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  1. Believe? If you really think belief is going to take you anywhere then good luck to you my friend and sweet dreams. What I'm still waiting to see is somebody who has the balls to take on the real challenge http://www.randi.org/site/index.php/jref-news/1239-mdc-changes.html and not a staged show with his own "believing" students. Come on guys go and get your million bucks prize - you don't have to use it yourself and ruin your humble "image" that you are displaying you can donate the money to the poor kids in Uganda, to the few pandas left in China or to St. Jude Children's Research Hospitaland if you can't do it go get your Iron Shirt Neigong Super Back Bone marrow grandmaster to do it and he can donate it to the fine government of China if he pleases but please stop lying to yourselves. This is getting really old already guys! I bet you most of the people on these posts are not that young anymore.... There's more real power in these churches then in all Mantak Chia's system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oqcG1Ws5FE
  2. By "anybody" you meant to say all his students that strongly believe in this show.
  3. http://guardianlv.com/2013/07/new-horizons-in-the-sea-crystalline-pyramid-structures-in-bermuda-triangle-contributed-to-disappearancesvideo/
  4. It is incomplete for many reasons. It is like somebody is teaching you how to build an airplane but all they teach you in the book is basic algebra and they say - if you get really good at algebra then one day you will build an airplane. But I doubt that you understand that. I have zero interest in convincing you either way. But if you are really practicing it - then instead of wasting your time on the forum go and study with Mantak Chia directly or Michael Winn - that teaching is very accessible so there is no point in getting a 2nd hand opinion
  5. There's no proof that Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt works. I met a lot of Mantak Chia "experts" even some of his "instructors" and they all have a lot of theories and nothing else. His taichi expertise I would question as well. The only thing that he is good at is his Microcosmic Orbit practice - which I'm not sure were exactly it can take you. This "Microcosmic Orbit practice" after some practice will create some "sensations" in you like (heat, pressure, spinning effect etc) So the practitioners get all excited about that and they are convinced that now they understand Qi and Jing etc. But they still can't do anything with it because the system is incomplete. Some of his exercises got included in other practices and that made it even worse because it's taking the practice even further away from the source. But Mantak Chia is a smart dude. For example if you are sick and you go to his healing center - he will immediately send you to a local hospital first and then after you get your health back then he will "treat" you some more amazing qigong applications.
  6. A very good friend of mine studies under Wang Liping for a few years already. Basically there are a few different circles of students. My friend managed to become part of a russian group (although he is not russian) and they meet a few times a year for an intense practice. This guy practices everyday for at least 1 hour and has some very interesting results even at home. When he is in the seminar with Wang Liping - they meditate for many long hours everyday and often it gets very very painful. Also every time he travels to China for a seminar he spends a few thousands dollars. So it's not for everybody. It's definitely not for me although I introduced him to the group. But Wang Liping is for real and according to my friend there is a big difference between studying with him and studying with one of his students.
  7. A few words on Tai Ji Quan

    Good article - straight to the point. For a lot of people is hard to accept that because of the time and money invested in their own path and teachesr - it's hard to admit that you were on the wrong path and never learned anything. But it's never too late to accept that although it takes big donkey balls to do that. The question is always - were do you find a good teacher like that? Also question - is that your website?
  8. Mo Pai Nonsense

    Tom Cruise is John Chang!
  9. That's not a bad judgement - that's the main idea of any spiritual path. The skill is going to be useless as we get old. The power is going to be lost because our batteries do have a limited life span. And what is left is exactly that - your Ego. And if we don't take care of it - the ego is going to be too dirty or too weak or just plain wrong and not allowed in Heaven.
  10. Show me one Iron Shirt guy that can take a full punch in the nose. Not the belly or the crutch or whatever other place. Straight in the nose !!!
  11. There are 2 different situations: 1st category - is the psychological type of trick where the modern qigong masters can only do it to their students - btw the video that you mentioned shows exactly that. Although there are 2 non students watching it - the master never really shows them anything under the pretext that the energy is too powerful and they couldn't handle it. That is the most common pretext that you will find when dealing with these masters. 2nd Category - The real skill that works against Joe Schmoe and against anybody else. That's the kind that John Chang has and he is the only one that for some reason made it opened for a while to anybody and then changed his mind and doesn't teach it to non-asians anymore. There should be a few more guys like him in the world but we don't have access to them - in terms of learning the skill - you can still go and get a good demo but it would cost you an arm and a leg. Conclusion - here on the taobums (and lots of other forums) if anybody claims that they have the power - they are refering to the 1st category - although they might try to assure you that it's the real deal. And they are not lying to you - the actually "believe" in that bs - that's why it works on them
  12. I think Lucid Dreams in this case are a form of psychosis that people don't want to admit to...