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  1. "Electric" Chi, What it is, How-to techniques

    I believe that we have a dual existence in two independent illusions. What most people know is space time reality aka physical. However you also simultaneously exist in time space reality aka metaphysical. Consciousness is the blending of these two realities. The three forces/laws are free will, love and light. Free will creates a polarity in order to accomplish work. That is why there is a negative and positive which use love and light as a mechanism. The point I wanted to make is that it may be helpful to consider that metaphysical forces which we don't not know how to measure are just as real as physical forces. The pervading force of consciousness is unity. Negative is segregative like gravity. While positive is integrative like anti gravity. Also it may not be helpful to classify types of energy. The choice of attack of an energy with extremely high order is love and the focus of love is free will. Many adepts walk the path of the moon where the mystery deceives (can) as opposed within the illusion to the path of the sun whose only desire is to illuminate
  2. I last posted in June when I dreamed about seeing my master again. What I've realized is there is absolutely no dogma to cultivation. You develop your awareness of All that is. We are all capable of using the tools we were born with. I met my master again. This dream was preceded by a telepathic link about 4 days before. The reason he is guiding me is unknown. I don't really understand how he thinks. I am still on the fence as to whether my dreams are simply a products of my sub conscious or they mean something more. I am 23 on the path for 5 years. I began with drug induced kundalini psychosis. While on drugs I was obsessed with breathing techniques and meditation. Misunderstood and greatly unbalanced I learned this was not the true way. This took much time. Years after using drugs I came back into touch with meditation and breathing techniques. Very slowly over the course of two years I relearned how to pull energy without the aid of drugs besides a little caffeine. I have continued doing this breathing exercises til today. I don't really meditate. The way for me still involves balancing myself because of drug use. My master made a comment in a year I might possess the mental qualification to fully commit to the way. In the dream he was helping me understood this book. It was so incomprehensible with levels and drug aided cultivation. A whole chapter was dedicated to cannabis oil. I didn't read it though. It may have been a test to see if I would still use drugs. I don't know. What I thought the way was is not the way. My master gives no dogma and allows me to figure out what I want to do. Like I said I still do not understand if his existence is entirely created of my own mind. The beings I met in my dreams, I can touch them. But they are not real bodies. The words I heard from him told me next time I would be ready. I think I still do not possess the mental qualification of the true way. There is no dogma. Perhaps he is not a master but a guide. Not sure. Aside from the dream of meeting him, I had a breakthrough tonight. I was able to pull successfully to the point of engaging my temples. I have so many mental blockages which translates into pain when energy is pulled through under developed spiritual circuitry. I have been having a very long debate about how masturbation effects being on the way. This is part of what I wish to discuss. I have been thinking the associations of what orgasm mean is the actual hindrance.
  3. Language can only at best approximate understanding. I assume during my cultivation practice I draw yang chi downward which is then met with yin chi flow upwards as my body is energized at a slightly more refined balance. I don't know how to define chi. When I feel the chi that rises earthly thoughts come to me. When chi descends I feel as if one thought encompasses all. I am not sure of this. It seems that the chi entering from the earth draws experiential catalyst to my reality. I'm starting to think the yang chi is like a law of evolution and yin chi is like a law of attraction. If I have been shown one thing by my experiences, it's how vast the mind is. I feel such a strong urge to face the self.
  4. Something I've noticed for quite awhile is that the more I cultivate the more balanced I become. It's like fine tuning over and over again until the balance is so precise that you can transfer a very high voltage of energy. When I think of how difficult it is to reach a high degree of mastery of any energy based cultivation it's obvious that it is necessary to dedicate your life to seeking the ultimate nirvana. Your mental orientation is just as important as your bodily. What I mean by that is to develop or cultivate you must also refine your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I can't imagine that the thought of nirvana is selfish. I am about 2 years into my cultivation practice. I've noticed that progress and breakthroughs are often tied to events that occur in your life. I bet this is why that often masters isolate themselves. The idea that as you cultivate you are refining an energy balance or perfecting circuitry for energy transfers seems like a valid idea to me. I'm interested on every ones thoughts on this.
  5. Getting closer to a master

    Thanks for replying. I never put much credence to the experience I described above. What I focus on is attempting to consciously pull chi into my body to the point where I can do so with pure mental prowess. I thought I'd share because the world to me at least is mysterious. I maintain skepticism over the idea in general. Even so it doesn't bother me either way. I don't feel special or chosen or anything like that. I went thru drug induced psychosis. SO I know believing in something unsubstantial may not be a good idea.
  6. Intent vs Visualization

