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Found 3 results

  1. Dear friends, I've been making new and interesting discoveries regarding sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking. I've tried accessing sensuality and sexuality from different perspectives. Hindu Sri Vidya Experiment First off, I did a purascharan of Bala Tripura Sundari Mantra (Goddess of the Vital Force/Life Force as well as the Swadisthana/Genital Chakra). That means 600.000 mantras chanted using a mala (prayer beads), 100 days of daily puja (prayer ritual), 60.000 mantras offered into the fire (fire ritual or homa), 6000 mantras offer with water (tarpana), 600 mantras offered with clarified butter mixed with water and spices (marjanam) and 60 people served warm food (bhojana). It was about 2-3 hours per day for 100 days straight. It was tough!! I had a dream upon completing this purascharana (actually it came about 7 days earlier, which suprised me), which is supposedly a sign that my worship has been accepted. I now feel the energy activate much quicker and more powerfully when I chant the mantra now. Further, it has brought out a new level of pleasure in life in general. When having food, when walking in the woods, when meditating, when chanting mantras, in lively conversation and of course also when making love. It has really improved the sensuality and pleasure of lovemaking in a deeper way. Diamond Logos / Diamond Approach Inquiry Further I've spent more time with Faisal Muqaddam (1 session every 6 weeks, and a 3 day long retreat more recenly), as well as with Hameed Ali (AH Almaas) with a monthly retreat of 2 days, 1 monthly one-on-one session and 1 weekly practice. This has been for about 1 year now. I've reconnected with many different lost aspects of my soul, blasted through so many ego defenses and layers of deadening. It has really been incredible. Especially gaining access to the Stupa vehicle, the Chandelier Vehicle, the Point of Light as well as the Pearl. I feel like I don't fall into ego as much as before, but live much more of my life as my Soul, as pure presence differentiating into the needed quality from moment to moment. It's tough.. But it's worth it! Western Sex Training Further, I've stumbled across a new sex book. It's legit! The marketing is insanely hyped and sensational, but the tips and tricks really work I've been using some of the scenarios and techniques from the book... It made a huge difference! Sexual Qigong & Daoist Lovemaking I've realized that you can actually make your penis bigger over time with genital weight lifting. I've been doing it on/off for about 8 years now. Last week I measured and had gained 3cm in length (a bit more than 1 inch) and 1cm in girth (a bit less than half an inch). But my friends.... Be carefull! When you get to a certain size, it's detrimental. It becomes more than most girls can comfortably take. I started genital weight lifting and sexual qigong to improve my sex life, but now I have to spend much more time on foreplay to get them ready, and I have to hold back much more during the session so it's doesn't hurt them. So think twice before increasing size! Conclusion I just wanted to share some of my experiences with you guys All the best! God bless you
  2. Dear friends, In other threads I've already shared many of my personal experiences (I'll link these below). What I'm looking for now is to exchange experiences, information, teachers, herbs, mantras, mudras, methods etc. in this area. I would really love to hear your stories, your experiences, about your teachers and their methods. It's quite a controversial topic, but it's also quite an interesting topic Here are the links to my former threads: In this thread I've shared many of my personal experiences with this somewhat controversial topic: I've shared a bit more personal experiences in the second post here:
  3. Dear Dao Bums, This is the post I always searched for. A no-nonsense, no bullshit, personal experience and description of sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking. For over 7 years I've been meditating daily. For over 5 years, I've been involved in learning, reading, studying and practicing genital weight lifting, sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking. I'll keep this concise and precise, 4 headers: genital weight lifting, sexual qigong, daoist lovemaking, chinese medicine. 1) Genital Weight Lifting Lifting and swinging weights tied around both scrotum and penis is the primary exercise. Tying a weight just under the head of the penis and swinging it is the second exercise. These two types of swinging, combined with breathing and genital muscle contraction, will enlarge your testicles and penis. You must be VERY careful, and only do this under the supervision of an authorized and trained teacher. If done incorrectly, you'll damage your most prized organs. Even when done correctly, you WILL have slightly longer testicles than before. This can be annoying. So think about it, before you start. Now I'll shortly list my experiences: The positives: The primary swinging exercise, with the weight tied around both testicles and penis, will increase qi and blood circulation. Due to the cloth tied around your organs, the blood you pump into them via muscle contractions will stay there during the exercise. Over time, this will increase the number of capillaries (blood vessels) as well as the size of your blood vessels. This increases qi and blood circulation, as well as enlarging your testicles and penis over time. When your testicles become bigger and stronger, you get MUCH more sexual energy. When your penis increases in size (this takes time), you'll get more confidence. For me personally, the penis swinging exercise was incredible. After just two sessions, I started noticing results. It also enlarges your penis head. Longer, fuller and stronger erections. You can last longer. The negatives: If you do any of these exercises from books or videos, or from a withholding teacher, you can greatly damage yourself. In the typical chinese style of teaching, you'll get only very little theoretical information. You'll be shown what to do, and then only after lenghty testing, observation and consideration, will the teacher give you the small theoretical and practical tricks, which will greatly increase the efficiency of the exercise. You'll get longer, hanging testicles. This can be annoying both cosmetically and functionally (i.e. they hang lower in your pants and are more exposed). The "load" experienced by your sexual organs taxes your system. If you don't have proper recovery and life style, herbs etc, this can drain you energetically. This is in contrast to most kinds of qigong, and more similar to normal bodybuilding/fitness training. Normal qigong increases your energy. Bodybuilding/fitness and genital weight lifting taxes your system and drains you. HOWEVER, with proper recovery you grow stronger after the recovery phase. So, be very mindful of this aspect. Normal qigong will help you recover faster, if you practice while sick, weak or drained. Doing an iron man while you're sick, will tax your system, and make you even weaker and potentially more sick. Genital weight lifting is the same: never practice when sick, or if otherwise weakened or drained. It will drain you further. 