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  1. What hands-on healing systems are you familiar with?

    This sounds as if you are describing Stillness-Movement Qigong. I was at a weekend workshop and attended the clinical application day only because I thought: "...well, since I'm already traveling all the way to the US..." And I'm very happy I did, because the healing abilities that are lying withing the system are very potent. It doesn't mean that you won't need to put in much time and effort to "unfold" them (like at any other healing art IMHO) but the results speak for themselves as I now for myself and from many practitioners that have fantastic results already very early. My first positive healing results occured already at the workshop and since then it kept on working. I can only recomment this system. But not only for healing others, but as well for healing yourself and for personal growth. Here's some more information and through the search function you can find tons of information on Stillness Movement, if you are interested.
  2. How to summon entities?

    Hi Spotless, I don't know much about entities, but your statement sounds reasonable. This said, could you please elaborate on the "don't have much protein" statement? I don't understand the relevance of protein on being prone to unwanted spirit possession. How would you define "not much protein"? Thanks.
  3. Stillness-Movement and Growth

    Hi wu_wei, I stumbled across your post and thought I would contribute from my beginners point of view: In my opinion one of the beauties of this system is, that it blends in so perfectly with the "normal" life. It's not like - switch on: practise time - switch off: everyday life. No, it is constantly present in a calm yet powerful and profound way. You asked about growth and you want examples?: I'll put the spotlight on the last two days of my life: Yesterday I was running - half an hour with trying to keep awareness on Dan Tian. I was then started doing GOT I beween old trees when I heard a dog running at me with slight snarling - it stopped at a distance of 10 feet and walked peacefully away. I noticed that the Chi from earth felt different there due to the trees. I discovered new energetics within one of the moves. Than I ran back with some sprints in beetween - again with trying to slightly focus on Dan Tian. I wasn't able to do much sports the last 6 months, so I expected quite sore mucles for today - but nothing! Today it had about 41F outside. I'm still wearing my autumn jacket - one year ago I would have frozen even with a winter jacket. My wife had an appointment today at the physician where she had to give a blood sample. She is _very_ afraid of needles. I held her hand and projected calmness, while the sample was taken. Later I asked her if she had noticed, what I did. She replied yes, she had felt a wave. More than a decade ago I tried another form of Chigong for a couple of months. At that system you had to focus on certain spots of the body, visualising golden light collecting here and there and squeezing it sometimes even with muscle power through certain body parts and than circle it exactly x times counterclockward in an upward spiral. This was exaggerated of course. But not that much... Absolutely! SECB+DE is part of GOT II but can be practised separately. SECB+DE alone is beautifuly. GOT II including SECB+DE is amazing. And GOT I followed up by complete GOT II is just about incredible. And I am afraid, I am just scratching the surface... I wish you all the best!
  4. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    OldChi, yes I can confirm your experience. It happened to me after I had rewatched the DVD. At some moves Michael explicitly mentiones the use of the energy body. E.g. the "ChiPump" (move number 8), if I'm recalling it correctly we are supposed there to "dig" deep into the earth. This led me to the idea (or probably I remebered that Michael had mentioned it at the workshop) to use the energy body at the other moves and for chi from heaven, too. So I tried and indeed noticed a difference. It "works" for me as well at most of the other moves and it is constantly developing. As well at GOT II. Today for example, I was able for the first time to reach deep into earth and heaven at move number 3 of GOT I. all the best!
  5. Get a Haircut & Get a Real Job - OK! Will Do!

    Would you say that the energies respectifely their image are imprinted via the camera onto the video? Or are those that are able to "see" directly tuning in into these very energies in a non linear manner? I suppose the latter, but unfortunatly I am not there yet to figure it out myself...
  6. IMO it depends on the effect you want to cause. If it is just for the probiotic effect and the vitamins / minerals trace elements, then the dilution shouldn't matter. But if you want the vinegar to support your digestion due to the acid, I would not dilute it any further. With age the acid in the stomach is reduced and therefore vinegar can help the stomach when taken before a meal (e.g. as salad dressing). Furthermore we need an acid environment to be able to absorb e.g. iron and magnesium. That's why a lot of acid-blockers have magnesium mal-absorption as a side effect. I don’t know about Rennie, but some (older?) acid-blockers even use aluminum which is suspected to cause damage to the nerve system (Alzheimer, MS etc.) so I would be carefull. Ever tried balsamic vinegar or lemon juice as an alternative to cider vinegar? all the best!
  7. Stillness-Movement Workshop -- Comments

    You are very wellcome. I somehow have the feeling, that it was not the last time for me... :0) all the best!
  8. Hypothetically