    Visualization is a conscious process of associative resonance which is created by intent. Intent is more meaningful when working conceptually. Visualization is best used to strengthen or convey an intent
  7. Getting closer to a master

    Well, I am new here. I'm mainly writing this to share what I'm going thru. For about 2 years I have practiced hard form breathing while in horse stance. I learned this technique at a delicate time. I will say that I went thru psychosis. So what I say may be delusional. Basically take what I say with a grain of salt. To my credit I have not used any drugs for over two years and take medication. I've recovered to the point where my doctor is thinking of weening me off my meds. The process that I wish to talk about isn't anything that I went thru while under the effect of drugs. Actually, its a few years afterwards. One time while meditating I discovered I could pull a sensation down to my lower abdomen. It was blissful. At this time I was energetically unbalanced due to taking drugs. I would often have vivid dreams. It was about 2 months after I pulled chi for the first time that I met him. I did not meet him physically. I met him in a dream. The first time I saw him he was healing someone. This is in the dream world. Something about him was different. He had a green hue to him. There was a clarity that I cannot describe. Let me go off on a tangent for a bit. Green corresponds to the heart chakra (4th). I think the reason he is green is that most of his consciousness is the higher mental plane or beyond. I met him in the astral as he was healing another spirit. When I saw him he looked at me and said he was alive BC. I can't remember the year he said. He told me multiple names that he used. I don't remember what they were. I awoke that morning confused. Dreams are a series of images with meaning. Some dreams seem more like memories of being in the spirit world. This felt like on of those. There was nothing I could do. At this point I was doing hard breathing in horse every day. Some time passed less than a week. I met him again (in a dream). This time I was in a city. My dream self was very child like. I was recovering from psychosis so I was not balanced to a high degree. In this dream he was watching me play with other spirits. I still am not advanced, but at this time I was beginner of beginners. What I remember most clearly from this encounter was that he used his mental proweness in the dream to create a thought. This was of a tree. I being in my child form starting coloring it. He never spoke to me again in the astral plane. I have found that he often does not come down into lower planes of the dream world. I have not met him while dreaming since then. He never introduced himself as a master. I consider him very adept. I've never been the type to believe that there is such a thing as mastery. To go off on another tangent, I have read two books on Mo Pai. One time I met John in a dream. Again take this with a grain of salt. I asked him how to progress and what chi feels like. He said farting. The man I met in a dream I have suspicions that he is an immortal. Over the past week I have been able to reach him while doing hard breathing in horse. I am still bound in the lower planes, but there is one thing I know. He is almost constantly meditating. When I reach to his realm I often hear him going OOOOUUUUMMMM. I knew right away that he was doing this for my benefit in order for more and more of my consciousness to remain there. He never requires me to train. I think there is more of a friendship than master/disciple. He is simply more advanced than I am. There is more than one way, but I am biased. From my understanding the reason that you train with breath holding in the lower abdomen is to gain consciousness control over muscles that coordinate the breathing since chi flow is most consciously control by breath. There are things that I must infer. There is enough information for anyone to figure out the best way to develop themselves. Because of that he will only stabilize my chi when I reach him in the higher inner realms. There is no interference at all. In the book I read on Mo Pai it mentions that you lower Dan tian will close if you ejaculate or orgasm. I have found this is not the case. I never had a teacher actually directly teach me anything. Yet when I reach him he helps guide. I think the reason there is a stigma attached to sex and energy work is because it clouds your focus. You cannot reach upwards if your body is pulling energy downwards because it is aroused. Pretty simple. I think that what John means by sealed. Well that pretty much covers what I wanted to share I am not sure if there is even such a thing as spirits, immortals or dream world. Since doing my hard breathing in horse I am reaching the point where I can non longer advance without soft breathing. This is joyous to me. Soft breathing techniques can be done with meditating. I think I am probably about 6-8 months out from being able to truly start practicing soft breathing. The thing I notice around some other members is they are so serious. Cultivation to me is joyous and about discipline to sustain the ecstasy you feel when you pull chi. But I am at the level I am at. Progress is so slow. Separating the gateway you open to pull chi is so much work,but infinitely worth it.
  8. I have been doing breathing techniques for about two years now. The experience has made me far more grounded. The energetic states I have experienced have brought me immense joy. I am beginning to find it desirous to search for postures and other breathing techniques. I located a local teacher. However I was not impressed by his so called demonstrations. I felt nothing strong enough to be called something other than body heat. I actually booked a one on one session with him to see his techniques and seek his advice. What brought me to write this post is mainly a desire to seek more ecstatic states of inner power. In order to do this more efficiently I desire a methodology or system. How does one assess a potential teacher or system? What I find desirous is not the inner power, but inner peace. Of course I am already on a proper path to achieve such a thing. I have the inclination to teach myself. I find that there are tools to allow this like books. What books do you recommend and why?
  9. Slightly after I started doing the exercise. "Adjustments" are tough. More often I receive guidance in understanding my own choices. It's not like the entities have taken me under their wings. I don't think it works that way. In the experience I mentioned there was a sensing of so many different entities. The experiences I have are valuable to me. There's beings who live with that sensing like telepathy. To me I am so new to the state that I was taken aback on how normal it was for them.
  10. As someone who has dealt with something similar the key is owning it. You can not change what is not yours. If you really don't prefer to desire something first understand why you do. How is the desire teaching you about yourself. Learn that lesson and the desire will cease.
  11. I wanted to add that an effect of doing this breathing technique after about 3 months was that my dreams starting directly teaching me about my resistance. Often if I spent 40 minutes or more doing this that night while sleeping I would face what I think could best be described as adjustment. They are sort of a less intense version of the breathing I do while awake. The progression of the dream experience was first like being frozen in discomfort. After a few dozen times I learned not to react in fear and slowly gained more and more movement. As these experiences continued I became more lucid and aware that you control the scene changes in dream sequences because it is a mash of multiple realities. In general after one of these experiences which were uncomfortable in the beginning I would wake up extremely refreshed. Over time I believe another effect of doing this breathing exercise is simply higher quality sleep. I would think that the reason for this is because I am gaining experiences travelling between altered states by doing this exercise. Often when I experience an "adjustment" during sleep my senses are extremely dampened and there is sometimes an entity assisting me in gaining my wits while going through this. I have thought that my dreams are the initiatory and reflective state which enhances the positive insight and direct experience gained from doing the exercises. During an "adjustment" last night the entity assisting me mentioned a lot of different names for techniques that I never heard of. Because of this I do believe that I am receiving at least some form of guidance in my endeaver
  12. Well, for the first 8-10 months there was involuntary movement when I forced too much energy through my circuitry. I have become better especially in these last few months. Besides the physical sensation of breath, an extremely strong pull from my lower dan tian causes something that I could only think of to describe as a collapse of resistance. I then feel extremely energized and refreshed, often I have insight into my self. Pain was just a part of the practice. I think moving masses of energy through the body naturally would put a strain on the energy circuitry. After the "collapse" you simply, temporarily remember you are energy. You sort of gain normal awareness back after your own awareness warps the energy you sense. I suppose it is possible that by doing this breathing technique I come into touch with the power of the moment. I appreciate the last few posts. What I am interested in is using this technique to directly experience liberation and freedom which is not lasting, but offers insight into myself on how it could be. Some of you caution me against doing what I am doing without guidance. I have no personal qualms to do what I am doing because I learn from direct experience. I am aware this can at times be less than optimal.
  13. What I am doing simply works for me. I have made no claim that it is without faults. Honestly, I have never thought to find a teacher. I have always assumed that there is no one. Where would I look for a teacher
  14. "Minor Death" in Longmen Pai

