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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm introducing myself, as I'm a new member of this site. I found it after searching for more information on Qi gong. Have been practising Stillness Movement through Michael Lomax's teachings for the last month or so. Thank you for such an informative and helpful forum!
  2. Stillness Movement?

    I've seen lots of threads and conversations about a system called "Stillness Movement". What exactly is it about? Does it teach healing? Who teaches it? et cetera
  3. A salute, a thank you, an introduction

    Servus! Actually I stumbled across this forum by chance already more than one year ago. And I am very glad I did for several reasons. One is, that there is almost nothing in the archive that has not been discussed yet. And another, the main - well for me: Through this forum I got to find out about “my” Qigong system, that subconsciously I was searching for decades. Which one, I will share later in the text. After one year that I have discovered TTB it is time for me to stop appearing here just undercover in order to be officially able to contribute to a certain topic. But as well it is a great opportunity to just say hello and thanks to all of you that have shared your thoughts and experiences to these highly informative and interesting topics in a positive and pleasant manner. I usually visit TTB maybe once or twice a month, but if, it mostly keeps me awake till late absorbing one fascinating thread after another “accidently” crossing knowledge, that I would benefit at this very point of my development. Briefly about myself: I live and I grew up in Austria/Europe. Probably due to my origin I am very fond of the extraordinary places in the northern part of the country - the so called forest quarter. Since the age of 18 I felt the urge to practice an inner art and tried Mantak Chia’s Tao Yoga, went to a Qigong class, Tai Chi Seminar, read several books - but there was nothing that I would stick to for more than a few months or weeks until after almost 20 years later - thanks to TTB - I found out about Ya Mu’s Stillness Movement Neigong. I gave it a try and fell in love with its unforced, natural approach, which was very new to me, because usually I would prefer a system that would exactly tell me what to visualize, where to accurately focus on and how to exactly move and breath etc. I guess I couldn’t ignore my technical background there. But with S-M it was mainly about _being_, _letting_ and _witnessing_ what would happen. I’m now practicing S-M for more than one year and for about one month after my first workshop, which was not exactly around the corner, but worth every second spent traveling. I invite you to read my impressions at my upcoming post. All the best!
  4. Light

    Duality. Separation. At the beginning there is duality, there is separation. Irritation, annoyance, distractions. The outside world and the ego grate against each other. Movement. The movement starts. Qi travels down the arms. The laogong, the palms, the fingers. Streams and pools of heat. The arms circle. Inside and outside combine. The light expands. The heat expands. The arms, the body. The heat of the Sun is within and without. Heaven and Earth join. Heaven and Earth combine. The promise, the caress of creation strokes the inside. The centre delights. We bow to the Divine. We bow to the Ancestors. We bow to the teachers. We look inwards to see outwards. The Sun’s light, the Sun’s heat expands. The dawn has come. The Sun rises. Within and without, I am the Sun. There is no North, South, East or West. I am the Sun. There is no inside, there is no outside. I am the Sun. We bow to the Divine. We bow to the Ancestors. We bow to the Teachers. We look inwards to see outwards. The Tao is all. All is the Tao. The Gift of the Tao is Great.