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  1. Super enzyme Serrapeptase and Lower dantian

    Got my Natto-Serra from doctor's best. The effect was intense, I felt cold, light and my body was pulsating all over. I also felt like it was doing something to my joints. Powerful stuff, will keep posting what happens. I also felt sharp sensations in my brain/head, this supplement really does something.
  2. Super enzyme Serrapeptase and Lower dantian

    2018 Update: Found my good old serrapeptase bottle (120 000 SPUs) and I've been taking it every other night on an empty stomach. I notice that it has a strong effect on my lungs, I suspect I have some scar tissue there from smoking cigarettes and ripping massive bong hits. Also I have noticed that it somehow relaxes my body, I was doing sitting meditation and I was so relaxed I couldn't feel my arms.
  3. Creating the pearl

    I think it happens when you focus on the lower dantian, eventually warmth will rise up the spine and then descent back to the lower dantian and this will eventually create the "pearl"
  4. Huge problem, please offer advice

    If you have sexual desire then you don't practice enough! There's no need for any type of "dual cultivation" - you are just controlled by your lust !
  5. I ruined my moms life

    Tell her to ear quality ginseng, goji berries and royal jelly every day and practice moving attention to the lower dantian
  6. Super enzyme Serrapeptase and Lower dantian

    I'm glad the enzyme helped you with the blockage! I'm going to experiment with serrapeptase for a couple of weeks to see if it could help me with a feeling of tightness I have in my left leg, will post results
  7. Perfect Health Diet

    I'd say eating a lot of fat is a horrible idea, the cardiovascular system will be clogged
  8. Milk and bone

    Milk combined with oats is one the most toxic food combinations
  9. Milk and bone

    Well I'm having hard time believing that you could already see measurable changes in your bone mass if you started drinking it recently Foamy piss doesn't sound healthy, if I were you I wouldn't drink that milk.. Try raw goat milk if you absolutely have to drink milk
  10. TCM view on colostrum?

    Mix the powder with water and drink it I've heard in ayurveda it's used as a super tonic and 20-30% of its weight is IgG But I don't know what's the taoist point of view
  11. TCM view on colostrum?

    No I mean goat/sheep/bovine colostrum
  12. TCM view on colostrum?

    I've been considering buying some colostrum, anyone know what TCM says about it?
  13. Premature ejaculation semen retention and multiorgasmic man

    You need to immediately stop watching porn and read this book http://www.amazon.com/The-Tao-Health-Sex-Longevity/dp/067164811X
  14. Taoism have karmic laws like Buddhism?

    Yeah true, my understanding is that everything that is not the One experiences linear time to some degree