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  1. What happens when we die

    I think after death is likened to OB experience.You'll get a mix of ob world and dreamed things depending how clean come out.You get pulled towards your personal patterns of life there including hellish heavenly intermediate phase.Some chi schools build up energy body to the point they don't need return to physical body to download memory.So they can exist after death.This still doesn't guarantee freedom, as the ego must be changed also.And I don't believe this is guaranteed with only energy meditation hence evil ancestor spirits and the like.
  2. Why are we afraid to die if it's inevitable?

    They say that a part of us is immortal soul.There is a disparity between finite body physical world and this inner part of us is not of this world.Starting from genesis to fall of Adam first mankind descended and mixed with different qualities of finite and infinite possibilities.
  3. strange feeling in head when in meditation

    Probably chi going up your spine into your skull.Hopefully you know what you're doing.
  4. heart energy bliss

    I used to do a lot of a full lotus LDT training eventually after some years it wouldn't stay down and worked its way to heart or middle dantien.It felt weird and uncomfortable staying in the middle.To this day if I try again it will gather eventually in middle up conception.And to this day I have no idea why, if it is safe or not.Some rumours say the dantians are filled with yang "sequentially" from bottom up.I have no idea I would appreciate to know about my advice be careful on dwelling energy at heart.
  5. The origin of mankind

    All of the above plus more. Would be fascinating to get to the truth of this after filtering trash
  6. Should I poison myself?

    I don't normally post much on ttb but wow quite trash rich content post here. My contribution is to say that apparently media says living life of chaos and anything goes is what freedom is, but truth is it isn't.Freedom is in balance.A balanced mind too not wanting to poison themselves unless to show off in front of people like a magic show attention seeking etc. Could be wrong but I guess on poison path the best never LIVED to tell the TAIL of what its like. TF
  7. Thanks again for sharing. Full lotus was no issue for me for some 1000s of hours but the same electrocution came up in 2012.Now its 2015 and its been interesting to see repeatable outcome. Wanting to share more, its like it gathers so quickly in lower dantien holding on tight - borderline non conceptual state at LD but in the hall it spread so quickly upwards unable to contain it.It zaps the heart and finally the seed in the third eye and then its game over.Feel sick as described above.Its like they are not conditioned enough but people seem to talk about lotusing right through no absorption issues at all. I believe I am v healthy person. Seems the lotus is extremely superior building v quickly but seems my upper chakras cant cope with the electrocution.I do zhu Zhang grounds back down okay again. Yes I've always lotused on bare earth when I can and get a lot of perineum sensation but I've only focused on LD my whole life.
  8. Thanks for the replies and help. I think ill place more effort on keeping the mind down and stay clear of lotus its too much for upward pressure maybe particularly in my development level.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I mainly do Zhou Zhang practice now.I have no issue with excess zapping with the feet grounded. The full lotus problem mainly happens when I'm in the meditation hall with group.Its like the energy multplies with others nearby. I do a Korea style just keeping on the dantien.The zapping stores there no drama but then no matter how hard I chill out and concentrate the electricution intensifys and spreads upwards.There was a time years ago it was fine manageable. Its frustrating because I used to enjoy sitting like this for hours I told my Korean teacher.He just said its good, but I actually had to stop and lie down.Maybe there is a way to condition the heart to take the zapping better?I don't know.So far you guys only one lending help Regards Tf
  10. Hi all I'm a bit of a long time mediator, training over 7 years done couple thousand hours of meditation. In 2012 I came into a bit of a snag, since 2008 I was doing full lotus meditation with no issues when on a retreat the currents from the earth running through my body was so intense I felt like I was being electricuted and began to feel quite anxious from the feeling as there was too much excess eletricity. To the point I felt like I was too scream out so intense the blasting from the lower dantien. Since than I used the full lotus far less and did other types of chi gong in a more moderate approach. In passing I went into my full lotus again today (2015). Within 20 minutes the current gathered from the earth so intensely again, same thing was happenning many years back, only more quickly. It's like my body can't absorb so much power or potential power stored there. Or I'm like a magnet for electric current. I had my teacher look at me previously and he basically didn't sense any chi, but I know my body there's massive amount that gathers quickly but I stay clear of as by not doing full lotus. At least I can figure out a way to overcome it or work out what's going on. I was wondering if any of you know about this or heard about people experience this and how they overcome it? Unfortunately I'm in a position where I don't have any caring support for these technical matters, basically on my own. Regards TF
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    I like the one with the buddha at enlightenment after so many years to effect of "I see the builder"
  12. aspect of when power does not corrupt

    I liked that. Non corrupted power?That would be freedom.I dont think many have that.
  13. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    Buddhism and thogal have good things.Books r inspirational only but.
  14. To topic. Cant reverse orbit is more crup.Only goes up spine.mantiak chia seed garbage. Pop tart garbage is in the trash with that. Fritters
  15. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    Crap book, just like most books.