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  1. I quit smoking with this hypnosis.
  2. without a teacher again

    your post made me think about what happened over the last few years. less questions to people and less books bought trying to find the answer. now i am at the point where i think that life is the answer. all the higher and lower realms and the energy work need to be actualized here. there is no magical place that we can stay forever or a realization that will make everything stay alright. this is a place for learning and as such will provide us the challenges we need for growth. dream big and grow hard or ask the universe for a lesson and put your gloves on.
  3. Can I have a ppd as well please.
  4. I followed the sermon of the mount for a few years and everything opened up naturally. The rules were kindly explained with their deeper meaning by an author with a background in theosophy. Here they are in all simplicity. Do not anger (even in your thoughts) Do not lust (hold emotional longing for anything) Do not swear (set up rigid beliefs) Do not resist evil (defend duality, block yourself from understanding one side) Love
  5. Hello, finally found a chinese hospital and went for a checkup. So I think the main issue is with blood and chi circulation. Doctor described Hsiao yao wan. also had my first qigong therapy session which was nothing short of amazing. I've had reiki done before, but this was completely different. the older lady moved and shaped chi like the wind shapes the clouds.
  6. Thank you SeekerofHealing. I should be able to get a full tcm check up next weekend. Will then report on the results. Last time i did acupuncture and herbs had some rage issues, but a lot has happened since.
  7. There is many things here I had not even considered yet they are spot on. Thank you for providing solutions. Hiking and nature is actually something that i resonate with, but atm im cutoff from getting enough of that for several reasons. Digestive issues yes, for over ten years. that went away while i was doing a lot of traveling and playing. Psychic energy or stagnation seems to be collecting atm and some waking keeps it tolerable. Reading these i realize its definitely a time for a new task and to get going again. i had thought the answers would contain things like healing emotions or breaking up stagnation with energy and removing them, but this is way better for me at least. I wonder how people who live in large cities with access to only few parks manage to get enough of "nature". Or how you hack your schedule to provide optimum energy across all levels. Thanks, Hart
  8. Whats the best way to deal with stagnant, misplaced, or lack of chi? i seem to run into these problems and doctor says everything is fine. thank you, Hart
  9. i dont know if this helps, but i was going to an acupuncturist a year ago and he was treating an energy void in my lower dantian or the second chackra. that didnt really help. then interesting things happened in the past few months. first i met a reiki practitioner and i think unintentionally he filled it up. i was just observing this energy flowing and even had a conversation with him about the ethics of treating people with out them knowing. so i got to know the feeling about it being filled. then started practicing the lee holden videos (20min) on youtube. lots of twisting and not very esoteric so helps with grounding also. and finally i was reading about energizing the second chackra about a week ago then got some pastels and started doodling and coloring. i am very happy with the shift that is happening and i think all parts play an important role in it.
  10. everything just is and it is us that give meaning to events and situations. anger can be a great tool if somebody is out to hurt you physically or emotionally, but not to hurt them, just to establish and strengthen your boundaries if it is needed. about being a pushover i think that we owe yourself the courtesy to react when something does not seem to be right. then later on we can think thru that situation and see if we acted accordingly to our values.
  11. lost awareness

    Thanks to uhapy I figured it out. its helpful to write things down in detail in these experiences and those are the breadcrumbs you can follow back if you ever get lost. having the mind at a state of control rather than awareness caused the nervousness and the energy started hitting walls. i realized yesterday that because of the cold and snow i had not been in nature for over a week, so that was a large part of it as well. hopefully this helps if anybody's ever in the same situation.
  12. lost awareness

    Hi, So I started qigong about a month ago and have done the morning and evening routine by Lee Holden for the past two weeks. The problem is that I mixed in standing meditation and pulled in energy to the dantiens and its not good. now theres times when awareness in daily tasks is almost completely lost and im on autopilot. just working away nervously. this has happened before and i think that just the normal practice is getting to be too much. I've thought about this and figured that there might be a couple of issues. first is perhaps i need to learn how to seal the qi into the lower dantien? second has some history on it, little over a year ago a massage therapist went and closed every chackra in my head she could find and i discovered this when i walked away from the place and decided to try it since they were really open before... blissfully open. when i went back after a month she could not get them to open. so that was a start of decline in awareness and clarity of thought. id appreciate any suggestions on fixing this. thanks, Hart
  13. Hi, I have The opportunity to travel this year and i would like to learn qigong and perhaps even get positioned to teach it one day. For the cost and experience i hope that somebody knows a place they can recommend in asia or someplace warm, excluding the americas. I spent 5 months traveling this year in europe and about to go to the second retreat, so this is not a pipedream and i dont intend to waste anybodys time. Thanks in advance, Hart
  14. hello

    Hi all, My name is Hart. Ive been interested in spirituality for a few decates and now plan to study the prayer of Francis of Assisi and qigong.