    Hi, I actually wanted to point out the same like skydog: Traumatic experiences can originate from this life, from the prenatal time or from a or several life(s) before. The more recent the more likely, though. There is a therapist, that works with classical hypnosis and has as well additional alternative approach (family constellation work, time line therapy, radionics etc.). I don't know him personally, but I follow his newsletter for more than 10 years, so I do think he is competent. And most definitely he would not tiptoe around a topic... If you consider dark rites to be the root of these issues, maybe try a system that can help you building up a shield to protect yourself. Btw.: IMHO the more you let potential negative energies roam inside your mind the more it will be able to affect you (resonance). I encourage you to stick to a martial art like Aikido. Not only does it have a nice flow, but as well it contains a lot of falling and rolling which is very beneficial to overcome fears and traumas. Alternatively I can recommend Hap Ki Do or Jiu Jitsu, which are a bit harder and more aggressive, depending on your preferences. all the best!
  9. Always remember, that you are unique. Like everybody else.

  10. A salute, a thank you, an introduction

    Thank you, Chang! I can't agree more. I don't even look anymore at other relaxation, meditation, healing* etc. techniques, because for me if found the perfect system. *) I did and do work now and then with radionic - but if one looks close enough it is 100% compatible to S-M Hi Brian, yes it was very smooth, thanks. I was happy that I had enough time to contemplate and write down some notes or draw sketches of some moves. It's very nice that the first people that I met at the workshop are to first that I meet here - I have very positive memories of you guys - thanks! I wish you all the best!
  11. Stillness-Movement Workshop -- Comments

