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  1. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    Yes indeed those two pieces of practical advice regarding the eyes and heart he received and relates are truly invaluable. I agree... There are easier ways of getting laid, well, probably not, but one can't indefinitely have 'ones cake and eat it too' and there's there's more fulfilling uses of the magic juice flowing through one like sunlight through the ghost dance.... Your point being one. From what I posted above *** "The goal is to take it from there and explore the rest of your body." *** Solve et coagula. Cheers.
  2. The eyes, chi and magnetism

    One eye * Attention * One arrow * Intent * One target * Presence ********** To perfect the task "To master attention To attend To what brings no joy Will bring great joy Will open the way To great power ********************* What you hold in the eye Through the energy of your actions Manifests as the life Once you adjust the mind to the intent through the attention All that is generated through your internally held energy will travel Through the film of your intent To the unseen target The intent is purified in realiszation The realiszation of the great pattern The cycle of death, transformation and rebirth The attention is an ability to hold the eye and energy of action to the one target The unseen target of eternal transformation. conclusion: It is possible to detect human ocular extramission at a distance of about two centimeters in front of the eye using a high-impedance non-contact electrode housed inside electromagnetically insulated goggles. The waveform of the extramission signal closely resembles that at Fp1 and Fp2 using qEEG equipment and has distinct properties from the signal at Fp2 using a two-channel biofeedback system. The extramission waveform is distinctly different from that of a control electrode suspended in space in front of the goggles. It will be of interest to study the properties of ocular extramission in a variety of disease states, and also potential roles it may play in evil beliefs and other anthropological phenomena. conclusion: A wide range of beliefs in spirits could provide us subjective, culturally transformed testimony concerning the interaction of human beings with electromagnetic fields in the environment. The entire biosphere is built on the interaction of organisms with extremely weak natural electromagnetic signals. for example, the synthesis of chlorophyll by plants requires that the plant capture photons and harness their energy to drive biological processes. Similarly, human beings capture photons in order to synthesize vitamin D. Photons in the visible range are only a tiny subset of the sea of electromagnetic information in which all life forms have evolved for a billion years. We should listen for the testable theories of electromagnetic field interactions hidden in a wide range of rituals, beliefs, experiences, and practices. The theory of human energy fields leads to a wide range of studies that marry anthropology and electrophysiology. The electrophysiological basis of evil eye belief is but one example of the general theory. (Turn on CC) "Don't put your Jing-Shen into the Mountains, water and flowers, there's no benefit." *
  3. The Anatomy of Alchemy

    Thankyou for sharing, interesting indeed, re-minds I of the line "...and then to observe the relationship between the Dan Tian and the nose..." repeated in the book, I've scanned for thou below. Cheerio.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    "The conclusion of the epic saga that didn't used to have a coherent story but now kind of does."
  5. Saints and Psychopaths

    Great quote and a true cover blurb, I shall assimilate this book next, cheers. Stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks ago, relevant as the title is essentially ditto. Someone may find it interesting.
  6. Favorite Daoist Quote

    TRUE EARTH ARRESTS TRUE LEAD; TRUE LEAD CONTROLS TRUE MERCURY. LEAD AND MERCURY RETURN TO TRUE EARTH; BODY AND MIND ARE TRANQUIL AND STILL. (True intent arouses real knowledge; Conscious knowledge also spontaneously responds. The three join as one, And at once body and mind are settled.)
  7. Divine intervention

  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Speaking of; this just popped up in my instagram feed and I did a lol/ponder. "Day 18 of no nut November"