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On Kundalini

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It doesn't necessarily make things easier but it might be helpful or at least interesting for some:

As weeks turn into months and years, our faith in the benevolence and guiding presence of the Spirit is sorely tested. Radiant gifts of bliss, beauty and unmistakable blessing are overshadowed by long sieges of pain, torment and physical/emotional depletion. Even if we want to surrender to the workings of the process, often we do not know how.


Charles Breaux says that after an initial six months of "incredible 'peak experience,' the dross began spewing out" into his external life. He wrote: "These last seven years have been one intense drama after another, the deepest and darkest karmic patterns within me have been relentlessly quickened by the power of Kundalini." At the end of his book Journey into Consciousness, he confesses that he continues to wonder if the necessity for letting go will ever cease.


Kundalini can give us wings to transcend the pettiness of the world, then plunge us into the depths, daring us to find the treasure buried there as well. In the beginning, when the Kundalini is moving upwards, Dr. R.P. Kaushik said "it is a negative force -- it is destructive. It destroys all your attachments, all your material possessions; it is destroying everything," which can lead to "a dissatisfaction with everything you have." Kaushik notes that such feelings of frustration and desperation intensify as the energy works to clear through the six and seventh centers. "The yogis have described this movement in a beautiful language," he continues: "The serpent, when it awakens, starts devouring and eating everything that is in its way. When it has gone to the crown center, then from there it descends downwards, as a creative force -- the descending triangle or the Shakti triangle. This is the positive movement..."


Of the countless interviews and autobiographies I've read, the two most repeated words to issue from the mouths of shamans are "spirit" and "suffering."


But it does seem that the risen Kundalini increases the likelihood of crisis in our lives. The Shakti Goddess will utilize everything possible to shake us up, break us open and pare us down, casting off everything we thought we had or knew or were.


Especially if we are ill, we are forced to let go of things precious to us. These sacrifices, says Kate Duff, may take the form of "our savings, marriage, mobility, or pride, even our own flesh and blood." Through these losses, "we are reminded that nothing lasts forever or belongs to us; everything comes from and returns to an original source."


Often it isn't until our life is in shambles that we become aware of the parts of ourselves which have become dispossessed. "In the core of our being we are singular and unified; at the surface of our interactions with the world, we are multiple and dispersed," says Metzner. "In transformation we seek to recover that original unity."


"The cure for dismemberment," says Metzner, "is re-membering: remembering who we actually are." As Halifax puts it: "To bring back to an original state that which was in primordial times whole and is now broken and dismembered is not only an act of unification but also a divine remembrance of a time when a complete reality existed."


The positive side of the dismemberment experience is that it eventually leads to a "resurrection" -- a higher state of spiritual development. The darkness which had seemed endless and impenetrable is at long last revealed to be simply a very hard passage -- the proverbial tunnel, at the end of which is a beautiful, welcoming light.

This is very I made the same observation recently (even with a similar timeframe):
2) HONEYMOON - You enjoy a honeymoon period of maybe ~8 months of easy, constant progress...


3) HOUSECLEANING - Meanwhile, you may start emotional and karmic purging. Eventually, this may manifest physically as health problems (tapas) or "adverse" life events, tests & lessons. Phases of fear and despair may arise as all your hot buttons get pushed. This stage can easily last ~6 months and can catch you off guard if you are not expecting it. But it is something you still need to deal proactively with - as I'm not sure that they are always necessarily self-correcting and couldn't become serious problems otherwise.

And even seems to correlate many of the "SQ symptoms" described here.


But, even if all the upheavals are "part of the process," doesn't mean that everything is necessarily neatly under control and can't still be dangerous.

Our very survival seems to hang by a thread. Kundalini researcher Tontyn Hopman reminds us that "awakening encompasses both the state of being in harmony with the Tao and the knife-edged path with its violent purifications and sudden, catastrophic perils." The dangers of the path are not illusory, he tells us: "Everything may really be at stake... The Spirit knows no half measures or lukewarm adjustments. How else could a person be transformed except through the most intense experiences?"
And in fact, El Collie ended up dying in 2002... :huh:

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She had issues. I couldnt read her stuff because its so negative, though its popular on the net. She committed suicide I heard.

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