    Hi everyone, I always was very grateful to those that shared their experiences from the S-M workshops. Thus I could paint a vague picture of what to expect or not to expect and yes, these reviews made me quite curious to start with Ya Mu’s system. First on my own from the book and the DVDs and now finally after one year I took the next step and attended one workshop myself. At the lobby I left some brief words about myself, in case one is interested. In this post I want to cover these topics: my experiences as an autodidact my experiences from the workshop what changed after the workshop my advice to autodidacts and beginners pre workshop as an autodidact As already mentioned, that I started with S-M on my own just with the book, the DVDs and several posts here on TTB. I didn’t rush into things and let the “theory” of the book and the post soak in until I started my fist S-M sitting session one or two weeks later. It took a while until I made myself comfortable on my stacked pillows and then I finally started with the opening ritual. I went a bit deeper and there it already was: circles, waves, nods - the whole body, just the head or no movement at all. I was even a bit surprised, that it felt so natural to give in into these moves and to just let them happen. Even more: It felt like they have been always there - like coming home. Of course I had some troubles doing the full hour in the beginning. Sometimes I would stop already after half an hour because my legs would hurt or I would loose focus on _not_ indulging. I practiced maybe 4 times a week and eventually I got used to it more and more, but until this day I am not always one hundred percent comfortably sitting and can’t always turn my head off entirely. I guess it was a couple of months after my first S-M sitting session, when I first felt qi traveling up my spine and sometimes even into my head. I knew this feeling from my short Tao Yoga practice and from hanging out at places of power. At this time I slowly started with GOT I (btw: Gift Of The Tao as an acronym -> Gott which is the german word for god). Some moves I immediately liked, some I loved and some I had no special connection with. But it as well took some time to get used to the movements and to be able to focus solely on the energy. I guess it was after one or two months, when I felt the energy within my body moving also. With some moves more, with some moves less or not at all. Nothing extraordinary, but I could notice that there was something going on. And, maybe since I try to sink deeper into the movements, I often even tend to have S-M like movements within my GOT moves, especially at the more static once. At some sessions it even happened to me, that the energy was not just following my movement, it was basically driving me (especially at the atomic symbol) and like an observer I just went along with it…well, like an astounded observer, to be honest. Still I was not practicing more than 5 times a week, but it became a habit though and I got even a bit uneasy if I didn’t practice for more than 2 days. I can’t tell if my pre-workshop practice “worked” in S-M measures or terms, but I felt good during and after each session and somehow it grounded me. Especially when I faced extremely busy times at my job where I was basically caught in the treadmill with only little spare time and often separated from my dear wife, the S-M Neigong gave me confidence and mental stability. It was this time, when I went to a familiar place of power. I picked a place on an energy line that I divined with my pendulum (my “listening” crutch) and practiced GOT I there. It was incredibly charging and - I am tempted to even use the word “healing” - exactly what I needed at this point. I felt even more happy and thankful that I had found out about the S-M system. It was as well about this time, when I slowly felt more and more the urge to visit one of Ya Mu’s workshops. the workshop I live in Europe and therefore I initially wanted to only join a distance class, since I read very positive critics here on TTB. But I’m very happy that my wife talked me into travelling to the US to visit a face-to-face workshop instead. A decision, which I shouldn’t regret even for one single second. From the very beginning there was such a positive, warm and friendly atmosphere among the attendees - from beginner to senior student everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. One could ask even the most basic questions about the practice or the personal experiences and there was always someone there to assist you if one encountered some sort of uncertainty. The same applies for Ya Mu. The positive reviews on him here on TTB are definitely not exaggerated. It is this unique way of combining knowledge, experience, wisdom, energy and humor, which makes him such an extraordinary person and teacher. He would always take time to show, explain or to give an advice if requested. And yes, sometimes he has this cryptic way of answering questions or explaining that one would expect from a master - but I never had the feeling that his intention was to confuse, but only to make one think and find the answer due to introspection by oneself. The workshop itself was a vivid mixture of practicing the GOT movements, spiritual expansion / rituals / projections and further explanations on techniques, historical anecdotes etc. This is roughly the agenda, how I recall it: Day 1: Taoist warm-up + 8 Brocates GOT I + II (except Spirit Circle and SECB+DE) S-M Tree Qigong Day 2: Taoist warm-up + 8 Brocates SECB+DE Spirit Circle GOT III Food Blessing, S.H.I.E.L.D., Spiraling Technique,… Day 3: Clinical application: projection Clinical application: Taoist Medicine As far as I heard, there is no set agenda. A lot seems to depend on what Ya Mu feels to be right at that very moment and of course on the group dynamic and the questions asked. But there was always a flow in the program. Even if sometimes we would sit a couple of minutes in silence to simply experience its energetic plain beauty - an electrifying calmness like resting in an electrical high voltage field that would cause the body hair to erect and the air to sizzle. The seminar room was incredibly charged due to the practitioners and the exercises. On the morning of day two, even without focusing on it, I felt the energy penetrating my body and raising my energy level. Something I only experienced at certain places of power - I was astonished. But let’s get back to day one. After the warm-up we immediately started with the GOT I movement. The GOT sessions were very helpful and important to me, because even though I tried to study the moves on the DVD’s as much as possible, I noticed that I couldn’t capture them entirely. When I say entirely, than I mean as far as I could get at this certain point, because I am aware that there is just one person that is able to capture the moves and the energy or the idea behind it completely. The explanations, corrections and discussions between the single moves gave me a much better understanding and therefore much better perception of the energy that we are moving and gathering with the help of the moving patterns. I didn’t practice GOT II before the workshop. The only thing I did was watching the DVD and letting it soak in. Thus the first time I went through the whole GOT II moves was the day before the workshop and I was happy I did so, because after GOT I we started with GOT II right away. I was already quite charged and the further practice of GOT II felt even more powerful then, even though my mind was quite occupied with focusing on the moves and not completely on the energy. It was even a bit awkward, that my palm and my forehead where constantly sweaty because of the heat within my body. Then it was time for the S-M session, that we started seated and in the middle continued standing. It was not just a normal session, because it involved some chanting from Ya Mu and as well some projections and energy work on the attendees. My memories are a bit blurry due to my state of mind at that moment. I only can and want to tell that for me it felt like strong emanations of energy cleansed the room in the beginning of the session and later energies streamed through my body like I have never experienced them before. My energy channels/centers seemed to get opened up and finally strong bursts of light went through the top of my head in my perception. I experienced something similar in my pre workshop practice, but at the seminar it was like every other exercise just several times more intense and actually even more like a revelation. After the session I needed to sit down and had to dry some tears off my cheek. I was still quite puzzled and moved, due to these events, but at the same time incredibly calm. Still a bit wobbly and gently circling with the energy I was looking around and realized I was not the only one contemplating what had happened during the session. On the second day we got introduced to GOT III, which is not available on DVD yet. Again I started to get quite hot very soon due to the energy of the moves. As well we caught up for two moves of GOT II that we haven’t covered on the first day. The SECB+DE differed from my personal practice from the DVD prior the workshop mainly in the detail that we stayed much longer up in the light after every expansion and jump. So again I could pick up a different perspective of the exercise. I expected that the Spirit Circle would be just the missing move showed on the GOT II DVD. No, it was much more. I cannot decide if the S-M session on day one or the spirit circle was more mind blowing. Even though I have perceived maybe just a fraction of what was going on I experienced incredible, indescribable energies and occurrences. Nothing I could or would like to put into words. Simply astonishing. The second and last regular day ended with a recumbent