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  1. Is John Chang really that hard to find and train with?

    Believe what you will. Nobody is trying to change your mind, just state a fact. He is not hard to find like I said, but train with is out of the question. If what I have said does not interest you then disregard it like you never read it. In fact I'm more than happy for the moderator to delete this topic and delete my account. I haven't been on TDB as I have found my true Guru. I hope you all also find yours. I learnt alot from TDB and met some great people. TDB has served its purpose for me and now I disregard it. Peace Yogi
  2. Hilary Clinton & Jeb Bush for president of the USA? I smell more wars on the horizon...
  3. A Coincidence...? I have a funng feeling the doctors here watched the Ring of Fire. When watching the above like on the news the patient was able to move his toe after shock stimulation. Sound familiar? Plus the room where the patient was in had red lights/lasers/sensors all around him. And guess what they called it? The Ring of Fire... Are these Western Doctors finally opening up to Easten Chi practices by trying to replicate them in the hospital....? I only hope so Peace FT
  4. uote name="Yasjua" post="593311" timestamp="1416542799"]While I was living in Portland (Oregon) and looking into attending Chinese medicine school I discovered the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), founded(?) by Heiner Fruehauf, a major proponent of CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine). Heiner and others at the University purport to be expounding authentic pre-Mao-Ze-Dongian Chinese medicine. Ironically, the emphatically stated differences Heiner can't help but fart into every sentence he utters, between TCM and CCM, turned me off from attending the University. I'm still curious though, as I might reconsider going to graduate school later in life - - - are the differences between TCM and CCM education in the USA significant? Any graduates or masters here to attest to the contrast? It's funny, because although I despise fundamentalism in every possible way, Heiner's words have stuck with me and kind of convinced me that TCM is a watered down allopathic counterfeit of authentic Chinese medicine. Hi Yasjua. Yes TCM is different to CCM. The person on this forum who can answer your question is Grady. We have discussed the subject previously together. Grady is a disciple of Jiang Feng. Please see some more information on their website above FT
  5. So I have a hernia...

    Yasjua I can help you with advice. I had an inguinal hernia in 2005. Left and right sides of my stomach split from bad lifting due to being tired during night shift work while at Uni and also being weak from sex before work. Only the left side of my stomach came out. Surgery was completed with a long cut down my lower stomach/pubic area and it was fixed with mesh. Note that they will shave your pubic hair Touch wood I have had no issues since and the steel mesh is stronger than just sowing the stomach together, but be careful lifting heavy or akward objects for life after the operation. My suggestion is to have the operation as it hurts the nerves in that area and down the legs if you leave it. I couldn't walk for 2 weeks after the operation as I was in pain. But you get over it There are always possible complications to surgery but mine went well and my body did not reject the steel mesh. Also no long term side effects as all the doctors are doing are joining two parts of the stomach together with mesh. Good luck as it takes alot of courage to get operated down in that area but its definitely worth it from my experience. Peace FT
  6. Yeah CT Indonesia majority Islamic, East Timor majority Catholic and as you say strong ancestoral and shamanistic roots
  7. I agree with you CT for Cambodia, but Indonesia and East Timor this does not ring true, regarding Karma...
  8. BKA, I believe you hit the nail on the head with your last point above. I can relate to what you are saying. Generally speaking I have found people In third world countries to be happier than in first world countries as well. I have lived and/or done some kind of work with locals in Indonesia, East Timor and Cambodia to experience this. The reason for this in my opinion is because they have less than us. In the first world countries again generally speaking, the more we have the more we want. Peace FT
  9. Hi thelearner. I believe your question could be written like this; How does one measure success in life? For me personally I measure success in terms of happiness, love, peace and being comfortable. Peace FT
  10. Jeet Kune Do

    Haha, BD, I was merely stating a fact regarding the politics in both schools that I have witnessed while training in both How do you know Bruce didn't have 'Internal force generation' when he stopped training Wing Chun? What do you think the 'One inch punch' is then? I agree with you that scratching the surface/dabbling in many martial arts will not make a person as complete a fighter as a person that masters only one. But on the other side of the coin a person that can master more than one martial art will in my opinion be a more complete fighter than a person who only masters one... I see where your train of thought is coming from but you only need to look at Georges St Pierre in UFC or Bruce himself to see the benefits of mastering more than one martial art as apposed to learning Wing Chun alone
  11. Jeet Kune Do

    BD, I agree with you partially. JKD, MMA is great for the ring or real life street situations and yes force generation is important mixed with other key attributes. You stated that 'the JKD man couldnt use his fancy technique'. Thats funny because JKD does not have fancy techniques, as Bruce was totally against anything that didn't work. I also studied at William Cheungs Wing Chun in Melbourne who was a student of Yip Man and who also sparred and trained with Bruce in Hong Kong. I have seen both sides of the coin and honestly, there is too much politics between the Wing Chun and JKD schools. FT quote name="Bearded Dragon" post="588482" timestamp="1414379278"]I think jkd is good if you can actually generate a force. It seems like some people just keep learning more techniques to counter the fact that their force generation is poor. This just comes from the "jack of all trades, master of none" thing. Example: Someone came to our wing chun school with over 20 years jkd experience and they couldn't even use their fancy techniques cos they just kept bouncing off. Imo the mix stuff is only good for the ring or until you get really good at wing chun. To put it simply, if your internal force generation is good then you just punch someone and they drop. They can't stop it and they can't stand after taking it.
  12. Kung-fu Movie Stars

    For me Bruce all the way. Tony Jaa to me is the closest I have seen to Bruce but IMO still not on the same level. Iko Uwais movies are good. Check out his first Indonesian movie 'Merantau'. The Raid and Rain II are also good. In terms of an amazing 'realistic' fight scene I cant go past Bruces' 'The Way of the Dragon' with Chuck Norris...
  13. Jeet Kune Do

    I forgot to mention out of all the martial arts I have studied and I have studied many, JKD to me is the most realistic, efficient and effective martial art to use in a street fight. Also check out Israeli Krav Maga which has many similarities to JKD
  14. Jeet Kune Do

    Hi UA, I have had the same feeling also. I have studied JKD and still practice parts of it on and off over the last 14 years. The philosophy of Bruce is something that I try and put into practice everyday of my life... Hi CT, There are many different Jun Fan JKD/JKD systems out there. I studied JKD under a Shifu in Melbourne, who learnt JKD from Paul Vunak in the states under the PFS JKD umbrella, who learnt from Dan Inosanto, who learnt directly from Bruce. This JKD I was taught is what Bruce was up to before he passed away. So, it has many martial arts combined into it. To name a few in the four fighting ranges are; Trapping range: Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kali/Escrima, Punching Range: Western Boxing, Karate, Fencing, Kicking range: Savate, Tae Kwon Do, Grappling range: Judo and Brazilian Gracie Jiu Jitsu and others.
  15. Another Bush to run for President?.... I see war, war and more war on the horizon