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  1. Greetings! I use this: To make the light “circulate” means reversing the direc- tion, bringing the light back to itself and to the origin, just as in a circle; so that the light, meaning the union of seeing and understanding (light of the eye + light of the ear), gathers itself and now illuminates the interior, rotating around itself. 6. “Therefore, understanding (ear) and clarity (eye) are one and the same effective light.” The way is found by means of “extreme intelligence and clarity, and the most complete absorption and tranquility” (p. 23). “There should be no movement in the mind” (p. 44). 7 The “magical key” is indicated by these expressive words: ☆☆☆☆☆ “One should only let the light fall quite gently on the hearing.” ☆☆☆☆☆ (The upper palace is likened to brittle crystalline - to much 'force' - pressurized into a singularity - and it will shatter into a million electric jolts! Like mine did! Many years to repair. It did. LOL.) ○ It does not happen through contemplation alone; it already involves a change of state that is fanned like a fire by the “rotation” and crystallization of the intellectual light in the center between the eyes. (((Eventually ones entire xingedminged elixir field of originalnatureexistence is the 'centre' of refinement. - See Book of Balance & Harmony - Discourse on the 3 vehicles - lower/high/highest(ODIN?) - I think LOL - for details on 're-arranging' the cauldron and the furnace.))) + (To paraphrase some of Lu Dong Bins words) (The 'unpractice' goes from the course to the fine.) ('Focus' on the centre is very subtle - there is life to this word.) ○ In the midst of the light, a point of the yang pole arises; “Then suddenly there develops the seed pearl. It is as if man and woman embraced and a conception took place”
  2. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    ⳩ lol 7 III v | 9☰>—⊕—<☰6 | ^ III ⳩ ㄥ ⳩ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ ⳩ 求仙不识真铅汞,闲读丹书千万篇。Those who live on their knees and just implore ghost immortals won’t realisze true earth true lead and true mercury. Nor the Precelestial Breath of True Unity. You will only have an astral cock forced in your mouth, Isn't that a pity?Calmly read the alchemical books over and over again.内里明来是至真,外边入者即非亲。 When you know their inner principle then arrive at what is real.Anything coming from outside (e XingedMing) is not the real ancestor. * !HANDS-UP! TRUE EARTH ARRESTS TRUE LEAD;TRUE LEAD CONTROLS TRUE MERCURY.LEAD AND MERCURY RETURN TO TRUE EARTH;BODY AND MIND ARE TRANQUIL AND STILL. (True intent arouses real knowledge;Conscious knowledge also spontaneously responds.The three join as one,And at once body and mind are settled.) lol ___ "My yoga is underlining sentences." ___ - LaZy+ : Esoteric Tao T+InternalPotencies+CharitiesRoot+E Ching. ___ Discourse Upon Taoist Theory & Practice of Internal Alchemy--By Xuezhi Hu.pdf How to Practice The Way of the True Heart 1.pdf How to Practice The Way of the True Heart 2.pdf
  3. Question on the dantians

    "Gather energy in the body; Plunge Spirit in the mind: De Dao is therein." '(And then grasp without grasping to bring it back again.)' III v . ^ III Lu Tsu said, “The seven-reversion restored elixir is a matter of people first refining themselves and awaiting the time.” The classic Understanding Reality ( Wu chen p’ien ) says, “If you want to successfully cultivate the nine-reversion, you must first refine yourself and master your mind.” Shang Yang Tzu said, “Restoring the elixir is very easy; refining the self is very hard.” These statements all say that if you want to practise the great Tao, you must first refine yourself.
  4. Blue aura people

    My thanks: A revolution in my minds.
  5. Ascension thru inner power

    Bump. Dao Vult Esse. *** X
  6. Yes now that would be a folly. But you missed my drift, a wolf did not domesticate the dog. Good for you, and on you for creating an interesting thread. I wish you well on your disciplined search for answers. Perhaps my small musing will prove to be a node one day. Happy hunting!
  7. Levitation and possibly flight?

