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  1. This thread already lost it's original purpose... Now it's just people bashing at each other. Best to close it if you ask me, there's no reason for it to keep going. Those of us that are MPG's friends and/or are interested in MoPai have already explained our standpoint. We practice what we find is an interesting and valid system. There's no reason we should change our opinion because some people here are hell-bent against it. Practice your system, enjoy your practice, and we'll do the same. I mean no offense to anyone, but this is getting ridiculous.
  2. This image made me laugh so hard. Nice work Dorian .
  3. Of course we won't go around shooting each other, what a twisted idea. It was merely a point I was making, that even at close distance a rifle will do damage. Not that I was going to shoot anyone or myself for that sake of spiritual development. It sounds as though you didn't completely read the context in which that point was made. We are practicing what we feel is a good practice. You are doing the same. Most people on the forum are doing the same. You don't have to accept it. Many people here are in disagreement with those that are interested in MoPai, but my own experience with it is good. If I'm already enjoying practice and have my confidence in it, there is no reason I should force myself to submit to someone else's opinion merely on the account of their own perceptions and experience.
  4. Kosta doesn't practice anymore, because he dislikes the fact that westerners are not accepted in the school. Beside that fact, he was kicked out of the school, I'm sure he didn't enjoy that. He still holds on to similar (or the same) ideas as he did before, as you'll notice if you read his book about pammachon.
  5. You're right, this thread is about MoPai. Kosta himself loaded the rifle and pulled the trigger on Andreas, and another person pulled the trigger on Kosta.
  6. Assuming you shoot yourself in the hand without any protection, it wouldn't be pleasant. That's what I meant. It's harsh calling me a blinded fool straight off the start. I'm neither obsessed or blinkered. I merely wish to practice meditation, which is what I am doing. If there is any progression to be had, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, focusing on what I have is good enough for me. I don't think Chang enjoyed the celebrity status. After The Ring of Fire, he broke off all contact with the filming squad, evidently very angry with them for publishing the video. He hasn't been engaged in the media quite a while, and he didn't accept just anybody as a student. After that, he wanted to show the world what was possible. It turned out badly, he got the spirits of the elders angry. There wasn't much showing off. I've never seen any video by you. And you still haven't answered the question; What is the truth, according to you? If you don't wish to answer it, that's fine as well.
  7. Oh, that so? Lineage? You say you've been taught the truth, and that John Chang has no idea what he's talking about... So, what's the truth according to you? He shot a tin can in front of a phone book (also close distance), and penetrated both. This should attest to the power of the rifle. Beside that, being shot in the hand will do damage, but Kosta said he barely felt the pellet. At that distance the rifle should have fractured the bones in his palms and penetrated his flesh. If you don't believe that, go buy some pellets and a rifle, and shoot yourself in the hand. The results won't be pleasant.
  8. No offense, but John Chang has something to show for his expertise, you currently only have claims. And what is the truth, according to you?
  9. I can also say that your own experience and knowledge can't be good if you claims things like that. I'd like to remind you, this is the internet - anyone can make flamboyant claims. Again, I'd be lying if I said I believe you can cut John Chang. He isn't a master of Kung Fu and Nei Gong for nothing, you know. Kosta was also shot with the rifle, while John Chang was pouring Yin Qi into him. Andreas was shot in the stomach, while John Chang was pouring Yin Qi into him. Your remarks about rifle pellets are a bit strange - a rifle pellet will still penetrate the flesh and fracture the bone at that distance, there is enough kinetic energy for it to do that, especially on places such as hands, where the bones are smaller and rather weaker (compared to the rest of the body), and the abdomen, where there is just skin, flesh and organs, without any bone structures (save for the spine behind it and the ribcage above it). My father was shot short-range in the leg with a rifle like that - the pellet needed to be pulled out of his leg. So I know that it can do damage, even considerable damage.
  10. About Anapanasati... There are a lot of people practicing it, but there is no Buddha on the planet right now, is there? Personally though, I like Anapanasati. Not because I'm trying to save myself from reincarnation, or because I'm trying to achieve something with it, but because I find it relaxes me very nicely, and helps me get to deeper meditative states. If you are familiar with Buddhism you are also probably familiar with Upaya... "skillful means". The Buddha taught different meditative techniques and different perspectives of the same teaching to different people, depending on their personal needs. Even if you practice Anapanasati, it doesn't mean you'll be liberated - in fact, most forms of Buddhism hold that you need many lives to achieve liberation, with four stages of enlightenment before one gets the status of an Arhat (Vajrayana being an exception here, as far as I'm aware). So Anapanasati doesn't really lead to liberation. It's great for relaxation, getting into deep meditative states and entering Samadhi. But beyond that, I'm not convinced it will save a person from rebirth. And it would be nice if you would stop it with the "mistranslations" already. Just because something that was taught goes against your personal views, that doesn't mean there was any mistranslation involved. I'm certain you know, but both Kosta and Jim were students of John Chang for quite some time - about 10 years or more. Do you think that there was any room for "mistranslations" during all that time? They understood what was taught to them, otherwise they wouldn't have progressed through the system, it's simple logic. It's kinda like this - You have a math equation. If you get the correct result, then you obviously understood the equation and the lesson. If you get the incorrect result, you didn't understand it. Kosta and Jim got the correct result. It'd be nice if complications around this would stop. If you are so certain they misunderstood something, then at least present some clear evidence for that claim, beyond "my system and experience disagrees with this".
  11. I believe the point is also to be sort of prepared for the blow, preparing the Qi. John Chang probably didn't expect that splinter from that chopstick.
  12. I must say that I would be lying if I said I believe you. For starters, why do you assume John Chang's Yin Qi is weak? It's obviously very powerful, given that he can absorb the kinetic and potential energy of a bullet with it, cannot be harmed by blades because of it, can project a Yin field where spirits can manifest, and can project a large quantity of Yin Qi to any person, among other things. Yin does have to do with the spirit realm, but is far from being constrained to just that, since John Chang can do so many things with it. Personally, I think it's best for Yin and Yang to be cultivated in equal proportions in Nei Gong, otherwise fusion wouldn't really be possible, and one probably runs the risk of inbalance. I don't believe there is any "specialization" to either Yin or Yang.
  13. Xue Dao are small energy centers in the body, if I'm not mistaken. As I've said some pages earlier, there may be some significance to the number 72 as it relates to the body and energetics. I didn't agree with SOTG's ideas of it exactly though.
  14. I know. However, now I'm confused as to what is SOTG's stance regarding this. In the second post of the topic, he said; But then seemed to agree with Tongkosong. I apologize for bad quoting, I'm on my phone and it's kinda hard to do so from here.
  15. I'd say theta and further, delta are by far far more efficient than alpha. Meditation in those stages are also far deeper. Just my experience though.