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  1. I actually wanted to clear that up, thank you. I mean America may be a special environment where extremes are more necessary. Let me give you an examples so we can relate... You should be banned.
  2. #LOL Thanks for the link. I'm really trying to be careful with being reactive but the minds of others thing is a real drag. What the fuck is this shit
  3. Sage
  4. What
  5. I try to stay home, too. I may be picking up reactive tendencies from the people around me naturally but I also find myself second guessing my behavior to the point where it no longer benefits me. Looking at the situation ultimately has brought up some questions. I am happy you are feeling your emotions.
  6. In Daoism, something like total obliteration or extremes in general is something to be avoided and almost never done. Americans are not Confucianists and I'm finding it difficult to find the right balance in a place where people don't eat meals at a table. Has anyone else experienced these same feelings?
  7. I think its good to listen to everybody.
  8. Yes. Aesop tells a few stories of it backfiring, too. Tao philosophy even more so.
  9. Anybody else feel this way? Can it ever be accurate when not concentrating on something right now?
  10. I second "true virtue is not virtuous" aka Buddha nature #notbuddhist
  11. I'm converting to the cult of eurodance
  12. C'mon, Taoists. Let's bring this back... we have the technology.
  13. No quality control these days. I laughed when you said you stopped at the 80s.