that......................." (and I'm playing here , but miss me with meta word games OOOOPS I did it again) (I always laugh at this lol) I was looking how to astral travel and talking with the spooky spookiest of demons, thanks
  9. I wonder what this would do to the universe

    Do you prefer avocado with salt or with sugar?
  10. The Doomsday Scenario

    Never seen any alien stories around the town. Who would figure I can contact hypothetically real aliens from the comfort of my home, I don't need to go outside, so nice, the sky is the limit after I learn how to stick my "astral" usb cables into the universe's holes. There was an UN study about millions of species dying or something like that. If it's real then it's a little scary. I don't know if we are on the brink or it's just fear mongering but a few days without supplies because of strikes or a heavy storm and broken bridges is enough to give a taste of what's collapse like or how near.
  11. Universe Friendly or Hostile?

    I don't know? I don't know
  12. Universe Friendly or Hostile?

    Do the enlightened help anyone or do they mind their own business?
  13. Open Invitation

    Okay I'll bite King Jade accepted the invite
  14. Western Parenting vs Eastern Parenting

    I used to think like that and now that good house and 2 dogs would fit gooood , normalcy is better. Spirituality or whatever can't be used as an excuse for everything else. "i have nothing, but at least I can do this and that, and look how much power I have oh, I have so much power like you can't even imagine" Do you people think you are more enlightened and holy than a soccer player who spends hours of their day in physical activity, or other functional and maybe fulfilled person of society because you do meditations? I don't know bro, IMO I'd say not. Unless you truly have the real power and all that...
  15. Huh, in my memory's version the student agreed with the master instead, seems like I missed reading the 3rd line "the secret is not to argue with idiots" - master "yes, you are right" - student lol