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  1. Thank you all! I appreciate it!
  2. It's been years since I've been here. Also I've entered menopause so my super-orgasmic abilities have muted down into regular orgasmic abilities. I've had a partner for several years who is finally ready to take the plunge with cultivation, in a mild way. I know how to raise the energy for women, obviously, but I'm a newbie for raising energy in male bodies. My partner is looking to me for guidance, and therefore I'm looking to you all for guidance. Any advice/links very much appreciated! I will also browse the site too, you probably have FAQ's for just this thing, but I wanted to post first to say that I'm here.
  3. The whole point of men abstaining from ejaculation is to allow the sexual energy to go up the chakras. Now maybe the overemphasis on overmasturbation in this culture (as opposed to intercourse, which is not as draining of the sexual energy) is to keep men from having their energy rise and their sixth chakra opened, but I think it's a natural outcome of the free market and the secrecy and availability of the Internet, not a plot by the Illuminati. Personally I think women should be having more orgasms, a lot more.
  4. .

    I finished reading The Flame in the Cauldron and have started A Deed Without A Name (having a Nook ereader eats up all my extra cash). So far, very interesting and cheerful--reading books like that makes me feel less like a big freak. On the other hand, reading those made me realize what is helpful about fluffy bunny wiccan books, and I thought I would respond here to explain. I think there are six kinds of people: people who think that witches are Satan's minions and will burn in hell, people who think that witches have a harmless type of mental illness, people who have a laissez-faire, openminded view of witches, but who are not personally interested in it, people who want to be witches, people who are witches and want to get stronger in magic, and people who are witches and are just trying to hold it all together. I think the books you listed are for people in group #5. And I think the fluffy bunny books are for people in groups #4 and #6, People in my group, #6, need to focus on grounding, protection, and day-to-day mundane life, the material world. So all the silly fluff in, say, Scott Cunningham, is harmless for people in group #4 and genuinely helpful for people in #6. It helps to have a circle, it helps to have props and an altar with doohickies on it, even cakes and ale at the end help balance neurotransmitter levels and ground. Material world is good. I think that's why I am a taoist too and do tai chi--both very grounding and pro-material-world. By the way, I finally tracked down my birth father--turns out he's a witch too. I think our lives would have been a lot easier if we had been together. At least in some ways, in others, more difficult. So I guess with me it's genetic. Also, I think Orion Foxwood is correct about the North. Ties in with the research that Canadian guy is doing on psi--very dependent on the state of the earth's magnetic field. Oh, also I found this, thought it was pretty funny: http://www.traditionalwitch.net/forums/topic/3308-charge-of-the-fluffy-bunny-goddess/
  5. Personal practice discussion

    oooh, thank you for the recommend! Although I'm assuming it's all about cultivation--I'm probably too fresh for that sort of thing.
  6. Hmm... so I'm mentioned in this book? I'm curious now. I do not have the epic abilities I had not long ago; menopause approaches and my prowess has faded somewhat. I still am orgasmic when the situation calls for it, just not orgasmic all the time.
  7. .

    That is true--wicca generally isn't very deep and is primarily about women's concerns--love, money, healing, protection and sometimes a little housework and weatherwork thrown in for good measure. Not very philosophical or magickal with a "k". I'm glad you found a path that suits you!
  8. herbal orgasm . . . (?)

    Damiana, of course, as long as you have a good baseline of high quality fish oil intake
  9. .

    Ah, after googling, not Asatru but "Anderean". That's fine, then. And looks like Lee Morgan was/is/will be(?) a woman, so that's good too. No love for witches like me though.
  10. .

    Well knock me down with a feather! Seth Ananda, of all people, becomes a witch! http://thedaobums.com/topic/6799-the-forces-of-darkness/?p=78582 Wiccans aren't so bad, as long as you ignore the bogus "history". Even fluffy bunnies have their place. I love this website--plenty of bones to fetch! But, um....some unasked-for advice--witchcraft, including traditional witchcraft, is best when led by women. I'm not saying it has to be all femdommy, but at the very least women should have equal leadership for best results and balance, and it's better to have more women than men in leadership roles. Also, I couldn't quite make out if the tradition under discussion is Asatru, but if so, BE CAREFUL! I follow an Egyptian pantheon, and they tend to be gentle and polite. Asatru--they are a lot more dangerous, especially if Thor is the one followed. If any racist tendencies increase, get out right away. Seriously.
  11. Personal practice discussion

    Ah, I do not have access to that location. I see there are also gendered fora in the Garden. I'm guessing I can't hack my way into the men's?
  12. Personal practice discussion

    Also, are really old PPD's gone forever? I checked the Archive folder.
  13. What does it mean to be transgender?

