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think tank pot.

this bumped into my mailbox this morning. I was just about to post this in Winpro's thread but better mix ...later

"2009 State of the World Forum

The Real Crisis of Climate Change: Truth is Not Enough

November 12 -14th 2009 | Washington, D.C. Hilton Washington


If you are deeply concerned about climate change and are committed to taking action, the 2009 State of the World Forum is where you and your organization need to be.


This seminal event November 12-14 in Washington D.C. is the launch of a ten-year campaign to bring people together from around the world to work collaboratively to green our economies and develop more sustainable lifestyles. Nothing less than this will suffice to deal with the crisis we are in.


Our intent is to move beyond what we know to what we can do, both individually and together.


We invite you to join this global movement and contribute your skills and talents. Help us draw sympathetic organizations into this campaign, whether they be governments, businesses or activist groups. Spread the word through your network.


The future we want begins now. It begins with you. Please join us."

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