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  1. Greetings!

    I saw your post about looking for Gary Clyman courses.


    I am looking to sell some of my Gary Clyman Courses. Or trade them for "Mind Light Nei Kung" and / or "Black Diamond Nei Kung".


    I have the following courses / books:


    1) Tidal Wave Chi Kung

         Digitized. I purchased it directly from Master CLyman

       I do have the email I received after purchasing to confirm that.

      If you so desire, I can show you a screenshot of it to confirm that it is from Master CLyman himself.

      You can also check to see his website to see that he also sells a digitized version of it.


    2) Chi Kung Bible 

        I do have the PDF version of it. Directly from Master Clyman


    3) Nei Kung Bible

        I got this when I invested in his "5 Element Nei Kung" course ( I am  not looking to sell those DVDs - sorry).


    4) Linkage exercises - Simplify your life 

       Digitized version. Directly from Master Clyman.

      You can check his website to see that he sells  a digitized version of it. 

      Master Clyman teaches you how to care for your joints, tendons and ligaments in this course that make up  your Tai Chi body.

     Approx. 1 hour long. Rare and valuable exercises.


    I can sell these individually. I would consider a better deal if you would buy two or more courses. 


    If not, I am looking to trade these for "Mind Light Nei Kung" and / or "Black Diamond Nei Kung".


    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  2. Practices for Pregnant women

    I have been re/searching practices for Pregnant Women. Can anyone here suggest any sources or practices to help both the Mother and Child? Any all suggestions welcome be it yoga, tantra, qigong, etc
  3. The definition of space

  4. The definition of space

    Distance does not equal space IMO
  5. The definition of space

    the medium in which you and I find ourselves in
  6. Richard Mooney

    I have been looking Richard Mooney's work (books, seminars, videos) and have been coming up empty. Any directions/suggestion on how to connect with him/his work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. hi everyone