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  1. Western Parenting vs Eastern Parenting

    I used to think like that and now that good house and 2 dogs would fit gooood , normalcy is better. Spirituality or whatever can't be used as an excuse for everything else. "i have nothing, but at least I can do this and that, and look how much power I have oh, I have so much power like you can't even imagine" Do you people think you are more enlightened and holy than a soccer player who spends hours of their day in physical activity, or other functional and maybe fulfilled person of society because you do meditations? I don't know bro, IMO I'd say not. Unless you truly have the real power and all that...
  2. Huh, in my memory's version the student agreed with the master instead, seems like I missed reading the 3rd line "the secret is not to argue with idiots" - master "yes, you are right" - student lol
  3. Water metaphors don't apply IMO. Psychology, learned behavior, etc, it doesn't need thinking to be acted. Water is passive, maybe we are talking only about the property of water of going where it goes? (sage least resistance) Then we are not just water, we are also the container maker 2c
  4. My want just meant not doing what a daoist should do, whatever it is what a doaist has to do, just a random comment, nothing serious. Hum, I think water follows their makeup and environment, some rivers don't mix What is being water? will you be water when it actually matters and impacts you greatly? does being water makes everything go right? Will being water in a situation of danger make everything run well? Should I not try to punch my aggressor because I have to be like water to his actions? (IMO kidnapped people, children, slaves fit water descriptions.)
  5. I thought the daoist does what he wants
  6. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Beachbum, can you talk about your personal qigong branch and teacher? What do you practice? Have you practiced the meditation methods that are on the other videos of that Youtube channel? What do you think about it?
  7. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Some of you have extra sensory perception developed from your training. Why don't you use it to see if he's enlightened or not? Seems pretty easy to do and will help skip all the silly debate of yours about if he looks or not the part. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Rock climbing, I was watching this dude climb ropeless, it's crazy I was wondering, for the people who can sense energy stuff and shiz, how does the different sports affect energy, etc
  9. Posting

    You're already posting in the forums, you just don't realize yet
  10. It's easier when they're long gone from your life so I usually just kill them. About the buddhist: I'd think after so much time training they would be able to use their IMA black magick powers to launch everyone 500 feet in the air no? Why they don't use it? If everything is destroyed or was never available? who knows, maybe you just be born elsewhere in the universe?
  11. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    The .what. that I was working it was that I heardsay it was good and helps with blockages and mind, that seemed enough, needed more wheres and hows (yes now thinking, it's dumb ) Mister master, what are they then?
  12. I don't know who I am

    Answer this in the self pity way, the new agey sparkly way, the normal way, the humble way, or what? I'm a random guy, just some sort of Thing, I don't know.
  13. I've read about transmissions, and that it somehow serves to speed up someone a few days here and there Do they exist? Are they useful? Are they good? Are they crutch? Are they trap? Do you need to have a teacher? Do you need spirit friends? Does it need to be an human person giving or can other things in the Universe that are potentially more trustful grant it? (more trustful than a random guy in Youtube, at the very least) What do you think?
  14. Change the tao to dao theTaobums theDaobums
  15. Year of the Pig

    I saw Chtulhu mention somewhere else tonight. HE'S WATCHiNG. BUT MAYBE HE DONT Exist