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  1. farewell my friends

    This will be the last post I make on this website. I've been hurt quite a few times by unloving responses to me here. Some of you have been very kind to me and I thank each of you for that. You're all very beautiful. Peace.
  2. I wanted to share with you guys a tweet I made today. 'Don't just do what feels good; do what you feel good ABOUT. Pleasure lasts a moment, but you have forever to remember your choices.'
  3. Fearful Experiences

    I agree that the fear could be the fear of loss of ego.....I have the exact same thing. One thing that's helped me is to simply know that it's completely okay and normal. See it as part of the journey. You've recognized your fear, now USE that fear and deal with it wisely. By using it and dealing wisely with it, I mean to respond to it self-lovingly. That includes accepting it non-judgmentally, rather than judging it as bad and being hard on yourself about it. The best way to heal your fear, or any negative emotion for that matter, is probably to honor it, non-judgmentally accept it, and to let it be. It can help, whenever you're experiencing a negative emotion, to just allow yourself to experience it without trying to overcome it. Just know that what you're feeling is okay. You don't have to DO anything. Healing happens naturally that way.
  4. Proper Meditation Practices

    Aaron, Try non-meditation: no effort, no technique. Just sit there. Don't try not to think. Just BE. Just be at peace. Let thoughts come and go on their own. Be like an animal. They don't use effort, but they're in a meditative state. It's like when you're driving your car, or laying in bed. Just let your mind be natural, be itself.
  5. Hi Will! I've enjoyed reading your posts. WHY should I love others, care about others? Why should their welfare matter to me? I've thought a lot about this, and I've concluded that there's no way to put into words WHY I should love others. Of course, kindness and compassion are socially beneficial. Helping others effectively is good for society. But why, besides the obvious reasons of practicality and utility, should I really and truly give a damn about other people? People matter. People's happiness matters. But why should they matter to ME? I feel that love is a value, and kind of law, of its own. It is a light unto itself. You see, it's not so much that you SHOULD care about others, it's that caring is LOVE, it's that caring is good. It's GOOD to love. It's OKAY not to love, but far better is to love.
  6. a sovereign force?

    Choice implies that there's more than one option, but we always do what we're supposed to do, what we have to do. The Hindu scriptures say, 'All is as it should be.' Everything is happening perfectly. It's all the highest good. Will precedes choice. Our will determines our choices, but choice does not determine our will. Our divine nature determines our will, which is always loving, therefore every choice is loving. It's just that there's an appearance, an illusion, of attack and lack of love. Meher Baba said that we are 'God being us'. That's similar to Seth's (channeled by Jane Roberts) teaching that 'There's a deeper part of you living through you.' Our divine nature is really living our lives AS us. We're just not fully conscious of it. Joe Vitale, in Zero Limits, says that our conscious mind isn't the part of us that makes choices, it just carries them out. We're really choicelessly living our lives, doing only the universal will, because it's our own will. It can seem absurd that God actually wants things that seem so 'bad' to happen. But the divine plan is for All That Is to FULLY experience life and all good things, so all possibilities exist. There's a great glory in being human and suffering profoundly, like a soldier fighting for his country. It's done in the name of love for the sakes of all. Also, suffering is temporary, and the afterlife is pure happiness. In the meantime, we have to be strong and bear our crosses. These are my opinions and I could be mistaken, but I do have great faith in this stuff. Most of my understanding comes from 'channeled' material. I didn't come up with all this stuff on my own.
  7. a sovereign force?

    My view is that we have free will, but not choice. Everyone is always choicelessly doing their own will, BECAUSE it's their will. In other words, we can't not do our own will. That will is the universal will of all beings.
  8. Hiyo

    Hi Aaron. You're absolutely lovely man. My saying that may seem strange, but I have these spiritual perceptions of beauty that really take my breath away. Anyway, have fun here and best wishes on your path. Peace.
  9. Jessica's myth

