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  1. Astrology Resource Recommendations

    Gello daojones, astrological reading might be what you need, so to understand how planetary situation affects you. My friends like vedic yotish readings and find them relevant and helpfull. Just find some good reader and book a session
  2. Sounds like some kind of rewiring going on out there in your neurophysiology, is my best bet. Psychological clinging to the body causes fear of loosing it, just ponder on that. Do you experience bliss? overall it feels like expansion, and something changes to better or other way around, comparing to the point when all what you describe was not present? I just try to determine whether the experience is positive or negative in the outcome.
  3. The necessity of thought.

    Traditionaly speaking, in order to get rid of thought patterns, thought constructs we are used to, that give rise to identity are replaced by the spiritual teaching (qualified one, ideally that comes from established tradition), so we simply relinquish our thought patterns to another thought patterns which is spiritual discourse, something that creates fundaments to further development of our practice. We can’t really stop thinking but we are able to guide our thoughts into silence, any kind of mind agitation can be pacified this way. Patanjali Yoga Sutras also mentions contemplating luminous thoughts, in order to conquer those that are negative. Also contemplating kindness, friendliness. It gives immediate results. when we need to solve something we hold particular thought “I need to reply to this post on booms”, “I need to go shopping”
  4. It is also worthy to mention that first kind of knowledge as mentioned in the first post, is divided to knowledge repeated as in books and knowledge heard directly from the adept, both has different impact. I’ve hard what the topic adresses from slightly another angle, where it is explained from a practical perspective, where spiritual discourse/ teaching (positive thought constructs, shruthi vikalpa) basically replacess our negative thought constructs (ashruthi vikalpa), and from there the work to abide as Brahman is simply more conducive.
  5. Transpersonal Witness Meditation

    Forgive me, but the method described in the post souds quite a bit intelectual, taking one into the mind. I thought best meditative practices aim at dissolving the superficial mind, even temporarily. I know that KW is famous thus what he teaches should appear as worthy practicing but what if that’s not the case? He is for sure a good speaker and a brilliant writer, very convincing and spent a dedicated time for developing what he has developed, nontheless methods he passes on might not be the best ones so I’m not surprised that the author of the post spintaneously withdrawn from those “meditations”. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  6. Hello oglights, correct me if I’m wrong but I detect some guilt in your writing. As silent thunder noticed, you feel quite dedicated which is a good thing and it seems all is fine with you Basically we sometimes outgrow the method and some tweaking to the practice is needed to take it on a different level, or the method is not for us. Teachers sometimes tell things that might make us feel bitter for a time period, does not mean the teacher spoke about you so no need to take it personally. I don’t know what type of lineages resonante with you exactly so hard to pass any responsible recomendations, however what often works is to set an intention. In this case intention to discower a spiritual practice that is conducive for us and will guide us to reach whatever we want to reach, and then let go of this intention.
  7. Am I who you think I am?

    Good evening Anand (at least it is evening here), Great to hear all this and observe the carefully chosen visualisations, it is not that I'm arguing here seriously, nor without it, but for sure not tried to offend your teacher. Send my humble regards to your Guruji - all the glory to one and the only, Jai Guru Dev! He for sure passed on/ enkindled in you this joyful spark that palpably shines from your writing, is probably why he gave you such name (just guessing he gave it to you). Sat-Chit-Ananda, Being-Consciousness-Bliss Thank you back, lets have some tea instead, Ganapati
  8. Am I who you think I am?

    Hello Anand, Interresting thoughts, there is an assumption in this reasoning that the individual is a thought, how can we prove it? In Ayurveda for example there is a concept of ahamkara - a principle of individuation, that makes every of us different, and allows us to defend ourselves, our soverinity. Individuality from this perspective is far from nothing is all I’m saying. Yes, in a deep sleep there are no thoughts, no activities of senses, therefore we do not exist in a deep sleep and then we recreate ourselves when waking up into our character, and we recreate entire world. There is also known phenomena among spiritual folks- so called depersonalisation, a state where noone wants to end up in, where you are indeed noone, and can’t tell your hand from your head, can’t take care of yourself since you are noone. In India those people are called Masts- they eat and deffecate in the same place, it happends all over the world and those individuals need help in order to come back from being nobody into being somebody. so indeed, true to that, there is all pervading nothingness, nobodyness, one consciousness but true is also that there are individuals, and they need healthy individuality in order to function, some of them do not live in thought based identity. Individuality is created for a reason by the nature and it has to be honoured. yes, there are those notions in spirituality that you need to become nobody, those are slogans, often voiced irresponsibly by halfbaked teachers, that don’t have entire picture yet. With Love, Ganapati
  9. Am I who you think I am?

    Limahong, If you are nobody then who is your neighbour then? I trust you don’t have experience of your neighbour, but yours, so you must be you and your neighbour must be your neighbour, meaning you are quite a lot of somebody
  10. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Thank you for pointing out, I already figured out that it is some kind of psychic something.
  11. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    I did read the thread is why I asked out of curiosity- thank you for answers, but I’ll also google it myself
  12. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Hello everyone, What is the whole scanning you talk about guys?
  13. Let's drink to that. Kundalini is who you are, real you in you and it will decide what to do with the whole thing. Can't be owned, but can be sabotaged and it is often the case.
  14. Just a note, while Kundalini unfoldment, semen fuels the process, and doing everything to ejaculate just drains nervous system and hits you back really hard. It is just counterproductive in your case and further damages your already - as you said - weak body in my opinion. And you might not have any kundalini rising but just a stiring of this energy. Just some kind of opening which is often accompanied with physic phenomena. You just need a proper guide to show you how to do the right things, so you don't waste your time anymore on DIY style of handling all this which just looks like self denying, depriving yourself of good health. Kundalini is prone to expel all the illnesses from your body to begin with, which might feel like being sick and weak at times. Does not mean you can't do everything to keep yourself healthy and use a proper diet, nutrients are important when Kundalini runs in you. Eating fresh food, not leftovers, neither processed or frozen food. Learn about herbs and proper nutrition. There are systems that support what you go through like Aurveda, it is easy to apply. No booze, no smoking, no drugs, no caffeine, no sugar. Also diet, no meat has been proven in many cases to support the process, so going to lacto-ovo-vegetarianism. Does not mean you should not get eggs or fish oil here and there. Ground yourself by going to the nature. Barefoot on the ground in the park. Take an Epsom salt baths. Swim in a lake, river, sea. Also this self pitty has to go, all the how I had a bad life, poor this poor that, poor me. I'm sorry, but since it I given to you, you cultivate it, not sabotage it. Some knowledge from adepts who deal with cases like yours on a daily basis:
  15. An alternative perspective on conspiracy theories