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  1. Greetings!

    I saw your post about looking for Gary Clyman courses.


    I am looking to sell some of my Gary Clyman Courses. Or trade them for "Mind Light Nei Kung" and / or "Black Diamond Nei Kung".


    I have the following courses / books:


    1) Tidal Wave Chi Kung

         Digitized. I purchased it directly from Master CLyman

       I do have the email I received after purchasing to confirm that.

      If you so desire, I can show you a screenshot of it to confirm that it is from Master CLyman himself.

      You can also check to see his website to see that he also sells a digitized version of it.


    2) Chi Kung Bible 

        I do have the PDF version of it. Directly from Master Clyman


    3) Nei Kung Bible

        I got this when I invested in his "5 Element Nei Kung" course ( I am  not looking to sell those DVDs - sorry).


    4) Linkage exercises - Simplify your life 

       Digitized version. Directly from Master Clyman.

      You can check his website to see that he sells  a digitized version of it. 

      Master Clyman teaches you how to care for your joints, tendons and ligaments in this course that make up  your Tai Chi body.

     Approx. 1 hour long. Rare and valuable exercises.


    I can sell these individually. I would consider a better deal if you would buy two or more courses. 


    If not, I am looking to trade these for "Mind Light Nei Kung" and / or "Black Diamond Nei Kung".


    Looking forward to hearing from you.