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Joint pain and arthritis supplements

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I was searching for a solution for joint pain and arthritis for old men and I came across 2 products; CMOX and MMS.

Has anyone tried these and had good results?

what are your recommendations?

where is a good place to get them online?


my search results:


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I take MSM, Glucosamine, Salmon Oil, Circumax (Integrative Therapeutics), and practice qigong for my arthritis. All help a lot for me.

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I just wanted to add that Ya Mu is right about those suppliments and Qigong.

My wife and I when we can try to take Fish Oil (omega-3) when we can, usually in combination with glucosamine and msm.

So they are suppliments that work too. This is just kind of like another added vote of confidence for it, from another person kind of like me saying yes, Ive used it too.

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Just for FYI that was celadrin right? thats a celadine (variety of oriental poppy derivative) liquid that comes from the plant as far as i can recall. (from the top of my head) I am pretty sure this is different from the fluid that they use wen they score the pod and catch from the pod. Maybe you can clarify that Ian, that that is Celandine we are talking about?


Topical for arthritis also:

Eucalyptus oil and hempseed (easily purchased, even online) oil. When you combine the two it offers a lot of relief from stiffness.

It can be very spendy, does not get rid of all the pain but does great in complememnting western medicine and getting rid of a bit of the pain and stiffness. At this, this was suggested to me by Carlos Guerra (herbalist) thanks Carlos!


In the past I used to use ginger liquid concentrate, which was somewhat effective and very stinky. It does in a pinch, and here I mean rubbing it on the sore area.


Dont use:

I had seen people dangerously use Ephedra (Ma Huang which in Chinese means "ask for trouble")[even the equivalent sudafed which is chemically the same] to get rid of such pain as it strengthens the wei qi field for a time (emotional body).

But as the name suggests 'ask for trouble' the wei qi field can be weakened or damaged after misuse/longterm use due to yang collapse resulting in a yin cold condition in the body which can be painful.

Damaging the Wei Qi field can weaken the immune system and your bodys ability to fight off external pathogenic factors and should never be considered as an alternative pain relief due to the health problems from misuse of Ephedra in this manner.

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