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  1. I love Tacos

    I am sorry, I have to say that not all the mexican food is good in mexico ither. i think it is more about how much time and effort you put into making it.
  2. I love Tacos

    This toilet I think it is a good idea to save wΓ‘ter.
  3. I love Tacos

    I am from zacatecas
  4. Self confidence?

    Thank you for the advice, i Will try to do that.
  5. Self confidence?

    I think sometimes that if i have More self confidence i Will have More friends, if i was like those guys and womans from the movies, they have so much confidense on almost everything they do, the famous People do not Allow a tinny bit of imperfection when the cameras are on. I Guess i am trying to say that i think everybody likes to be with confident People, or people meaby accept me the way i am and i dont Allow them to be with me for my same insecurities. What do you think about this?
  6. I love Tacos

    I dont know if there is a internation taco day, but sometimes they make taco fest and they sell of kind of tacos in my town.
  7. I love Tacos

    This is very popular in Oaxaca I think, personally I do not know much about Oaxaca I am from central Mexico.
  8. I love Tacos

    i am eating tacos, i like tacos, yes almost all kind of tacos, Green salsa tacos, yes i like beans tacos, do you know how many combinations of salsas you can add, do you know how many combination of vegetables you can add, yes you can have them regular and fried, prefer fried mmmm, i love tacos.
  9. Words

    Thank You
  10. Words

    White black powerful week fearful brave pain -------- love Real thank you the words have a meaning this topic doesnt not mean anything it is just an expression of my mind.
  11. Hi

    Good nite thank You for make me laught.
  12. Hi

  13. Hi

    Sometimes is better a whatever 😊
  14. Hi

  15. Hi

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I need to practice my english writing a bit more.