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    Thank you very much for your opinion LCH! You suggest in the future I have no ultimate goal? Should I just aim for the nothing? Right now I feel like a goal is important, not just for motivation, but also for transformation. Im not seeking grand outcomes like escaping the circle of life and death like someone posted in this thread. I just want self improvement, fulfilment and feel joy in my life, as opposed to depression... A few questions: is the cool draw a safe method? Can I do it anywhere, anytime? I draw the sexual energy with my pelvic muscles and mind, and I feel it entering my head ( it is actually the only way I can have a very concrete feeling of energy), but I do not feel it going down to the dan tien.. So I "try" to do the MCO, by doing spine circles and visualizing the energy circulating. I also do it in the train, in the street, in classes (with no spine circles..) Is that safe? How's the best way to practise mental emptiness? How can I keep this practise while reducing insomnia? They are getting worse as days go by... Thank you for your attention! P.S. - Which are the classic texts you refer to?
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    Curiously, I stumbled across semen retention because of hairloss. I read somewhere it would stop hairloss and facilitate hair recovery, so I gave it a go. But with time I started to feel the build up of energy, and understood it was no trivial practise and there should be more to it. So i started to read... Right now I can easily go 2 weeks without masturbating and I believe it is sufficient for hair recovery, so it is no longer my motivation. What Im looking forward now is self cultivation I suppose. I have been for the past years a mildly depressed person, quite coward, and untruthful to myself. I have spent too much time running from myself, others and life. And I am putting an end to it! And semen retention is actually giving a nice push towards that goal. I want to fulfil my true potential in every field! I know it exists inside me, I just have to tap on it. Ever since I started this, I improved my grades considerably, I have picked up the violin and am loving it, Im learning a third language and my social life has also improved, but not quite as much as Id like, I can do a lot better, but thats when I battle the greatest battle inside of me, thats when I could use that extra help... (Maybe I should also seek professional help). Something I also want to get rid of, is sexual frustation. It mindfucks me completely, the feeling you have when you are with a girl you believe you desire and you cant get, then you start depressing or going nuts. Wanna cut that off. Cuz I believe it ain't real most of times, it is some brocken piece in me telling me I need it to solve all my problems. Because when it is real, when it is worth it, it is stupendous, it expands your spirit, not the other way around... Hope my text is intelligible.
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    Hey there! What a great discussion you guys have here! I felt the urge to share my experience with someone who's actually into this subject and ask for advice =) I have been practising semen retention for more than an year, and although I haven't reached more than 42 days in a row during this period, I am very much pleased with my accomplishments: during last year I have ejaculated 16 times, which is a terrific improvement when compared with the previous year: more than 300 times for sure... Of all these 16 times only ONE was on purpose, and it was the 16th, on 18 December. I am actually quite glad I did so, because now I feel with an invigorated motivation and determination, and I have realized that it is a LOT about a state of mind and not simply wanting it. I'd like to start with the few changes I felt. I have become in general more sociable, I sometimes can run a lot without feeling as tired as before, my grades in college have improved, on the other hand, my insomnia have increased (which is not nice obviously...) Another interesting thing, is that now I become conscious during sleep several times. Some would call it sleep paralysis I suppose.. But it's quite interesting: when I am in this state, I can freely move the energy in my body, and the consequences are remarkable. If I tell the energy to go to my arms, I will feel them lifting in the air, if I say to my legs, they will lift as well (when I say lift I don't mean my body, I mean something else, my astral body or whatever), if I think of my belly I will feel warm in there, when I tell it to go to my head, I feel a rather uncomfortable pressure in my head and nose bone, but curiously it will lift as well and sometimes to the point that I can leave my whole body for instances (fascinating!). Now at last, if I think of my penis, guess what... Ejaculation!! Ahahah it's fascinating xD Now I'd like to ask for advice. During this year I had a few periods when, I now realize, I was celibate. But most of the time I wasn't, I would masturbate and stop just before the point of no return (some call it edging), I never watched porn but watched stuff quite close to porn... After this last time (the 16th) I finally understood and assimilated what I believe to be the state of mind required to achieve a longer period. But, I want to do it safely. By not masturbating neither physically nor mentally I believe I am making it safer and healthier. But still... What should I do to be successful? By successful I mean: being celibate for a considerable amount of time, say 100 days, without getting physical/mental injury, without getting angry, mad, depressed... What I do now is: before sleeping I try to quiet my mind for a while, then I will draw the energy up with my mind and pelvic muscles. Since I don't think I can successfully bring it down with my thought alone, I do the microcosmic orbit next. I also do standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang) and try to draw energy from the earth (my purpose is to balance my yang energy with yin energy from the earth). I don't do all of this every time, and I change a lot the order. The problem is: I dunno if this is the best choice of practises, and also I don't know if I am doing these well. I sometimes feel great after this, and I also assure no nocturnal emission. Other times I feel too excited or with energy stuck in my heart, which accelerates it abnormally... So, I'd really like to learn a simple and safe method to this. Should I simply practise mental emptiness as Safi suggest? If so, how to? Just sit and try not to think? Hope this thread isn't dead, I would very much appreciate some advice =) P.S. - I have recently experienced blurred urination, blurred from sperm I suppose =\ any suggestions?
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    Hi there! Tai Chi has caught my attention a few years ago, and with it Chi Kung came along =) For a year I practiced both regularly, but other distractions have put me out of the Tao's way. More recently, while searching the internet for ways on how to improve a particular health issue, I stumbled across semen retention, without any relation with the Tao. As I started practicing it, I noticed the differences in my body/mind, and was pretty sure it was no trivial practice, there should exist a way to deal with this new feelings I was experiencing. That's when things led me once again to the Tao/Chi Kung practices, and I find myself now with a revigorated interest on these subjects. =)