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  1. I've read about transmissions, and that it somehow serves to speed up someone a few days here and there Do they exist? Are they useful? Are they good? Are they crutch? Are they trap? Do you need to have a teacher? Do you need spirit friends? Does it need to be an human person giving or can other things in the Universe that are potentially more trustful grant it? (more trustful than a random guy in Youtube, at the very least) What do you think?
  2. Change the tao to dao theTaobums theDaobums
  3. Year of the Pig

    I saw Chtulhu mention somewhere else tonight. HE'S WATCHiNG. BUT MAYBE HE DONT Exist
  4. Basically it's a conspiracy meme that say the jews are behind and control everything in the world like media and banks, etc And then they added some more people to say who's behind who and baiting the others, something like this.
  5. Like creative visualization and ritual work? I do that daily too, very funny actually. Are you trying to role play right now?
  6. Don't need to be so serious about opinions, it's all things that will change tomorrow or as soon as you send a message here in the TDB, it all passes hehe. If time doesn't matter, does it matter what everyone else is doing? Should we appease the "Gods"? Should we "serve" (as in a subservient way) the universe? Are we human? (just genuine, but also covertly biased questions.)
  7. Rasputin Seems like interesting types of therapy, not familiar with it, might warrant a topic of its own
  8. Words we use and what they mean to us

    awwakening enlightened
  9. Concepts Etcetera

  10. The texts don't mean it's true and putting together things we read into a cohesive monologue don't mean we own it. Pay attention to what the cat says in this video, you will learn a new mantra if you pay attention. I also added a powerful Light shen transmission in this
  11. Concepts Etcetera

    I'm talking about end goals. A lot of people go on and on about "immortality" and siddhis and it looks desirable obviously and maybe the only goal that looks real Assuming it is real and achievable, isn't that the one thing to be obtained? Is that an exclusive way? Does no-training lead to that other one? Are we inherently that? Do we upgrade something in ourselves to that? Does feeling free and full of joy, realized and egoless NOW and not seeking anything, have anything to do with siddhis and immortality? Why shouldn't one pursue the latter if that's something that can be pursued? not saying you guys dont know anything or don't have anything but I'd like to also hear opinions of someone who has gone all the way through that roads and training and has demonstrable actual power, and then say how it is like in the endgame and if it doesn't matter in the end, or if it actually matters, personal experience, especially since we all in this age could theorically seek it. I'm not fond of new age texts.
  12. Concepts Etcetera

    Sorry this is what I don't understand of y'all some will say "you are already it but you need to be aware of it" (not targeting you exactly, Lasksmi) Why meditate and why train? What's the goal? Is realizing and being "awakened" a goal different than building a dan and all that other shiz? are they exclusive things? Do you need to realize that youre It first and then your body receives the signals from mother ship and voila your body is now changing to what it was to be? Is that phrase "you are already it but you need to be aware of it" misleading in our language, meaning, it makes it seem like you don't need to do any training, but you actually need either way because if not then you die after all, poofffff...?
  13. There could be this thread is about a creative visualization sort of thing going on... Seeing one as Buddha to attract buddha things? preaching the beliefs to reinforce it, or that he is just saying that we should see ourselves as free people because that's natural.