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  1. How my body decided to kill itself

    PS: I've actually recommended to the author of this post to reach out to more westerner teachers, as it seemed to me he is not very familiar with Chinese or Indian traditions. I've proposed Igor Kufayev and David Spero. Depending to which one of them he is closer to physically. They both are familiar with this process and have many years of experience under their belt with working with people.
  2. How my body decided to kill itself

    Dear @Master Logray, No, I experienced it with dedicated practicioners in the West, just the practice happened to be under a tantric umbrella of knowledge that originates on the Indian contintnt. You have vedic understanding there, Kundalini is identified as the force that anmates bodily activity including its energies flows. So normal people as you call them come to this modalities as well, and experience those spontaneus unfoldings, sometimes from the day 1 and they are amazed. But it takes some education to get it in tye right context so you are not carried away by fantasies. Pranayamas are not advised to be practiced on one’s own, by looking it somewhere online. It can cause a lot of damage to the subtle body that is hard to fix later on. Only one that can be done without much guidance is alternative nostrill breathing. When someone does not know with what it comes, the activation of pranic field or as you call it here qi, then a lot of fear can come, for example when if it start placing you in yogic postures you never learned or some hardcore breathing patterns, including spontaneous ceasation of breath, and you have no tradition to lean on to figure out what’s going on with you then a mess unfolds.... fantasies begin to unleash, seeming sense making out of fragmented information found online that only adds to the confusion. And this is nit needed, one with a proper guidance can go through it with ease and no complication, just to place intention to find a quality guidance is needed and enough wilingness to reach out. People can awaken this by accident, not trying to make it happen, it happens a lot. Frankly, I’ve been to a Zen temple when it all started to happen to me and noone there know what’s going on, they freaked out. Funny enough They have quite a few people pop like that in their longer meditation programs and they just send them home or to a doctor. So in other words one really needs a pro teacher who knows what to do. Mindfulness won’t take you anywhere.
  3. How my body decided to kill itself

    Well, you are on the forum that is dedicated towards internal arts related to Qui Gong and so on, not very much Indian modalities, so this is most likely the line of explanation you will receive. I did experience as well all the phenomenon you have described and also they have started spontaneously during meditation, were quite overwhelming, but I quickly found a teacher that I resonated with and he helped me to stabilise the process and take it further without unwanted outcomes. I saw plenty of people going through similar things, but it was in more of Indian modality of practice, and Kundalini was discussed as something that plays role there and that this unfoldment of energy is of Kundalini making, however those are just initial phases and does not equal to fully rising of Kundalini (which indeed might take very long) even if you feel as if something is going through your body up and down - this is most likely some prana movements, most likely you are going through some initial phases of Kundalini unfoldement, maybe even before Kundalini entered medium channel (or any other), but who I am to judge based on some description online? This is quite subtle process and no-one responsible would give you more specific guidance over internet. Those things are discussed behind the closed doors and in person, administered according to the need. Psychic powers are just outcome of purging of the energy pathways, and often are just temporary. Often physical illnesses are also outcomes of purging out the subtle channels of energy, but again - common sense is recommended, and no harm to check with the doctor. I agree with some other people here, that you should reach out to a teacher with whom you resonate with, in tradition you like, and you won't make it DIY style.
  4. How to deal with feelings of unreality?

    What if tis is just natural feeling and you will never go back? What people forget when starting a serious meditative practice is to have a proper guide who could adress it all on the spot and prescribe grouding procedure according to aspirant’s prefferences.
  5. What you mean is placing attention on things like emotion and so on when they arise. This is correct and I don’t argue with this. Please listen - there is a difference between placing attention on thoughts and feelings when they arise and purposefully looking for our shadows and purposefully evoking negativity. Nothing wrong to observe our negativity when it rises, - this is indeed placing a magnifying glass of our attention on it, even good to write those down so to reflect fully. Opposite to that is not placing attention to those things, then we don’t see them, sometimes purposefully sweeping them under the carpet The world is as we see it.
  6. What I meant is focusing, not facing. Facing is fine when it surfaces, but purposefully looking for shadows is focusing on them thus magnifying them. Whatever we focus on we magnify. In practice, this means that there is no end to shadow work if we are honest. Some of us simply like to dwell in negativity and anyjustification sounds reasonable. „If you're viewing the Self as "light" then that also holds completely true for the Internal Family System. Any effective therapy is always Self-therapy.” By light I view light. Facing our negativity happends on its own when we work with light, no need for therapeutic applications. We don’t need to look for our demons as it is considered time waste and less effective. Psychological maturity, and integration of fabrics of our consciousness happends spontaneously when we work with light.
  7. In the tradition I follow it is not important and a time waste for the reasons I’ve mentioned, but I know that some teachers made a carrer out of shadow work. shadows are more superficial things, emotional, mental wires basicaly, plowibg the ground deeper than that just upruts it all, wilhilst focusing on traumas keeps us on the surface Working with light is simply more effective, I don’t mean some therapeutic applications either.
  8. Integration happends on its own when we work with light. whatever we focus on we magnify, thus we work with light. Working with shadow is counter productive
  9. is time real does it exist?

    Thanks for the quote, a good one! Which means that things in the world are not different from the Self. Are only its reflections. Buddhist sects are often considered not aiming really for the ultimate truth, or accepting some internediate level attainment for the final realisation. This is even worse with non-duality teachings.
  10. is time real does it exist?

    Maybe you are right, Buddhists were kicked out from Kashmir valley because of their teachings. Kashmir Shaivism stands on traditions from Indian continent, however it does not agree with Vedanta for example, where they also negate world as an illusion. Basically world can be illusion or be real, if it is illusion, and o ly real thing is the self, then where the world cones from if not from the Self? It does not look like separate entity.
  11. is time real does it exist?

    The world is unreal, only Brahman is real. Brahman is the world. If world is projection of the Self, Shiva, how can world be unreal? Time is in the world. This is a point of view of Kashmir Shaivism. Maybe simply ilusions are unreal.
  12. Astrology Resource Recommendations

    Gello daojones, astrological reading might be what you need, so to understand how planetary situation affects you. My friends like vedic yotish readings and find them relevant and helpfull. Just find some good reader and book a session
  13. Sounds like some kind of rewiring going on out there in your neurophysiology, is my best bet. Psychological clinging to the body causes fear of loosing it, just ponder on that. Do you experience bliss? overall it feels like expansion, and something changes to better or other way around, comparing to the point when all what you describe was not present? I just try to determine whether the experience is positive or negative in the outcome.
  14. The necessity of thought.

    Traditionaly speaking, in order to get rid of thought patterns, thought constructs we are used to, that give rise to identity are replaced by the spiritual teaching (qualified one, ideally that comes from established tradition), so we simply relinquish our thought patterns to another thought patterns which is spiritual discourse, something that creates fundaments to further development of our practice. We can’t really stop thinking but we are able to guide our thoughts into silence, any kind of mind agitation can be pacified this way. Patanjali Yoga Sutras also mentions contemplating luminous thoughts, in order to conquer those that are negative. Also contemplating kindness, friendliness. It gives immediate results. when we need to solve something we hold particular thought “I need to reply to this post on booms”, “I need to go shopping”
  15. It is also worthy to mention that first kind of knowledge as mentioned in the first post, is divided to knowledge repeated as in books and knowledge heard directly from the adept, both has different impact. I’ve hard what the topic adresses from slightly another angle, where it is explained from a practical perspective, where spiritual discourse/ teaching (positive thought constructs, shruthi vikalpa) basically replacess our negative thought constructs (ashruthi vikalpa), and from there the work to abide as Brahman is simply more conducive.