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  1. Wow!! Thanks a lot, that's really a lot of information and very interesting stuff!!! It'll take me a week only to have a look at all this material...I'm really excited because that's just was I was hoping for!! Tomorrow I'll begin the integrated chakras practice and I'll begin to read the Ennio Nimis's Kriya Yoga book. Hope to have some new experiences to share soon :-) I'm also interested in your shaktipat experience, so I'll definitely have a look at the link you posted...I came across a site called kundalini awakening system mantained by Chrism who gives a shaktipat in absentia and I was wondering if this really worked and how it connects with the individual practice of kriya yoga...
  2. Yes, the book is the one you posted...I've done the practices following the order of the book, doing only the main ones for all the chakras: during the last period I've split the routine in two parts, one in the morning and one before going to bed because it would take too much time to do all the excercises at one time (it takes me about an hour in the morning and 45 minutes at night). Unfortunately there are no ashrams near the place I live, and my schedele is quite busy so I doubt I would be able to stay there for a suitable period of time even if there was one... :-)
  3. Hy everyone! I've followed the introductory practices described in the first part of the book for five months; they consist of exercises aimed to open the chackras which are preparatory for the integrated chackra awareness and the beginning of the kriya yoga practice. I've gained more awareness of the chakras but I don't feel anymore the prana flowing which I used to fell months ago while doing other tipes of meditation. I wonder if anyone has followed the practices of this book in order to share experiences about what to expect in the next phases of kriya yoga practice.
  4. Earth chakras and energy spots

    So it seems all is related to the 'structure' of the site, his composition in terms of horizontal and vertical patterns and element composition. Do you know of the existence of such sites in Europe and if there are resources (books, internet sites, etc) in which it's possible to find more about these sites?
  5. Earth chakras and energy spots

    I really never tought about this topic but a week ago I returned to a church near my hometown which I placed on a dominant position on the the top of a hill facing the sea and I felt very strange: it was a sensation of being pervaded by a strong energy, my head began pulsating and I felt a strong pressure on the middle of my forehead. I spent an hour there and I was really recharged for the rest of the day and the day after. This place was known to be an energy spot; it is said that for this reason the catholic church was erected there and, in the woods surronding the church, many black magic symbols could be found before the police began patrolling the area extensively. After this experience I tried to look up on the net if I could find something interesting on the subject, but I came across contrastating theories and opinions. I found an author, Ljubisa Stojanovic, who spoke about 'places of power' filled by luminous entities (amog the others mount Olympus, the Sistine chapel, Westminster Abbey, the Great Pyramis) but to me it seems a little too imaginative and I couldn't find anyone else to coroborate his opinions. I found something on Earth chakras and vortex (Robert Coon, Jaap Van Etten - Gifts of mother Earth), but even on these subject there was no unanimous agreement: the energy spots and even the Earth chakras were different from one author to the other and even the theretical basis differed. I wonder if someone has had analogous experiences and if you know some good material on the matter, particularly on the effects of these places on meditaion and spiritual evolution...
  6. Low energy after Osho meditation and energy work

    I was attracted to Osho work because the practices he suggests don't force the body and mind to stay still but instead they make them want to stand still after intense activity. So I haven't practiced asana and pranayama because I felt these practices belong to another approach to meditation and I din't want to mix up different things... I also thought that Bruce energy work could be complementary to Osho kundaini since the spinal bounce and chakra stimulation could be useful to clean the meridians and facilitate prana flowing: what do you think about it?
  7. Low energy after Osho meditation and energy work

    I'll try to slow down a bit the vibrations and dancing... Zhan Zhuang seems interesting but I don't want to mix too many things at the same time: Osho, energy work - also on the phisical part I go rock climbing, which I think is good for staying somewhat 'down to earth' since I have constant touch with the earth. however, as I said in my previous post, I think this low energy could derive probably from Bruce energy work, since I felt a little drained before beginning Osho kundalini. Bruce says that energy levels should reequilibrate after two weeks or so but this doesn't seem to happen... When you wrote of false positives were you referring to Osho kundalini? or active meditations in general?
  8. Low energy after Osho meditation and energy work

    Thanks for your replies! Yes, soaring crane, the Osho kundalini meditation is shaking/dancing/stillness/lying; I do it perhaps a little more 'shaking' than it's meant to be but I feel like 'I should follow the music' which is quite frenetic... also during the dancing part I move a lot, but it feel liberating: do you think it's better to be a little more restrained? cheya, I use the Osho's music cd but I do it in the morning because it's really difficult for me to find a suitable time during other periods of the day.. All in all I feel like my energy low is caused by the energy work following Bruce's practices because it was a problem I began to feel something like a month ago and I began doing Osho kundalini meditation only two weeks ago... but I think that practice also had some positive results because, when I began Osho meditation, I could feel, already from the first session, my prana rising through the chackras from the belly to the top of the head
  9. I've been doing some energy work for almost two months following the advice of Robert Bruce (aproximately 1 hour a day of spinal bouncing, chackra stimulation, etc) and I've started the Osho kundalini meditation a week ago. I feel more centered and relaxed, a lot more stressed than before but I've also noticed that I feel I have low energy: I sleep more and feel a little less energy and enthusiasm in my daily matters. Robert Bruce advises in his books that low energy could happen as a result of increased energy usage but this effect is supposed to be only temporary and cease after a couple of weeks - in my case nearly two months have passed... Anyone had similar experiences or can offer some advice?
  10. Hi everybody

    Hi, I came across this forum some weeks ago searching for kundalini related stuff; I'd like it a lot so now I've decided to join to take and active part into it. I'm interested in kundalini, tantra and energy work in general (I've done some practice following Robert Bruce works).