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Scientific Zapper Study

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Vortex posted me a link to this article (cheers) I though that a few of you might enjoy something scientific.


Published in the "American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor" (ANMA Monitor 2(4):5-9.1998).

The author and re-searcher is Robert J. Thiel, Ph.D., N.H.D., of California. Dr. Thiel is not an MD, therefore this information may not be presented as medical advice. The recommendations are statistical, not specific to any individual.


The purpose of this pilot trial was to determine whether there may be any efficacy to combining the use of bioelectrical stimulating units with nutritional interventions for people with patterns consistent with chronic fungal, bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections. This trial was a pretest-posttest, natural control-group design where subjects were assessed before and after bioelectrical stimulation was introduced by the use of a device, most commonly referred to as a "zapper". 140 of 143 (97.9%) participants reported improvement within 45 days, P<.01; 48.2% improved substantially and 49.7% improved minimally. Thus, it appears that combining bio-electrical stimulation with nutritional interventions may have efficacy and deserves further study.


Full text of article here

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