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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, I have found Rudi before, someone advised it to me. I looked it up more throughly again, but I got a better feeling from Damo, which I decided to sign up to =)
  2. You got a suggestion for a good teacher?
  3. Hello there! I have been for many years all over the place with several spiritual practices and teachings and making only minor progress in my development. I feel like that's enough. I am now looking to commit to a system and am divided between two: Damo Mitchell's Nei Gong and Adam Mizner's Taiji. I know there is already some discussion in this forum about these two teachers, but I wanted to expose my dilemma and see if someone with some experience with those two programs and teachers could provide me with some insight. I'll expose the reasons why I feel attracted to these 2 programs/teachers: Firstly, Damo. I found Lotus Nei Gong already more than a year ago, maybe 2 years ago. I felt attracted to the Nei Gong training because Damo presents it as a rather complete system: starting from the body, making its way through the energetic matrix and mind, to arrive at the absolute. I am also particularly interested in the somatic healing that he describes, how different past experiences are stored in different parts of the body and may be released through practice. I also love how it connects so nicely to medical practice and that he offers a program on it as well. Other than that, he seems like a really accessible and "normal" guy, which I kinda like. Regarding Adam. I just recently found his online program and videos, and I was really impressed by his skill. As I watched more of his videos and talks, he really started changing my understanding of what Taiji is, and the potential it has to transform oneself physically, mentally and take us on a path toward the absolute. I also like his approach of starting working on the body and energy through Taiji, but simultaneously making our way through spirit and the mind by practicing meditation, working on both ends, and to that end, he also offers a program that focuses on meditation. On his persona, I really like his simple and straightforward explanations and powerful presence. I am looking forward to any insights that you may offer! =)
  4. Hello there!

    Hi there! Tai Chi has caught my attention a few years ago, and with it Chi Kung came along =) For a year I practiced both regularly, but other distractions have put me out of the Tao's way. More recently, while searching the internet for ways on how to improve a particular health issue, I stumbled across semen retention, without any relation with the Tao. As I started practicing it, I noticed the differences in my body/mind, and was pretty sure it was no trivial practice, there should exist a way to deal with this new feelings I was experiencing. That's when things led me once again to the Tao/Chi Kung practices, and I find myself now with a revigorated interest on these subjects. =)