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  1. Website Design

  2. What happens to suicides?

  3. What happens to suicides?

  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Okay we've seen it can be faked. In your view true siddhis exist or not? What are some true, real, not faked, feats of qigong you seen are possible?
  5. What blows your mind?

    The apparent absolute meaninglessness
  6. Are you a Shaman

    @nungali @Nungali Text in spoiler is picked up by Google
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Lol @welkin @welkin Not sure if it's common knowledge, that he mentions in the introduction has open areas you can read
  8. I wonder what this would do to the universe

    Do you prefer avocado with salt or with sugar?
  9. The Doomsday Scenario

  10. The video we are not supposed to watch .

    Yeah, it could be just that, but we going full conspiracy mode here