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EEG results for brainwave entrainment

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Interesting thread on a brainwave entrainment site.






Yesterday I was fortunate to have a number of willing guinea pigs to play with and I'm most intrigued by the results.


I prepared a 30-minute MWS session as follows:


0-6 minutes - background music only, no entrainment

6-12 minutes - 10Hz sine isochronic + AS

12-13 minutes - ramp to 7Hz

13-19 minutes - 7Hz sine isochronic + AS

19-20 minutes - ramp to 4Hz

20-26 minutes - 4Hz sine isochronic + AS

26-30 minutes - ramp back to 10Hz during which time I asked simple maths questions.


In each case I connected a single EEG channel across C3/C4 with common to the right earlobe.




Male 56yrs - very low activity across the range 0-30Hz with music only, slight, but visible, activation at each entrainment frequency (10Hz strongest) activation 20-25Hz when questioned.


Male 51yrs - slightly higher activation across range 0-30Hz with music only, conspicuous activation at 10Hz, obvious but less at 7Hz and 4Hz, activation 20-25Hz when questioned.


Male 18yrs, diagnosed ADD - similar to Male 51yrs, but much less activity above 15Hz, very slight response to 7Hz and 4Hz, minimal response to questions - added additional segment at 25Hz - significant activation across 0-15Hz, especially at 12.5Hz (half stimulus frequency), little response at 25Hz.


Female 28yrs - significant activity 0-30Hz music only, dramatic 10Hz response with significant increase at 20Hz, dramatic 7Hz response with significant 14Hz and 21Hz activation, significant 4Hz response with activation at 8Hz, 12Hz, 16Hz and 20Hz. No visible response to questions.


Female 53yrs - similar to female 28yrs, except no 'harmonic response' and much higher overall activity.




In every case response to entrainment was evident within a few seconds and peaked in under a minute, diminishing slowly thereafter. In no case was the entrainment visible as a continuous signal, it fluctuated significantly - female 28yrs came closest to a continuous response. Female 53yrs complained that the light was too bright - this was evidenced by a number of very strong 10Hz peaks regardless of stimulus frequency (eye blink response).




Inadequate sample to arrive at any, but interesting difference between male/female. Conspicious lack of activity above 15Hz for ADD along with dramatic activation by beta fits expectations. Harmonic response in Female 28yrs totally unexpected. Possible conclusion that the individual matters more than the session.


Any comments?


To which I replied:


My take is that women are yin in nature. They are the receivers and can internalize the outside stimuli more efficiently than the yang males. Women tend to internalize things when men tend to fight them off or ignore them. Meditation comes naturally to women where men have to work on it.


Try boosting the yin energy in your males subjects and test them again. This can be done by testing at night when yin is more prevalent. Keep your subjects cool. Instruct them to eat poached, boiled or steamed meat, fish, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds. Avoid caffeine, sugar, and pungent spices. Milk thistle and American ginseng are excellent yin boosting herbs.



Any comments?

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I use Cool Edit for adding hemisync frequencies to music, noise or tones.

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