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  1. Cool places members live

    I live here....high in the southern spanish mountains. Its for sale if anyone is interested in going deeper into the inner development. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/838759
  2. study and experience kabbalah deeply then one will know about the celestial bodies as energy - not physical. seeker of tao is one of those who has ot had enough gnosis (experiences of truth) so needs rational (hod) information to back things up. when you know things thro mystical experiences, rational support are no longer needed. i do astrology for ppl and it works......this i know, and need no science - which focuses only on matter / what one can see. the mystic focuses on what one cannot see - the invisible.
  3. Society Sucks

    we are so unevolved we have to come to this karmic school where inbalance and chaos is hardcoded into the fabric (in the current epoch). we are also a species here with amnesia - we don't know our history pre 10000bc....... and our reality is sucked on (fear and helplessness) by dark astral crittters - ruling / driving the elite class (pyscopaths). tip : evolve like crazy so not to come back, and then bliss out in a higher frequency in one of the zillions of other dimensions www.waykiwayki.com
  4. Solitude is important

    i live in solitude - ones aura grows big.......and when out (rarely) one needs to try and shrink it or it takes on too much.
  5. Better to save than to invest? (concept of Time)

    "worry about retirement." such a silly notion. 1) never worry about the future. 2) society does not tell me when i stop or start doing things. 3) career is a 20th century invention, live your life the way you want. but i agree, if got lots of dough, save it or get gold/silver. ** waykiwayki.com
  6. Asterian astrology

    this has been known for a while......but the archetypal energy blocks are so deep in the collective consciousness - western astrology still works.......e.g the 12 signs are in the sky not 30 degrees apart but in the astral they are......its kinda like this. scepticism of an ancient babylonian system that goes back to 4000bc using logic will leave you with a locked door. seek the mystery, not the logical reasons why not.
  7. Okay. I'd really like to start living again. :(

    airport can solve lots of problems. as can ayahuasca or wachuma.... stop, be still, and breath......forget the future......eat something nice, watch something funny.
  8. use to think it was two or three inches above the navel (belly button) - but some decent books i read recently from old (hermetic) state it is at the navel, or a tiny bit above it. anyone know for sure (without guessing)?
  9. spiritual pursuit is escapism

    i really resonate with the original post. i did an article recently about those selfish spiritual people, "oh, i did 5 hours yoga na dchi gung, and i feel amazing, and the food i eat is sooo amazing too, i feel great, the rest of the world is falling to shit, but as long as i feel great its ok." self absorbed or what? saying this i have done the odd 100 day retreat, but not for the self, or to feel great- it it was ultimately to help others, and was deep torment with constant astral terrorism. ....a great master once said to me, "all you do on your spiritual path is to help other souls." i once met a buddhist monk in india, so obvious she was escaping a life of torment and failed relationships - we see this so much. ____________________________________ my jibberings at www.waykiwayki.com
  10. the mayans sacrificed their own too, and we do not know - they may of liked it and seen it as a sacred honour and offering. i have meditated in a crypt under a convent after 30 days in silent meditation (dont ask how this came about), and i felt everything, lots of old nurse nuns came out and we conversed. many maya sites and other sacred sites all have a strong energy, some soft, some more dark and chaotic - each area in space has energy imprinted onto it over the eons from events, will, and feeling. when people say magic is mumbo jumbo, i tell them to sit in a pentagram in a graveyard all night, and each pull a face that says "no way!!" respect all. www.waykiwayki.com
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA1sPx_5Rs0&feature=player_embedded thoughts?
  12. Any other Anime fans out there?

    Avatar: The Last Airbender. FullMetal Alchemist. thread closed ;-)
  13. What is truth?

    i suggest some reading of books. catholicism = false doctrine aimed to control masses and create fear and guilt......they killed thousands of "heretics" to pursue control and exoteric dogma.
  14. history channel is controlled....stay clear. for the latest intelligent offering in this genre - check this out - super thought provoking and stays in factual realms. part1
  15. Who are you?

    awareness of feeling..... "i am." all else is illusory.