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  1. These are not reviews they are from a scam site. Hardly objective.
  2. My experience with Spring Forest Qigong

    I totally agree. There is some good, but there are much better systems to study for the more serious internal arts practitioner. This whole thread very much sounds like a sales pitch for SFQ, NOT someone's objective experience. I would not be surprised at all if the person who started the thread was on Chunyi's staff.
  3. Adam charges $1000 for his meditation program. Can I get most of the concept from Bhikku's site that is free? Thanks.
  4. Experiences with sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking

    Avoiding sex is certainly one option that is sure to transmute your sexual energy. The bigger issue is ejaculation, not sex. The real energetic loss is in ejaculating. When it comes to sexual qigong, working toward separation of orgasm and ejaculation is key.
  5. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    I like Damo, but he has a fraction of the material that Bruce does. I'm curious which EA courses did you study? I thought the Bod's in the Clouds was really good. And the heart-mind meditation.
  6. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    A lot of the reason that someone like Bruce that is truly authentic with strong lineage is so popular with many, is because of all the sites like the one above that you suggest.
  7. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    I don't know if this has already been said, but I think you are over-analyzing this. It would be easy to spend a long time continuing to do this. Hopefully you see the folly of that. Use the heart to guide your decision. Forgot the logical reasons why or why not. Meditation is perhaps the highest level of these arts. Either you are moving closer to what you are looking for...or further away....if you are honest and pay attention I think you'll know what to do pretty quickly.
  8. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    Make sense. I do think the "triggered" issues could certainly be overcome. The main thing is that you are still getting what you want from the teachings, getting help when needed.
  9. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    Yes, the material is fantastic. The teacher not so much. They are two entirely different things though. IMHO a person tends to start to pick up unwanted energies from their teacher. That is one reason why I left my first long term tai chi teacher. I found him to have some beliefs that were contrary to my own. How much time did you spend with Bruce in person? I have spent none. I love the knowledge and insights he gives. I hate his teaching style, his ego, and his personality. For me, he often comes across with great negativity and very little love in his heart He often seems to be really out of balance. I think that's why his negative traits become overly emphasized. For me that is a clear cut deal breaker for having him as a teacher. I know plenty of people whose focus is purely martial and they are willing to overlook almost anything if they think the teacher has great skill and can help them get great skill. Personally, I think that is a mistake in the long run. I'm curious though...if you really like the system and have put in a lot of time in it...why not study more with someone like Paul Cavel...who has the knowledge without all the issues.
  10. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    Annoying is a dramatic downplay of what I have seen. I have studied with several different teachers live and via zoom. I have never ever found anyone close to the abrasiveness of Bruce Frantzis. Many others say the same thing too. He is very much a self-appointed master of the West. You never ever hear any credible 3rd party speak highly of him. It's only his students, which I find suspicious.
  11. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    I would suggest that your higher self already knows what to do. Perhaps you were unaware before or had resistance because you had so much time/effort invested with Bruce. If you've been at this for many years you should have a sense of what the next step should be. Let it unfold however it does. When I left my teacher I found another. Then the opportunity came to lead a class. Then the class fell apart. Then I found a different system that was much more in alignment with my personal goals. I believe that if you really pay attention you will find out where to go next.
  12. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    Hi Robin. I responded to your post on the EA Forum. It is very easy to get banned on there for saying anything bad about Bruce. Bruce has some great knowledge. And I have enjoyed watching his material for a long time but never fully delved into all his stuff. I have always believed that it's much better to have a good in person teacher than one strictly on video. I have had that for several years before departing on my own. Bruce has good marketing and lots of self-praise and a few teachers/students who sing his praises. Outside of his little circle though, not so much. I have felt for a long time that he has an issue with ego. The best teachers in internal arts are egoless. Bruce has some issues that interfere with what he has learned IMO. And the lineage and transmissions from his teachers is limited by his own issues. I study Bruce for his ideas NOT for practicing his stuff. As a supplement to my own understanding of what I am doing. You seem to be looking for answers outside yourself for what to do. Look inward. And be willing to fully let go of . I don't know what you are looking for. That's the first thing to figure out. Know this though. You do NOT need to go to a martial artist or kung fu this or that to for great health and spirituality. I have found a few different things lately that are either meditation or qigong that are great. Also, you do not need a particular system or lineage or expert teacher. I don't know what you are looking for. I started in martial taiji and quickly got tired of that because of the emphasis on power. About a year about I got into Emei Qigong, which seems really simple but is profound. Much more focused o health and spiritual enlightenment.
  13. Mizner/Discover Taiji

    His skills are ridiculous. The online training is on a modified Yang form from Huang Sheng Shyan , and highly focused on internals. He's a great teacher and arguably one of the greatest tai chi practitioners alive.
  14. Hello

    I have been practicing the Yang style tai chi chuan for about 3 years.