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  1. Little off but I am not sure where to post this and people who knows about qi cultivation are posting so... Anyway, I realized that the qi gathered on lower dantien was blocking the flow of energy, I could feel the energy from the sole of my feet till the lower dantien, simultaneously I always could feel the energy from the tip of my head untill the lower Dantien because I meditated a lot during my youth. And so I released the energy on the lower dantien, then I could feel the connection and my whole body is circulating energy normally. Now I am gathering energy again on lower dantien and it's not interfering with the flow of energy... Was I supposed to do it like this?
  2. Oh, so you understood, you just wanted to point an funny ¬¬
  3. HI, I am Lucifeh

    Ok, so the last time I jumped, I wished to go "one spirit level higher", I don't know why I thought on that...really...Anyway, now I can feel energy from the sole of my feet circulating around my feet and going up circulating through my body and going down... Do you guys know if there is a term for this phenomenon in particular? I pratice chi kung but I am nowhere an expert on it, let's just say the feeling is like something is unclogged in my body...
  4. Hermetics is a type of western magick For those who don't train energy cultivation is more difficult, too bad because the feeling is awesome...
  5. I am married, this has nothing to do with me wishing to bang her Also, you have to use headphones, good ones, and you have to do the things to get triggered, there are lots of videos explaining this. But i think there is something, looking at the commentaries, a lot of people comment to her videos like me... Btw the tool video you posted, there is this guy commenting that the first time he listened it was not so good, but then he heard again and it got better. Not that I am saying that there is a correlation but...
  6. I understand your point but what I want to discuss is not the "tingles". But is there a way to actually imprint energy or a wish on a video? If not, what is it? On hermetics there is this sort of trick where you make a "seed of desire and put it on another person head to grow into a thought", on Reiki you use your own energy to activate the flux of energy on another. This is not possible through a video...Or is it? If all this is not possible perhaps our subconscious can detect the aura of a person and can understand what this "aura" wants to pass?
  7. So, Maria, the girl on the video is into occult stuff, she does rituals, meditates and reads occult stuff. What it appears to be occurring is... Presence. It's not that she is trying to send energy but since she meditates it's possible that the state of her mind, the way she expresses, the tiny movements can be interpreted subconsciously by others who also are on the path... I saw her very first video, 7 years ago, and it didn't "tingled" me. As she said herself, she began growing spiritually, 2 years ago, then that makes sense... It's not that meditation is necessary to tingle someone, but I feel tingles from her by just hitting play without even hearing exactly what she is saying you know, not even using headphones witch is a must have, but when I see her videos is not necessary... Hmmm....idk...
  8. Ok, thank you for the confirmation and the horrible experience... -_-' ... o_o Anyway, if you know, could you point a way to understand better on how to do it?
  9. Hi, I really like ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) videos and among the various youtube channels that make ASMR videos there is one that It ALWAYS make me "tingle" at the start, even when the audio is almost inaudible, it doesn't fail to give me a tingle. For example: So I am thinking...Perhaps it's possible to inprint some sort of "energy" on a video? Or her videos have some sort of very low frequency wich I find very comfortable with to trigger my asmr?
  10. HI, I am Lucifeh

    "Indeterminate yet the Great Ultimate" "THE ALL, “in itself,” is and must ever be UNKNOWABLE" It's impossible to understand the source, I don't know why you think I presume so. But everything that has a beginning has an end, wich could be tomorrow for all I can tell and this is truth, that's all I am saying...
  11. HI, I am Lucifeh

    Not if dies with 4, or you are assuming that the multiverse can't collapse into nothingness tomorrow? The last guy on the video is building the first quantum computer, maybe he is right and you are wrong...
  12. HI, I am Lucifeh

    And one day, when The All get sick of it, It will destroy all multiverses along with all the Laws, including karma...So why bother with karma and with stopping reincarnation if one day it really won't matter anymore?
  13. HI, I am Lucifeh

    Interesting, but I think the quantum guys are more my thing
  14. HI, I am Lucifeh

    interesting, could you elaborate?
  15. HI, I am Lucifeh

    Don't worry I will probably let you guys know if it really works. For me real evidence would be something like, I won the lottery, for example, something substantial. Not exactly you but maybe the other "you" from a different reality, that we actually had this conversation...Or not, since I can't be attached to anything to jump or else you create an anchor that makes you jump at the wrong place...The last I jumped consciously I found some information, I searched the net before and some sites just didn't exist last year for me, but now they do exist for years... I know that this is not the true way, trying to getting money, but money is just paper, It would be the same to charging my hand to draw paper or breaking something with the power of chi but I don't want to feed my ego with those things, just want enough money to not be bothered by the lack of it and do whatever I desire with the time I get not working... As far as I know, I came up with the idea. I always thought interesting the mandela effect, but always thought, meh, I am just remembering wrong, not all the events they show, but something here and there. But one time, when I was making love with wife and climaxed, then came down a sudden jolt of energy from the tip of my head to down so strong that my mind went blank for a moment, not that it hurted but it was so intense that I just paralized and I was like "Wow!! WTF was that?!" It passed and I was meh...Must be some sort of nirvana through tantra or something, cool, a shame I can't do it again, live on... So some time after that while I was talking with wife i came with "wtf you are talking about woman?!" Because there was something we discussed that week and she says that NOTHING that I remebered we talked about was like that and events occurred completely different... Didn't understood quite at the time but I let it go. Then when I was working an old lady came to pay some stuff and said her name was Jen xxx, and I was like "no way in hell" and she showed me her ID and there was her name... But i know the old clients at the store and Jen xxx IS a white old lady! Not a black old lady?!! And then I couldn't deny anymore that somehow I really was on another reality where things where a little different, I was living a Mandela effect but I was the only person that switched... And I knew at the time that it was totally possible to actually exist multiple Universes, I watched this video: on Netflix and was like: Ok, so let's recap: 1st there was the jolt thing while making sex, then boom, switched places, maybe there are some people like me? So searched EVERYWHERE for some info on net and there was none. Things kept occurring but during climax I started wishing to go to "somewhere better" eventually searched internet again to see if I find some info, since things keep changing and found a thread on /fringe/ with the same terms that I use and the thread was there for quite some time, but at the time that I searched there was NOTHING anywhere...Good! That means I can kind of direct the jumping stuff! And since then I am trying to get better at doing it, btw the thread on /fringe/ has some kind of ritual but I never did that and kept jumping. Summing up more or less things occurred like this.