2) Sexual Qigong If a man and a woman both practice qigong and meditation, as well as have a healthy lifestyle, they can be of great assistance to each other. Through retaining semen, the man will build his energy stronger and more harmonious with each sex session. For the woman, the more orgasms she has, the more balanced and harmonious she will be. 3) Daoist lovemaking Sexual Qigong and Daoist lovemaking go hand in hand. Sexual qigong is more concerned with building, circulating and harmonizing the qi. Daoist lovemaking is more focused on making the sex act as pleasureable and satisfying as possible. Hence, it is more of an art form. The most important point is foreplay. Through kissing, licking, hugging, touching, biting and gazing, the man starts with the woman's face, arms, back, legs and feet. After only certain signs of arousal are observed (reddening of the neck, her body becomes warm, nippels harden, her breathing changes and the vagina is BOTH warm and moist), the foreplay will go to the breasts, and lastly the vagina. The sex act itself employs many different positions and techniques, as well as a lot of talking to stimulate the woman psychologically and emotionally. The second most important point (other than foreplay) is the afterplay. After the sex act is finished, the man should hold, hug, caress and sweet talk the woman and consolidate what they achieved during the lovemaking. Usually the man is more focused on the sex act, whereas the woman truly enjoys both the foreplay and afterplay equally as the sex. The sex is physical, the foreplay and afterplay is emotional. Ejaculation is very healthy and important for the man's health, and extremely arousing for the woman. However, it should be regulated according to his health, age, cultivation and lovemaking frequency. 4) Chinese medicine Each of us have a certain bodily and energetic configuration. When we're healthy, still, some of our organs, meridians or jing/qi/shen will be a little weak or imbalanced. This is something we're born with. Some people will naturally have a weakness in the heart, kidneys etc. It's very, very important to know one's weaknesses in Chinese Medicine when undertaking genital weight lifting. This is so you can supplement your training with herbs. The testicles (as well as the brain and bone marrow) is connected to the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine. So, when you're swinging weights, you're taxing your whole Kidney system. With proper recovery, this will make your whole Kidney system stronger. HOWEVER! If you're a person whose natural weakness is Kidneys, you're in for a world of trouble if you don't supplement Genital Weight Lifting with herbs. This was the case for me personally. I was told that Genital Weight Lifting is the strongest qigong in the world, and everyone will benefit from it and become a superhuman. When I was gradually weakened by it, and asked my teacher for guidance, he couldn't understand it. He told me to practice more and harder, but the more I practiced, the weaker I got. When I finally quit genital weight lifting, after having been severely weakened, it took me 2 years of herbs and a new style of qigong to recover. When I asked my new qigong teacher about how everyone had seemed to become superhuman from the training, but that it completely killed me, he wasn't flabbergasted at all. He simply said "different people need different things". After having finally recovered, I restarted the genital weight lifting 6 months ago. Firstly the penis swing (which was always my personal favorite), and just under a month ago, I added the normal swing (both scrotum and penis). With all of my prior experience, new qigong training and knowledge, as well as herbs, I can now appreciate the sexual function boost this style of training gives. It CAN really help you with health, energy and your sex life, but you need to be very mindful of balancing with herbs, life style, recovery and normal qigong. This is how it works according to qigong theory and chinese medicine: Your physical body is considered the jing layer of your existence. The brain, bone marrow, kidneys and testicles are especially related to your jing. Through increasing your testicle size and strength, you'll strengthen your Kidney system and thereby the foundation for your physical strength and health. Your energetic body has your qi. Just like a teenage boy can grow like crazy in height and increase his muscle mass very quickly due to the power of hormones, similarly, by training your testicles and increasing your hormones, you'll increase your qi levels immensely. By strengthening the Kidney system, you also strengthen your brain. When your physical body is strong, your qi is powerful and your physical brain is healthy, it will be easier for you to meditate better, and work with your shen or spirit. Conclusion: these were the most important points of my experience, as well as what I wish I had known when undertaking genital weight lifting 5 years ago. If I had known then, what I know now, I could have avoided getting too long testicles (by being more conservative with the weight lifted), I could have avoided a 2 year weakness period (by supplementing with the correct herbs as well as more normal qigong and less swinging). This would have helped avoid unecessesary suffering, and instead increased my health, happiness and cultivation further. Therefore I decided to write this post: in order to help others avoid unecesseary suffering, and in order to benefit as many as possible by giving realistic and practical advice about the pros and cons of genital weight lifting. Be blessed!