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  1. It's all getting too much

    I have got responses now. Very recently. I have no intention of arguing or getting banned. Maybe the Junior Bum title misleads people. Up till recently only the Moomins were mentioned. Hopefully the heart gets stronger with more organs.
  2. It's all getting too much

    Is this site still in use? I've asked a few questions, but haven't had any responses. I'm also 51; should I be classed as a Junior Bum? The only communication I have received is about children's book??? Just wondered.
  3. Some say Mantak Chia is a fraud...

    He uses non pinyin descriptions and like Eva Wang this is confusing in the modern world where pinyin is used more often. I find his writing style more confusing than straight forward and it is always better to find a Taoist group to practice with than be stuck just struggling from books that also often contradict other Taoist masters. He is fine if you have people to talk to about his teaching and compliment his ideas. Often the books on certain practices make things look more complex than they actually are and studying too much can confuse people who already understand. Practice is better than over studying. In my humble opinion it is better to learn from many people than just relying on one person; especially an author you can't directly communicate with.
  4. Hi, I'm Da Wei.

    I remember the Moomintrolls from Primary school. I am definitely looking forward to Spring. It's definitely getting lighter. Yang power increases. I think people maybe confused about the junior bum thing. I'm 51 and practiced Taoism since 1992. I don't know why I'm classed as a junior.
  5. Hi, I'm Da Wei.

    Hi, I'm Da Wei, a new member. I have loved Taoist philosophy for decades, lived in the far east, loved martial arts and now practice Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation. Love nature; mostly in Spring, Summer and Autumn. In Winter I'd love to hibernate.
  6. DA WEI

    Hi, I am new to the Dao Bums. I became interested in Daoism and Chan/Zen Buddhism thanks to the desire to become a stunt man!!! I took up various activities including martial arts. I never became a stunt man, but ended up living in the Far East for many years. In the last few years I have studied Daoism and Chan Buddhism and practice Qi Gong, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Daoist and Zen Meditation. Although the practice is brilliant, I love to be able to talk to fellow seekers!!! All the Best, Da Wei (David)!
  7. This is merely a playful question, but what do people think is the ideal job for a Daoist?