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  1. Climate Change

    But I have not denied global warming have I?
  2. Mo Pai and unwellness

    The Chinese version is about twice as thick as the English version and the English version has less then half the number of diagrams that are in the Chinese version...take a guess how I might know this?
  3. Climate Change

    Ur how am I now "right wing" ?
  4. Climate Change

    I am not the one who is the victim of brainwashing taxation scam...that would be you!
  5. Climate Change

    Yes the increase in planet temperature currently being experienced by ALL the planets in our solar system is due to increased solar activity. The Sun is not like a light bulb with a continuous output, its output increases and decreases rhythmically like a heart beating. When it increases ALL the planets in our solar system experience planetary warming and when it decreases ALL the planets in the solar system experience planetary cooling, in the case of our planet the Ice ages.
  6. Climate Change

    All the planets in the solar system are experiencing planetary warming, meditate on that! When you have finished meditating on that you can meditate on the tropical rain forest frozen under the ice of Greenland! There are five types of war, psychological warfare is one of them...your country is at war, just you haven't noticed it yet because the battlefield looks different!
  7. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Actually that book Taoist Yoga is useless, the English version has all the important parts missing including the important diagrams.
  8. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Einstein was a plagiarists btw everything he discovered was already in writing when he discovered it, just he had better PR gang lol
  9. Mo Pai and unwellness

    You have a link to it?
  10. Mo Pai and unwellness

    I think we are living in the Kaliyuga and in this time even if you find a teacher his knowledge will not be complete. Only way now to get the complete knowledge is from contact with an immortal or a god.
  11. This heat is the sign of youth and health in western culture, both that and a redness of the cheeks. With old age both these signs pass away.
  12. Mo Pai and unwellness

    Years ago I corresponded with Kosta and in fact he told me the reason he stopped practicing was prostate cancer which he attributed to the Mo Pai practice. Specifically he said that you had to be 100% celibate to practice this meditation safely. He stopped because he did not want to risk his life nor did he wish to live like a monk. My guess would be that John Chang also now has prostate cancer. It is absolutely true however that all mammals will eventually get cancer if they live long enough.
  13. Mo Pai and unwellness

    The purpose of Neidan is to extend ones life, to become immortal and enlightenment. I just found this recent interview in which Lawrence Blair states that "John Chang" now has cancer. I cant help note that Kosta stopped practicing this system because it gave him cancer, also I believe Jim McMillan also got cancer from practicing this form of Neidan. I know that all members of the Mo Pai are following a secret training manual such as many Taoist Schools utilise. I wonder if the correct technique has not been successfully transmitted through the long history of the School and that mistakes have crept into the practices resulting in this sickness we see in members of this school.
  14. QI master kit, what you need

    I have no idea what "Max Kunlun fusion" is so I guess your wrong about that
  15. QI master kit, what you need

    Zhongyongdaoist"John Chang" is not the only person with similar knowledge as there was a time when this knowledge could be found all-over the world however wars and persecution resulted in it being wiped-out. Only a few places such as India, Tibet, China and South east Asia managed to keep the flame alive but even then in a very fragmented form. We are living off the crumbs leftover from the ancients with regard to this knowledge. If I recall correctly the first master of the Mo-pai was Bodhidharma The Blue-Eyed Barbarian who was initiated into the knowledge of the vajra path, clearly he was not of Chinese origin. Some say Indian though blue eyes is a rarity amongst Indians.