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  1. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    To quote the thread title "Omniscience. Game of Thrones." = G.R.R.M. official Bran retcon. SERIES FIN.
  2. What are you listening to?

    "This is the album that makes me feel the mental image of a perfect obsidian sphere floating in space. Pure black metal." * * "Can totally imagine a dozen or so druids in white robes with long white beards near a river in a forest on a cold, grey Autumn morning chanting along, stamping their staffs, swaying their heads and just generally having the absolute craic to this." * * * "This album is brilliant white magic. 10/10." * * * * "they have this peculiar way of building and layering and feeling as if they are just about to really let it all out and yet they seem to never really get there. Somehow reigning it in and keeping it together for the sake of Christ."
  3. CLUB 27 ??????

    This 3 x 15minute talk on the 'Understanding the Saturnine Current' may answer the question. (Originally posted by the Magician "Bear Heart") + for the OP I guess the 12-14 minute mark in part one nails the concept behind the 27 club. * * * PREFACE I hope for this book that it may come into the hands of those that were kind to my others and that it may not disappoint them. —Lord Dunsany POLTARNEES, BEHOLDER OF OCEAN
  4. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Hi Starjumper the quote is from this version: Pages 29-31 “This page formatted 2005 Blackmask Online. Adapted from the WJF Jenner translation (Beijing, 1955) by Collinson Fair. Copyright 2005, Silk Pagoda.”
  5. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Thanks that's the one lifeforce. I was going to play a little game and post the monty python "Knights who say Nei" skit and request Starjumper to complete an interactive click-quest through a shrubbery of hidden response branching into multiple hidden responses, rinse, repeat; matryoshka style until the the answer of * Thomas Cleary translating Liu I-Ming "Vitality, Energy, Spirit" (for the image) and Wu Cheng'en "Journey to the West" (for the typetext) * Revealed itself. Ah if only I had struck whilst the iron was hot. Cheers.
  6. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    Indeed it is, yet your statement is somewhat misleading; books can and do help one grasp a handle to actualise the concept illustrated in nature, I.E ephemeral clouds dispersing across a fixed shining sky or the alive empty void encompassing a valley. Otherwise for the average, it's a beautiful scenery, capable of inspiring these internal realisations, but often not and serving as a simple pleasure; and "one must not put their shen into pretty mountains and flowers, that's useless."
  7. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    Liu I-Mings "Cultivating the Tao" translated by Fabrizio Pregadio is a great resource, one of those works which reveals deeper levels of profoundity as you re-read as your practice develops, and while you're at it he released a new anthology of 16 full and part translated Neidan texts a few days ago, which includes another of Liu's works translated into English for the first time. I also found Louis Komjathy's "The Way of Complete Perfection" and Thomas Cleary's "Practical Taoism" and "Secret of the Golden Flower" clear instruction. I posted a newly translated commentary from the 1920's on the golden flower in a new thread several weeks ago which contains a simple key to reveal the 'shining mind' you may find illuminizing. Also one can't go wrong utilising Dr. Glenn Morris' 1-10 brain scrub as an initial method. Cheers
  8. What are you listening to?

    "perfect when youre playing Skyrimm stoned" * "i feel like a piece of wax very close to the Sun....and I don't mind." * "After 4-th World Nuclear War , I will save this tapes and when we will atack the village near by with spears and shields to conquer more lands ,I will swith on this album on my last battery player" * "Medieval and introspective pathaways.... This is an absolute masterpiece. When i see the image i see the underground quest and battle. in the wasteland, odin, underseiged, are going to liberate baldur the light child from the encryptic shadows of the invasive force of poision. hereld the natural beauty and exterminate the ill spree.. the music just started, see you at the end.."
  9. What are you listening to?

    "Listening to this while I workout so i can fight the globalists" *
  10. I heard a tip to read some magic books backwards and the next book I perused I did just that and lo and behold, I gazed upon an auspicious essay tacked on second to last in the new "Introduction to Magic, Volume II: The Path of Initiatic Wisdom by Julius Evola and the UR Group" I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 16 page piece, from the deft dealing of the 'sexual essence' question to the masterful expounding upon 'circulation of the light' which previews below;
  11. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    Yes indeed those two pieces of practical advice regarding the eyes and heart he received and relates are truly invaluable. I agree... There are easier ways of getting laid, well, probably not, but one can't indefinitely have 'ones cake and eat it too' and there's there's more fulfilling uses of the magic juice flowing through one like sunlight through the ghost dance.... Your point being one. From what I posted above *** "The goal is to take it from there and explore the rest of your body." *** Solve et coagula. Cheers.
  12. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    One eye * Attention * One arrow * Intent * One target * Presence ********** To perfect the task "To master attention To attend To what brings no joy Will bring great joy Will open the way To great power ********************* What you hold in the eye Through the energy of your actions Manifests as the life Once you adjust the mind to the intent through the attention All that is generated through your internally held energy will travel Through the film of your intent To the unseen target The intent is purified in realiszation The realiszation of the great pattern The cycle of death, transformation and rebirth The attention is an ability to hold the eye and energy of action to the one target The unseen target of eternal transformation. conclusion: It is possible to detect human ocular extramission at a distance of about two centimeters in front of the eye using a high-impedance non-contact electrode housed inside electromagnetically insulated goggles. The waveform of the extramission signal closely resembles that at Fp1 and Fp2 using qEEG equipment and has distinct properties from the signal at Fp2 using a two-channel biofeedback system. The extramission waveform is distinctly different from that of a control electrode suspended in space in front of the goggles. It will be of interest to study the properties of ocular extramission in a variety of disease states, and also potential roles it may play in evil beliefs and other anthropological phenomena. conclusion: A wide range of beliefs in spirits could provide us subjective, culturally transformed testimony concerning the interaction of human beings with electromagnetic fields in the environment. The entire biosphere is built on the interaction of organisms with extremely weak natural electromagnetic signals. for example, the synthesis of chlorophyll by plants requires that the plant capture photons and harness their energy to drive biological processes. Similarly, human beings capture photons in order to synthesize vitamin D. Photons in the visible range are only a tiny subset of the sea of electromagnetic information in which all life forms have evolved for a billion years. We should listen for the testable theories of electromagnetic field interactions hidden in a wide range of rituals, beliefs, experiences, and practices. The theory of human energy fields leads to a wide range of studies that marry anthropology and electrophysiology. The electrophysiological basis of evil eye belief is but one example of the general theory. (Turn on CC) "Don't put your Jing-Shen into the Mountains, water and flowers, there's no benefit." *