Qigong technique and with some further details and explanations about the system and specific techniques like food blessing,, practicing etc. The third and last day was optional and had the focus on medical Qigong. After a brief introduction we split up into groups and basically started right away with the practical application. Under the supervision of a senior student one or two novice students would project energy in order to help at a certain issue like stomach problems, strained ligaments, headache etc. I personally asked for easing my breathing. I once had a quite reduced lung capacity due to allergic asthma, which is almost gone due to sports, mental development and diet changes. But only just almost - I still felt a slight resistance when exhaling sharply which doesn’t really bother me, but I could immediately tell if it would be gone because of any projection. To be honest, the projection of the other student in my group had basically no noticeable effect on my lungs, even though I felt the projection to some extent. Thus the senior student continued with the projection and indeed, after just maybe 30 seconds of projection there was not the slightest resistance anymore. After a couple of minutes I was asked to again determine my breathing capabilities. It was not as present as in the beginning, but it slightly came back. So again I received some energy and again the resistance was gone within seconds. During the practice Ya Mu was constantly going around to assist if needed. When he passed by to ask about the progress in our group, I explained that it worked pretty well on me and then he projected even some more light for maybe 20 seconds. I have to admit, that even though it is high pollen allergy season right now, I basically have no or at least much less breathing restrictions than I would usually have at this time of the year - simply amazing. The results of the other groups where quite similarly positive and even beginners where able to emit Qi and most caused positive effects on their training partners. I never had projected any energy knowingly, so therefore I was a bit skeptical if I am even able to. I was allowed to project onto the hand of a senior student who was quite sensitive to emitted energy. My first attempt worked, but not perfectly since my Qi didn’t make it all the way to the hand. She gave me a very helpful advice and suddenly it worked like a charm! A novice student with seeing abilities could even distinguish between cold and hot Qi - I was happy and amazed at the same time. Never would I have thought that I would be able to project energy. To make sure, that I was not just lucky once, later that day I projected onto a sore ankle of a senior student with the same result. The projection and the pulling worked. But not only that he could feel the projection and the pulling of the sick Qi, even the pain was gone completely afterwards. But as well I noticed that projecting lots of energy has its price, because afterwards my energy was quite low for some minutes and I even felt a bit dizzy and sick. I had my shield on and wore the gloves, but maybe not strong enough. I can’t tell, but it was and is a good reminder, that Ya Mu’s cautions regarding the shielding and recommended minimum practicing time to build up enough Qi are valid. On the third day we as well learned the Taoist healing method, where the body and its disturbances are picked up and balanced via certain points beside the spine. It was highly interesting and everyone felt very relaxed afterwards. But my eye-opener happened at the very end. One participant was still lying and receiving the Taoist treatment while some others including me were discussing our experiences. Ya Mu then checked on the lying “patient” and noticed a small disturbance still remaining. So I reached out to apply the Taoist treatment on this area and Ya Mu put his fingertips on mine. I immediately felt a weird tingling in my small finger. Ya Mu told me, that one notices the right energy vibration, when the thumb seems so sink into the back and indeed, it appeared like my thumb was sinking in for 5mm (one quarter of an inch). And then he said I would maybe pick something up from the area where my little finger was resting. Oh yes, now it made even more sense! All in all one can really notice that it is not money, prestige or ego that is driving Ya Mu. Such a workshop must be exhausting with all the projections, demonstrations and continuous questions of the students. And still he is there to willingly respond, advice or demonstrate all day long to clarify even the smallest uncertainty. This workshop was most definitely an incredible experience and still some happenings are occuring like a dream and I am very curious what the future will bring. post workshop I most definitely have a different level of awareness now. I am not able to put it into words, but trees are not just trees any more. Humans are not just humans anymore. Everything is energy and I am part of it. Not that I didn’t know that already before, but now it simply feels different. My GOT sessions are much more productive. Of course it needed some time to get used to the slight adaption due to the feedback at the workshop. But after that all the moves have their place now for me. Before just some of the moves were speaking to me. Just recently I did my first full GOT II session. I can’t explain how surprised I was when I sucked in the vortex for the first time with full focus on the energy. I usually have my eyes closed, but there I suddenly opened my eyes wide because I was simply shocked and thought: “What the heck was that?!?” I didn’t expect such a powerful sensation. All in all I feel the energy much more at the movements. As well the expansion at the SECB+DE. One not so positive aspect is, that some fears from childhood came back to the surface, where I had the feeling, that I was not alone in the dark and therefore of course scared. Well…I worked a lot an my shielding… ;0) I tried to project energy on my wife’s hand to see, if this gift is there even without the field of the other practitioners. And yes - it is there. My mother had a strong pain at her heel. I projected energy for maybe 30 seconds (she could feel a knocking) and pulled sick Qi from the area and afterwards I asked her if she felt a difference and yes, the pain was not gone, but much less. Of course it came back the next day, but what can one expect from roughly 30 seconds of projection of a novice. In my opinion still an impressive proof of the power of S-M Neigong. The sitting/standing S-M sessions didn’t change much, maybe because I already had the movements and certain sensations before. Probably further progress comes with further time and effort. But what changed is, that the gentle moves are now quite often there as soon as I just give in. Before I had to allow them in order to initiate, but now it is more that I have to allow myself to not go along with them. And it takes just slightly more and the gently moves turn into the bigger moves and eruptions that I am used to from my normal sessions. But always controllable at will - no awkward spasms in the office or while waiting at the red light ;0) I performed the Taoist treatment on my wife. The result was amazing, even though it did not reduce the back pain that I actually wanted to address (remember - it was just one session). She felt a lot of heat, at some points severe pain even though I basically didn’t apply any pressure and as well other sensations. She didn’t sleep well that night, and she had the feeling that something opened up. Both, she and I were impressed about the effects of this treatment. I want to particularly point out, that one is not left alone after the workshop. After the Taoist treatment on my wife I of course was a bit scared if I maybe did something wrong since she had troubles sleeping in the night and hot flashes. So I asked Ya Mu for his advise and not much later he already had replied. Recently he even asked about the progress which I found extremely considerate - I mean, how many teacher do you know that would go to this extent? As well the senior students offered their support if any questions would raise up. Something that is very comforting and underlines the friendliness and big-heartedness of this group. my personal advice to autodidacts and beginners I was quite happy for the first months with just the book and the DVDs. But I am encouraging you to visit one of Ya Mu’s workshops as soon as you have the feeling that there is a resonance with this system. I did not regret a single second, single effort or single Euro / Dollar I have dedicated to make this happen. The experiences at the workshop are second to none compared to the autodidact home training and an early visit prevents you from carving in small mistakes into the daily routine due to wrong perception or misunderstandings. As well the sharing and discussing with the other exceptionally nice practitioners is a very big part of the progress and experience in my personal opinion. But I recommend to practice the moves and as well the opening and closing of the sitting/standing session before the workshop, because you will benefit much more if you are not overwhelmed by too many new things (either way there will be lots of information then). Read the book and watch the DVDs several times, you will learn or notice something new each time. Use the archive of TTB-forum and search for the posts of Ya Mu and the other S-M practitioners, they provide quite often very helpful advices and insights. There is a very interesting interview with Ya Mu linked on his website which contains as well some very interesting and beneficial information, that you won’t find in the books or on TTB. Feel free to ask if there is something unclear. If I can, I am happy to help or clarify. All the best!
  12. A salute, a thank you, an introduction

