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Hey all, Michelle here.


I was born 1980 in Ausburg, Germany. What you call a "military brat", one very cool thing I remember before moving here to the States in 1985 was the way that they built houses. Because of some kind of previous countrywide security, they had these special locks on ALL doors. They could lock you inside as well as outside. So my family wore a copy of the key on a necklace so that we'd always have one. That's something I haven't seen here yet!!


The only religious part of my family are Kabbalistic Jews. When my mother and I arrived here, (where most of my family are, she was also born here in OH) I found that hardly any were religious AT ALL. My hunger for knowledge ensued. I had to seek out all forms myself. I also did comparitive religion, going into and trying to learn as much as I could and as fast as I could, but not without any attempt to being thorough. For most, I had too many questions and the answers given did not satisfy or resonate with me.


Here I am at Taoism/Buddhism and the like and I've not been unhappy yet. I'm pretty comfortable in practice and thinking and believe I have truly found my home in it. :lol:


with Heavenly Heart,


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