    During my "pranayama" exercise I believe I experienced minor death a few times. This is supposition. I have not heard of minor death before coming across this forum. Basically I think when shifting energy states you may also shift in consciousness or jhanas. If you greatly shift you consciousness by entering a high energy state the return may be an alignment of you chakras so different then before that you die in a sense. My experience is feeling my consciousness leaving my body retaining just enough awareness to come back after falling to the ground. It is also my supposition that after you experience enough alignment consistently it is no longer necessary to experience a "minor death"
  15. It is my supposition that pain while doing this exercise is caused by the flow of energy which is too strong for my current energy circuitry. Pain is just a teacher. Yes at first I did not know how to manage this pain. Perhaps the effectiveness of my "pranayama" technique is great. I spoke of pain and falling down while performing the breathing technique to emphasize how much I believe mental blocks prevent smooth flow of energy. I believe that doing this technique I temporary raise my consciousness to a higher jhana. Upon returning the misalignment is experienced as pain. Given the fact that I have never experienced just pain it is fair to say that I am in somewhat alignment. This is supported by the fact that I never experience the same degree of pain with a similar evoking of energy by the technique. The level of joy, connection and satisfaction I experience from doing this technique is substantial. Pain never prevented me from exercising. I would honesty say that pain has purpose in assisting me in refining the pathways of the energies as I evoke the energy. It is easier to talk about the misalignment, the pain (allegedly) than it is to talk about the expansion of thinking and consciousness. I simply lack knowledge and have let experience be my teacher. After 19 months the pain has become minor, allegedly, due to being able to withstand higher amperage of energies.