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  1. Yellow jelly like semen after retention?

    Sometimes good to check with a doctor. Ejaculation is a contrproductive practice to be honest, unless you eat your sperm. In ejaculation you are loosing nutritiens needed in expanding the consciousness on the bodily level. So it will ve that much harder to retain your energy levels. Needles to say that for males recovering semen takes around 28 days. Urge to reproduce is very strong and often not easy to overcome, and we tent to find all the reasons to endulge in overexpendi g ourselves.
  2. Are the different types of kundalini?

    Here some advices on how to handle Kundalini awakening. Rule of the thumb - follow only adept’s advices. Been having similar experiencess some years ago and could not make sense out of it neither contradicting advices on forums were doing any justice, untill I encountered the guide. Hardly anyone can handle this energy on their own properly. DIY is not adviced path.
  3. Those interviews were taken down from you tube, however transcription can be found here https://igorkufayev.blog/ there are another interviews with Igor on Conscious TV
  4. As someone who follows path where spiritual transmission is one of the means I can say it is needed at some point, at least that’s Tantric approach. And noone will tell you really how it feels or what are benefits untill you will check it yourself by going to a master. It usually starts with a master, then gradually you can do it yourself. there are traps, this is why teacher is needed to protect you from going astray.
  5. High libido Kundalini

    Yes, I meant some proper book, like a spiritual autobiography or something written by a proper guide according to the tradition one is attracted to. Taking care for the intellect and understanding the process is needed more than anything. You are right, that some go into fantasizing too much, or try to go DIY style thinking that they know what they are doing.
  6. High libido Kundalini

    It looks like you are quite agitated and not grounded. If indeed you had some energy stiring it is best for you to find an adept in Kundalini stuff that will guide you if you are interested in keeping it healthy. Otherwise there is a danger that it might go into mental trips as the process will unfold. Just start searching teachers who resonate with you, there are plenty on You Tube, maybe even in your area. Don't know what tradition you are attracted to? Regular cultivation is needed and guidance that will safeguard the process. It can't be solved on-line, on forums, has to be face to face in most cases, otherwise noone can tell much just by reading your messages, without seeing you In person. Don't take seriously most advices on the internet. Assume that people not always know what they are talking about. Just think of yourself, your well-being. Find a book It all depends on where do you want to go with it? If you just want to manage your sex drive, or rise Kundalini up, all is up to you. Lower sex drive can be simply natural outcome of energy being redirected to work out something else and might be a good thing actually for your process, so you don't overextend yourself in sexual acts. It can be as well something els altogether. Just put the seatbelts on. Will be a long drive. All good, Love to you and wish you all the best. If you need more just ask.
  7. I could not say that better, thanks. Lineage and an connection to the adept is what will safeguard the process and protect you, when understood properly. This is a huge topic. Perhaps Mooji is far more advanced than we all here on this page, rumbling around, who knows. We should not throw any disrespect to other Teachers. It will come back in no time when least expected, why to create this, best to focus on things that nourish what needs to be nourished. Yes, I try to give huge words and outsmart everyone.
  8. And you are obviously not like that? This is whole other topic. Awakening process magnifies all the tendencies, so you will get super confident and extremely selfish, not to mention arogant and total asshole at times, with other graceful characteristics at play. It is bound to pass, and I suspect that people that you talk about just choose to teach on that wave of being confident that they know it all, that coincidented with people around them who gave approval to this by starting to follow. then it is that much harder to relase the grip of such idea of being a teacher I guess, as you built a narrative that you are a teacher and that you know it all or "don't know anything", however you will call it, and need to sustain the narrative, cause not to loose reputation and become a fool in front of people who follow you, a few will confess that they just were full of crap as we all are.
  9. Yup, we tend to imagine someone who is awaken to be all humble, kind and sweetly spoken which is not necessarily the case. If the aim of spiritual practice is awakening to the highest possible potential of our nature and remain in well-being, then it is not the aim of Zen practices from what I know and seen. things like forcing people to sit for long hours without changing position, legs getting numb, even if it is not comfortable, they will teach you that sitting in uncomfortable position is okay. But everyone does as they please and receive whatever they look for. If you don't care about what awakening and enlightened is then perhaps you are in the right place, funny that people of zen practice don't go and ask their teachers about this matters but need to come here. The reason is often what I said above, in this tradition such matters are denied, teachers don't speak with their students much.
  10. The problem with zen tradition, althoug it is beautifull is that they don’t discuss much with students, often denying many phenomeons. The same with type of meditation, they will teach you to open your eyes so that internalisation is not complete. People then meditate for 30 years or so and almost nothing happends. Non-attachement just sounds nice, but often it translates to people just wrestling with themselves in meditation or dailylife in the name of nonattachement, feeling guilty that they have thought process. Watch thoughts as clouds passing on the sky and the life will pass you by, it never worked for me and never worked for many although it sounds nice. It is just a mental masturbation. Zen was not designed to awaken people, sorry to let you know. If you tell to a teacher of a zen monastery tht you want to awaken or that you actually are, they will be pissed of with you or laught because they don’t want you to awaken. If you accidently do awaken, you are up for surprise because no teacher or a rare one will tell you about what to do now with it or thy will try to deny the process in you or simply kic you out of practice. I’ve seen that a few times and no, that’s not that a student had a problem. They will always try to turn it around and tell you that the problem is on your end. Only few will be sincere enough to tell you that they don’t know what it is all about. Thoughts passing on the sky like clouds, I actually never heard of person for whoom it worked well. You can’t deny thought process or separate yourself from it. I’ll advice to start doing some serious practice.
  11. The 'Seer' & the 'Seen'

    Here is a down to earth explanation by Igor Kufayev a spiritual Teacher
  12. What is spirituality

    The speech can be direct or indirect as you have said. I suspect that it is related to the setting – what kind of students happened to be in the room. Some may not take the direct speech, and this needs to be respected, no? What would be use of delivering speech that does not contribute to wellbeing of the student, questioner?
  13. What is spirituality

    Spirituality, mostly discussed anywhere is just an entertainment, out of lack of true knowledge or out of agitation with New Age concepts. But there are real deals too who speak about the topic. Spirituality is matters of spirit, spiritual evolution. In the time of the Internet it is just not that easy to find a worthy knowledge. In the time when anyone claims to be a Teacher and tries to grab his part of attention. Ant don’t get me wrong, it is not what comes from those clips I’ve attached.
  14. Are enlightened people impotent?

    I’ve heard that too, it could be a limited understanding or a bs. There are 2 ways one can go, either to renounce the world and family or to have one and be a householder. what I meant is tht in Tantric traditions, all those famous teachers had wifes. There are even perspectives that it is our duty to have family. True is also that I’ve heard from an enlightened Teacher that „for an enlightened one there is no more sex”. But I don’t know wheter it was a metaphore or literal.
  15. Are enlightened people impotent?

    There is a householder path, which entails different duties, having family, wife and kids is inseparable with sexual life, no? I assume that for this role one has to be very potent, not other way around.