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TO all - open discuss

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To all:


What do you thnk about this?


I would like this to be open-discussion. Just to be fare and I would like the taobums to see.


Mak Tin Si



I do not need to convince you of anything.


It's very simple:


Abide the rules and stay.


Otherwise you leave.


This is not a democracy. This is not communism. This is a forum that I run based on what I think is right.


Get over yourself.


And if I see you try to post with different nicknames, I will ban your entire IP range. I should ban you even just for making this threat.




That is very not-convincing Sean. you are the moderator of the forum, you gotta be good dealing with people who go and posts here. So if you want me to reduce postings and I see no complains now on the forum, how can you convince me instead? I need to see some proofs or you want to get a poll running on the taobum open discussion now so that people can vote to let me see what is wrong now with the postings I did recently!


If you want to act like a bastard and talk here at the back to be a communist, what can I say? But I like to talk about this in the open areas so it is more convincing for me and you instead.


If you don't like it, that's your problem. I can always post with many many nicknames if you want. It's not hard to get some postings going if you force me to do something. But I like to play a fare game, let me see some proofs and I would like to cooperate with you too. Don't be so childish and try to control my postings limits like that. It's non-sense. I am chatting with people now at the open areasd and people are "okay" with me, what's wrong with you there sean?



Mak Tin Si




Pleaes quote and send some complaints letters for me to see as I am very very interested in seeing what people are saying at the back!




Mak Tin Si


Several complaints.


Please use your personal practice area for your personal teachings and Taoist Discussion area to start discussions with the community.


Great, any complains from the public this time except yourself?


Final warning.


One new topic per week.






Well, as on your side, you said you get complains, on my side I got supporters telling me to not stop posting. What are you expecting me to do? This forum is open and everybody do have the rights to post. If you want me to post less, then I would rather just leave after a while. Thank you for your offering, but I do not like to be limited in the way.


Mak Tin Si


I'm getting a lot of complaints about how many new topics you are starting. Please limit yourself to one new topic per week maximum.




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