    A few comments--"transgender" encompasses both transsexuals and crossdressers and can also cover queer and genderf--k, depending on different definitions. DreamBliss, I wouldn't be so quick to ask Nature to back up your biases, as intersex is pretty common in the population--1 in 2000 people are intersex. 1 in 1000 people are transsexual. It is very common for shamans in traditional cultures to be transgender, whether born male or female. I am skeptical of the bright line made between trans women and crossdressers. Alice Dreger recently wrote a book, Galileo's Middle Finger, that had some interesting points about similarities. On the other hand, enforcing such a bright line helps trans women gain public acceptance, which is important. Personally I think society would be vastly improved if men had the same rights as women do to crossdress--then there would be less pressure on them to make a choice. Nothing wrong with having two spirits. I am hopeful that the younger generation considers men acting and dressing feminine to be much less of a big deal.
  14. 2012: The End of the World

    Bill Gates has Eris prominent in his chart? Very interesting. People I know of with Eris prominent are Arianna Huffington, Al Gore and Stephen Colbert. And me! It is very pronounced in my chart, in my first house and my only fire planet, so a singleton. All of us including me had a brief burst of fame/notoriety at the time of Eris's discovery/acceptance, which is the usual when a new planet is discovered. To finally have a true cardinal planet in Air means that there will be direction and focus in the realms of science and the Internet and knowledge in general. It is a light shining in the darkness. Also it rules seventh house things, the realm of the Other as opposed to the Self. Caring for others, one other in particular. It is the house of partnerships, marriage and enemies.
  15. 2012: The End of the World

    My two cents--I still think that Calleman was correct, and the end of the Long Count happened in October, 2011. Ever since then the quality of time has had a peculiar expansive calm quality for me. I think the recent solstice just signified that subtle completion has gone public. In particular I think that the Western zodiac has had four stages of completion. First, Eris was discovered in 2005. Then Ceres was reinstated as a planet, Eris was officially accepted as a planet, and Pluto had its status altered. Mars-Aries Venus-Taurus Mercury-Gemini Moon-Cancer Sun-Leo Ceres-Virgo Eris-Libra Pluto/Charon-Scorpio Jupiter-Sagittarius Saturn-Capricorn Uranus-Aquarius Neptune-Pisces This official completion of the zodiac happened in 2006, by the IAU (inadvertently, as always). But it's taken a few years for the planetary rulerships to shift. Venus no longer co-rules Taurus and Libra, she rules Taurus alone. Mercury no longer co-rules Gemini and Virgo, he rules Gemini alone. The shift of Ceres ruling Virgo hasn't been too earth-changing. People are waking up to good stewardship of the earth, and in particular the importance of eating local, organic, fresh food to improve health. Permaculture, attention to diet, a genuine understanding of healthful living and an avoidance of the artificial (goodbye, Twinkies!) are all gaining their rightful place. And it is a sea change when young people avidly choose farming careers. Still, we have seen this before, back when Ceres was originally discovered. With Mercury letting go of Virgo, hopefully the neurotic quality of such a quick-moving planet in an earth sign will vanish, and Virgos will be the farmers and healers of the future, rather than the neurotic hyper-organizers of the past. The big change, the really big change is Eris. The influence of Eris has been felt even before she was discovered in 2005, but didn't really come to fruition until October, 2011, the end of the Long Count. And now, here at the end of 2012, the hidden is made manifest. There truly is an Epiphany! Pluto has always chased after Venus, the old Persephone legend. This dynamic has been broken, first with Pluto's twin planet Charon (hello gay marriage) being accepted as a dwarf planet in its own right, and also with the discovery of Eris, Pluto's true partner/adversary. Pluto is the planet of darkness, of corporations. Eris is the planet of light, of Occupy. Everyone's Eris is conjuncting, so people with strong Eris in their charts are able to act as one, like the Borg. They also see what is hidden. Eris is the planet of the wizard, of farseeing, of seeing the future. Eris is the planet of Occupy, of the Arab Spring, of Anonymous. Eris is the planet of balance through discord. Peaceful revolution, public scrutiny, acting as one. Things are now self-evident, and the big corporations and their minions are shocked to find out they can no longer fool the people easily. There will always be some, especially among older people, who will not feel this change. But the majority of people, I think, can now see for themselves the truth of many things. There is still a lot of work to do. People were wrong to say that 2012 would be some spectacular outward display. I think that the change is complete, it did happen. But it happened inside people, so it will take some time for this change to bear fruit in the public realm. There still needs to be a Scouring of the Shire, that's for certain. And we have to hustle to combat global warming, it might be too late. But I do think that human civilization has turned a corner, and things will never be the same.