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  1. Some very disturbing trends and articles

    It's interesting that people that don't like rap and hip hop and voice their opinions are "disturbing". People have a right to be discriminating in their tastes. And before anyone goes off the deep end by the word, look it up in the dictionary. I am a professional musician and my take on it was when rap came out decades ago, it was essentially urban poetry to a drum loop. Some of that poetry was quite good, but I had a hard time calling it music. Anyone could stand next to a running cement mixer with a steady pulse and rap to it. When digital sampling got better some of these artists began lifting entire hooks of established music someone else created and rapped over that. Didn't get my respect at that time either. As an artist that creates music, that really turned me off to the genre in general. I also currently work with at risk teens and many of their outgoing phone messages have their hip hop favorites playing, and most of what I hear is truly awful. The rappers cannot even rap in time to the beats on their own track. When it comes to rebellion, many times young people will align themselves with the lowest common denominator that is sure to offend their elders. Rap and hip hop fulfills that need and you cannot get much lower than that as a form of entertainment, so it is sure to continue in popularity. This is just my opinion as a musician. It dosen't make me a hater. We all have a right to be discriminating in our tastes, especially if we have good reasons.
  2. meditation in the garden

    There is a Japanese garden and tea room that is part of the college where I work. I go there on my breaks and practice my shakuhachi. It is a wonderful breathing meditation.
  3. 4 year old blackbelts

    Adults seem to want their children to grow up far too fast, and rather than quietly observe their children's gifts slowly unfold, they force a competitive discipline (sports, dance, music, etc) better suited for adults upon them and rob them of the simple joys of being a kid. It's hard enough being a kid these days as it is.
  4. One foot in, one foot out.

  5. Translators of the TTC

    I came upon a very old hardback copy at my library...falling apart at the seams, stained etc. Read it cover to cover and bought another online. My most treasured book.
  6. Translators of the TTC

    The Wisdom of Laotse by Lin Yutang. It also has many companion references from Chuangtse. This was my first book on the TTC, and I still read it weekly.
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Fixed! And thanks so much Mal!
  8. Greetings :)