    First I want to say to the administrators that if this post violates the policies of this website, because I'm using somebody's name, I sincerely apologize. People here mention names a lot, so I thought it would be okay. There was this woman I used to know, named Jessica Smyth (that's how her name was spelled, but it's pronounced the same as Smith), and she had a certain extreme tendency, which I call 'Jessica's myth'. She was the queen of 'attacking' others in the guise of self-love. The idea that attacking others can be a form of self-love is Jessica's myth. Think about it. How many times have you either been unkind to another, or had another be unkind to you, and the unkindness passed as 'self-love'? Well, fortunately, an act of love is either loving towards EVERYONE, or towards NO ONE. That's part of the nature of love - it honors everyone. You can't love yourself at the expense of another, or another at the expense of yourself. That's justice. Do YOU believe in Jessica's myth?
  10. Hello - Just Joined

    Thanks for sharing these links! I read about the 'Just One Look Method' and I'm excited about experimenting with it. It's really incredible that you shared that with me, because it may be the key for me to overcome my problem of the 'fear of life'. I haven't read 'Love Can Open Prison Doors' but I enjoyed reading some just now and I plan on reading more. Peace and joy to you.
  11. Hello - Just Joined

    Lex, in A Course in Miracles it says that what we're really afraid of is life/truth/love/God/Self, as you said John Sherman teaches. I recognize that fear in myself. ACIM also says that what seems to be the fear of death, is really the attraction to it. By 'death', it means the apparent, but not actual, loss of one's divine Self and nature. I'll use my own experience to express how I interpret this. I have this problem with staying up very late. I usually stay up till at least 5 or 6 in the morning, and often go out for breakfast before going to bed. I don't currently have a job btw. I said in the previous post that a way to see the nature of a thing is to imagine its absence. When I imagine going to bed, I see emptiness, loss, what might be called 'death'. I see loss of ego, even loss of self. What I SEEM to be fearing is 'death' - loss of self. But when I look very deeply, I see something else. I see that going to bed DOESN'T mean 'death' to me, but LIFE. I see that going to bed means having my divine nature, it means love, life, truth, and my true, divine Self. STAYING UP, on the other hand, means AVOIDING my divine nature. So basically, it's not the FEAR of 'death' that keeps me from going to bed, but the ATTRACTION to it, and the fear of life/truth/love/Self. I'll tell you what I think the solution to all this is. This could also be the solution to yours and my own problem with ego. Non-physical, channeled entities have said, 'The way to overcome your defenses is by forgiving yourself for them,' and also, 'You can change when you no longer see any need to change.' You know, these problems are completely OKAY and understandable. We are innocent, we're guilty of nothing, as everyone is. If we could just say to ourselves that 'this is just where I am right now, and that's okay, that's GOOD ENOUGH', and let healing happen naturally and joyfully, without forcing it.......that may be the key. What do we do? Have fun and enjoy our lives. Accept ourselves as we are. Let healing happen naturally, through total self-acceptance.
  12. Hello - Just Joined

    I admire your openness. It takes humility and courage to reveal things about oneself as honestly as you are. I deal with pride and being 'puffed up' also, and it's actually been an extreme problem for me all my life. I'm conscious that my problem (I've also had a huge anger problem all my life) comes largely from an avoidance of and a fear of my divine Self and nature. It may be that ego avoids one's divine nature because it sees it as its demise. Pride is of ego, and may be its way of defending and maintaining its existence. A way to see the nature of a thing is to imagine its absence. What if we were to abandon the thoughts and emotions that arise out of pride/ego? When I imagine that, I see what appears to me as loss. Loss of ego, loss of illusions, of that which I identify with. It's possible that there's a misunderstanding underneath the ego and the fear of losing it. Perhaps we fear a 'loss' that wouldn't actually be - an illusion of loss, an apparent, but not actual, loss. Maybe the threat of loss of ego is an empty threat. And after the healing and letting go, we'd see that there was never anything to fear in the first place.
  13. Hello - Just Joined

    I can definitely relate to what you're saying. The thing about being 'puffed up' is that it's very painful. It's not 'bad', it's not immoral or mean. It just robs us of peace. Pride can seem to feel so good. The truth is it's a living hell. The peace and serenity of innocence and humility are far more joyful than pride and egocentricity.
  14. I feel that this was revealed to me by a higher power. Of course, I could be mistaken. lol First, you want others to love you for your own sake. Second, you want to love others for your own sake. Third, you want to love others for their sakes. Fourth, you want others to love you for their sakes.
  15. Hello - Just Joined

    Hi Lex. I've enjoyed reading your posts. I share your emphasis on love. It's the bottom line. REALLY wild some of the artists you've worked with!