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  1. Strange Coincidences

    I work in the pharmacy, long story short I've had some strange coincidences happening repeatedly. Is someone trying to tell me something or is it all just chance? For example: 1. I noticed on the pharmacy counter, we did 122 prescriptions, then I looked at the time and it was 01:22. These events happened right after each other. 2. A patient comes to my pharmacy asking to buy 31 G 1 cc syringes, and I go over to talk to him. Then I come back and the first thing I see on my screen is 31 G 1 cc syringes for verification immediately after talking to him. 3. I think about a former coworker and she calls the pharmacy a few hours later to say hi. 4. I think about a plumber who fixed our pharmacy problems and I see him later that day unannounced. The key to these coincidental events to happen is to not be expecting any outcome or desire for one and these coincidences occur for me.
  2. Thank you for this. I tried to search him long ago and found nothing on the web aside from his TV appearances. I have also tried searching "Kiryo" on google but found nothing. This must be a very hidden system.
  3. Yan Xin PDF from the CIA website

    Why the interest in this kind of system in particular vs another system. Does anyone know anything about this kind of system? I have not heard much of it.
  4. Zhan Zhuang Healing

    I'm starting zhan zhuang. I hear its a powerful system but any interesting healing stories that you know of with the practice from personal experience or what you heard. Lets discuss it.
  5. Yan Xin PDF from the CIA website

    Is it me or am I over thinking this? Why is the CIA so interested in this kind of makes you wonder!
  6. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    What do you guys think of Master Zhou? Has anyone got any healing from him? I am wanting to take my wife to him for some healing but wanted to get your opinions. Some things that stood out for me and I wanted to discuss were: 1. People claim he uses chemicals in the water. But in this clip, the producers used their own water after his first demonstration. 2. I've seen other clips of the master holding the hot towel and giving it to people in the audience. These people couldn't manage holding onto that hot of a towel for more than a second but master Zhou has clear control of the towel for very long periods of time. Thoughts?
  7. I found this video interesting. Any thoughts on these practitioners or what type of art they are practicing?
  8. Zhan Zhuang Mind Aspect

    I am practicing Zhan Zhuang and want to know what should I be thinking while I am holding a posture? Can I watch TV or does my mind need to be meditating in some form while standing?
  9. Qigong Grandmaster John Tsai

  10. Reverse Breathing

    Is reverse breathing helpful for health if I do say 20 minutes a day for once to twice daily frequency for the next 5 years? I wanted to try and do it while just driving my car so I can do something productive or do I need to be meditating(while reverse breathing) to get the benefits?
  11. Qigong Grandmaster John Tsai

    I have to thank you for posting this! I feel I am very lucky to find this as I don't usually go around looking at every topic on this website, but the first 2 videos generated enough interest in me to watch that 3rd video and I am very lucky I did. It feels really good to see what Qi can really do. In this journey I have always asked myself is Qi just the human mind or is it real? Every thing I have seen from different stories to personal experiences makes me think it is REAL but the human mind always has its doubt. Every one here on this forum has had their fair share of fighting but one thing that unites us is that most if not all of us believe that Qi is real. But we are all wanting to know how far can we really take Qi energy? I am very happy that you posted this on this site and I am very thankful that John Tsai posted this. John Tsai is allowing us to see what is humanly possible so that we can try to achieve something above and beyond ourselves. Now I know it is true when they say there are many hidden masters with a lot of hidden abilities and they do not want to be found. We have only seen less than a percent of whats out there. Haha I agree. I was shocked to be the first to comment but it is funny how there are not as many replies as compared to the Mo Pai vs Longmen Pai thread which has 22 pages. I go through that thread hoping to find good information about training and advancing my practice but that was clearly not the case lol. Yea it truly is amazing to see a lot of different sources corroborate each other to further prove the existence of Qi to man and what we are truly capable of. Very true. I never heard of him before. But it shows me how humble he is about his abilities and his lineage since he isn't trying to market himself heavily. I dont think he needs to market himself that much. He probably gets all his students or patient through word of mouth and that is more than enough for him. But I am only speculating here.
  12. Qigong Grandmaster John Tsai

    This is very interesting and I would like to offer some speculation or insight. If you watch the first video and go to the third clip. You will see John Tsai's teacher doing a demonstration. He is able to move his dan tien from his lower abdomen to his upper abdomen. It almost looks like a big cancerous lump or disease. As soon as I saw this I was shocked because this looks to me like very high level energy work. If you remember Kosta's book, Kosta mentioned a guy doing demonstrations in the USA (obviously he is not referring to John Tsai's teacher, but another man). This man from Kosta's book had similar abilities to move his dan tien around his body which doctors thought was a cancerous lump. Kosta told John Chang about this man and Chang said he had obtained an equivalency of Mo Pai Level 3! So it makes me wonder if John Tsai's master is at least level 3 for mo pai equivalency. The only reason I mention mo pai here is because this system John Tsai is teaching has the potential to go very far and your seeing possible proof in that demo.
  13. I found this on Amazon. Has anyone ever read through it? If so what did you think? Can one get pretty advanced in longmen pai without the need for an energetic activation? Are the techniques in that book really considered Nei Gong techniques or are they just Chi Kung?
  14. Hello I've recently got into meditation. Here is my method. Normal breathing, focus only on dan tien. Sit cross legged (not half lotus or anything extreme like that). Just last week, I felt this intense burning sensation all over my body. It was like heat getting put into my body. It wasn't like a minor heat, it felt like lava or fire on me. It was uncomfortable but I was still able to continue on with it for a minute during my meditation. Then I lost it the sensation. It was never like anything I felt before. Also, I felt as if I was floating inside my body. This also lasted one minute then went away when the intense heat went away. Anyone else encounter anything similar? I went back into meditation the next day and couldn't duplicate it.
  15. Hello all, This is not a prank but I respect your beliefs so believe what you will. I am asking help from the mods on this one to see if they can help me figure this one out. If you look there is a post from March 5th 2017 where I am introducing myself as a new member. This wasn't me! I know for fact I was not on these forums on that day writing. I am trying to find out if the mods can pull an IP address for any similarities to my current IP address. I just discovered the post from 3/5/17 today. I came to these forums but I forgot my user name and did a password recovery to my email address and I signed in to make my "first" post Then in my notifications pane I see my first post was actually on 3/5/17. Its almost as if the universe knew I was going to take on this path. I know I am not crazy. Any help would be appreciated. This seems too paranormal to me.