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Hello...glad to be here!

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Hello all,


I was doing some research on taoism and google kindly brought up your website. I was glad to see your site and am looking forward to sharing Taoism with you.


I am new to Taoism. I studied buddhism for a number of years and practiced with a group in Missouri. After seeing a QiGong demonstration, I began taking Qigong classes at the beginning of this year, which I really enjoy. As a tangent, the school I take classes at offers a Taoist discussion night. I have been going to these for about two months and it has been an interesting and often "mentally challenging" few months. The only book that I have read thus far on Taoism is "Cultivating Stillness" about Internal Alchemy. Also, we analyze, discuss the Tao Te ching in class.


Anyway...glad to be off to find the right area to ask my question that brought me to the site in the first place.



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