    Servus! Actually I stumbled across this forum by chance already more than one year ago. And I am very glad I did for several reasons. One is, that there is almost nothing in the archive that has not been discussed yet. And another, the main - well for me: Through this forum I got to find out about “my” Qigong system, that subconsciously I was searching for decades. Which one, I will share later in the text. After one year that I have discovered TTB it is time for me to stop appearing here just undercover in order to be officially able to contribute to a certain topic. But as well it is a great opportunity to just say hello and thanks to all of you that have shared your thoughts and experiences to these highly informative and interesting topics in a positive and pleasant manner. I usually visit TTB maybe once or twice a month, but if, it mostly keeps me awake till late absorbing one fascinating thread after another “accidently” crossing knowledge, that I would benefit at this very point of my development. Briefly about myself: I live and I grew up in Austria/Europe. Probably due to my origin I am very fond of the extraordinary places in the northern part of the country - the so called forest quarter. Since the age of 18 I felt the urge to practice an inner art and tried Mantak Chia’s Tao Yoga, went to a Qigong class, Tai Chi Seminar, read several books - but there was nothing that I would stick to for more than a few months or weeks until after almost 20 years later - thanks to TTB - I found out about Ya Mu’s Stillness Movement Neigong. I gave it a try and fell in love with its unforced, natural approach, which was very new to me, because usually I would prefer a system that would exactly tell me what to visualize, where to accurately focus on and how to exactly move and breath etc. I guess I couldn’t ignore my technical background there. But with S-M it was mainly about _being_, _letting_ and _witnessing_ what would happen. I’m now practicing S-M for more than one year and for about one month after my first workshop, which was not exactly around the corner, but worth every second spent traveling. I invite you to read my impressions at my upcoming post. All the best!