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  1. Would you give up pleasure for equanimity?

    Is nibbana(nirvana?) just peace and equanimity? no supernatural anything? No , why would I leave the lifepath I want to live and listen to this monk guy ... unless pre existent circumstances led me to the other path I voted the last: I will tell the monk to come back in 40 years, and let me enjoy my life now in hedonistic pleasure (Both pleasure and equanimity are of equal value, so if I attain Nibbana and still retain the memory of a lifetime of common pleasures, then that is the best of both)
  2. Used to be here!

    Hello, welcome back, that's rough
  3. What is God from a Taoist viewpoint?

    Interesting thread, tuned up . I suggest making a distinction between the words god and God (with the big G), otherwise people wont always be on the same page For example, if you say God: some people will think Osiris, Hades, Set. Other people will think Bible God. Other people will think infinite consciouness

    Dragon came, whatever, what an asshole mate..., really, wtf, I don't subscribe to destiny but -no blame, it's ok-, I catch him elsewhere in spacetime About actual dragons, I don't know about them, never met one Dogs are active, cats are chill. I dreamed with wolves today, I don't have interesting dreams often, there were many wolves, each had a color and they could talk, very trippy

    I actually read everything but replaced dragon with dogs to make it more entertaining Dragons mean different things for different people Thanks

    Are you really a dragon? I don't believe you, show your dragon face . I know occultic people like dragons, but for what purpose? Is it worthy to get a dragon friend? I'd like a mythical friend but only if they initiate it, too many people make films about dragons and I don't believe the dragons actually care about any of them I like tigers and wolves better because they actually exist in my reality, well, I've never seen one personally so that's a belief, but I know dogs exist, I know for a fact I've seen a few in my lifetime
  7. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    I heard enlighenment is a brain drug trip
  8. News about john chang

    Why are you looking for those people?
  9. Bad idea. You can try eating 5000 calories a day and you will gain weight
  10. 11.11 2018 , just on time (911)

    "I don't know why it's called a 'death comet,'" said Reddy, who has conducted research on the asteroid. "There is no scientific basis for such a term. Maybe it is related to the time of the flyby." geez it be cause it be like very sad skull or mario's nemesis
  11. Hi everyone!

  12. Years of practice

    I am wondering how many years of hard training you need in order to achieve higher qigong skills, like the microcosmic orbit or healing (others) abilities. I'm training quite hard every day since the last few months, but I am 33 right now. I would like to know how many years of intense training you need in order to achieve such abilities
  13. Qi Gong lecture

    Interesting channel for basic beginner tips, bums, is this a good practicioner to listen to? Do you have any suggestions for other youtube channels or websites?