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  1. Still doing less, more often

  2. Lesson 5 - Solo


  3. Mal

    Greetings :)

  4. Mal

    I found it on your website,

    very cool

  5. Mal

    i even used these in my latest book :)

    What's the book?

  6. will never be consistent or objective as he is rather strange (But I will stay true to my heart and keep my sense of humor)

  7. Just post a little introduction in the lobby and you will have full access.

    p.s. Many people try to skip the introduction post :)

  8. Mal

    At first I was just rofl because it sounds funny "Dangerous at Oolite" then I goggled it.

    It's ELITE !!!! OMG I loved Elite on the C64 Think I was dangerous too, perhaps Deadly, but never Elite :(

    Wow I loved that game.