    @dwai It is truly a shame the slide this forum has taken over the past year or so to its current state of continually shitting the bed, to the outside observer. As there is no moderation, one small change that could help is removing the 'laughing' emoticon response. Apart from a thread such as the 'what are you laughing at today' this function serves no purpose other than for snide little kick-the-shins and pile-ons, with no real possibility for a return 'confrontation' to hammer the issues straight as a reasoned and typed kick-in-the-shins would. As the months roll on one can plainly see the effect this has fostered in the general attitude of thedaobums members towards one another. Cheerio!
  8. Folly indeed. Yet something must account for the discrepancies in ancient lore vs modernity regarding the (non)appearance of corporeal super-scalar beings. The general physicality, psychology and creativity of man, even. Perhaps it's a case of a Prime Creators creation possessing a superior force of free will, or wile, which willed a supermax prison. All well wishing aside, at the end of the day there is really only the one primordial truth. Food for thought around @6.50 , Heartbreak. "The wolf is to a dog as a god is to man."
  9. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Thankyou Taomeow, very cool. I think I'll pick that up while I continue to wait for this release to print. " Will be printed when pre-orders reach 500 (Currently 370 copies have been reserved) Two manuals of Hermetic attainment written by the Scottish apprentice of Giordano Bruno A compendium of The Shadow of Reason and Judgement (1583) & Thamus - The Virtue of Memory (1597) By Alexander Dickson Translated by Paul Ferguson Introduced by Martin Faulks" * * * This is currently my favourite piece of dead tree to stare at and hallucinate over.
  10. What are you listening to?

    "Nazca Space Fox is a three piece instrumental psychedelic & stoner rock band from Germany. Their music consists of groovy stoner rock riffs, long psychedelic jam parts and huge soundwalls. Always played with lots of dynamics. The songs start straight like the Nazca Lines in the desert and rise to somewhere in outer space. Like finding yourself in a cosmic thunderstorm, without knowing how you got stuck there. Ranging from light and delicate to groovy and massive. This is their self titled debut album, released in 2017."
  11. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    I believe voidisyinyang has preemptively answered your question in the above The progression above would relate to the school of 'Inferior Virtue' , I.E beginning with the hormones/sexual energy and climbing up to yuan jing using a technique. and the quote below to school of 'Superior Virtue' , I.E beginning with yuan jing and pulling the rest along non-using a technique. Virtue meaning "inherent potency" in this context. * "An ancient scripture says: Superior virtue has no doing: there is nothing whereby it does. Inferior virtue does: there is something whereby it does.(1) Another scripture says: Superior virtue keeps one's form intact by means of the Tao. Inferior virtue extends one's existence by means of a technique.(2) Both passages say that superior virtue and inferior virtue differ in status, and that their operation is also not the same."
  12. Golden Flower | Beginner Journey

    One thing I would like to add I found useful, A potential reading Liu-I-Ming's cryptic wording of "borrowing from the other house to furnish my house" could be too: Practice some Trataka (candle gazing), specifically the method of easily staring at the glow point of the flame, then close your eyes and attempt to hold the afterburn image in the center of your vision until is dissipates and repeat. The more you try to fix it in place the more it will move about, but with some time and practice you will eventually discover a 'slip-state' of mind between fixed intent and emptiness to keep it in place for quite some time. Then forget the raft and move on to use this mental state whilst practicing the golden flower method of reversal of "sight upon hearing" until the shining mind appears and coagulates. *
  13. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Bootlickers to the left of me,Bootlickers to the right, here I am,Stuck in the middle with eyes on the golden dew.
  14. Golden Flower | Beginner Journey

    Hi ZeroQi, ah a good start! The thread linked below contains a copy of an essay on the topic of practical use of the Golden Flower method. thelerner was the sole liker so you know it's good. You will see it fits what has been discussed so far. Key is the way the author goes about describing the technique of 'turning the light around" and how this operation is the first building block required on the 'spiritual path'. Add this piece to the several listed in the thread so far to help gain a nuanced grip on the Golden Flower text itself. I posted this to the forum as it is hidden away at the the end of "Introduction to Magic, Volume II: The Path of Initiatic Wisdom by Julius Evola and the UR Group" which is a translation of numerous articles from the Italian Occultist/Hermetic journal UR circa 1927-28 and it is a resource I doubt many Daoist enthusiasts would peruse. Despite coming through the lens of an anonymous Italian Magician nigh on 100 years ago it is in my humble opinion, the superior commentary on the Golden Flower publicly available today and anyone interested in Daoism should assimilate it Enjoy. * * * Wow, if you wrote that, kudos to you sir.