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What is the nature of luck?

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My world view tends to be pokerish. Thats right, I am Pokerian, not that I play poker, but my world paradigm, belief structure is we're given cards and its up to us to play'em. New cards come in, old cards discarded. I think happiness comes from realizing it doesn't have to be cut throat game and we can all play as friends.


There is luck, but praying for a particular deal isn't of much use. Neither is rabbits tails or 4 leaf clovers. Knowing the game, the table, the odds, can help, but the dealer..Lets forget the dealer for now.



I find the nature of luck to be impersonal, without memory or rules or moral conscience. Thats not to say our circumstances are so ..random, we control how we play the game. I believe much karmic consequence is based on personal often partly subconscious conscience. I believe I did something good, so when good things happen I notice it, my positive mood creates actions that make it more likely. I find the good thats already in the world. And so the reverse.


I do think God plays dice with the Universe, but I don't think he keeps score, we do that ourselves.


What are your views on luck?






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Great topic.


Taoist point of view. Um.. here let me try.


Luck is created by many factors which is what is called a "myth" to all people who do not realize how the formula goes. Just like playing poker, there are many things that gives you a certain luck and certain cards. The person's karma will be part of the luck in the game, the fungshui of each seatings, the color of table, environment, lightings, season, energy flow in nature, etc,. Those will all make a change in luck.


Just a test, if you sit in a bad place with bad environment, you get sick and tired easily, agreed?


Now put this in a larger picture, do you realize the pattern now? When people play MahJong in chinese culture, they really care about all the signs in nature and place to sit. This is because they knew that be sitting in a good place will make your chance of winning much higher, while sitting like in front of a toilet entrance or directly in front of a door entrance will make you loose money much more. Luck comes from many things.


In Chinese sayings, we have a phrase which describe this formula:


"1 life, 2 luck, 3 fungshui, 4 karma, 5 study and learn.."


The life pattern for this life comes first, which all the things are set before you are born by the karma credits and debts from your past life. Good and bad deeds accumulates and form a life pattern for you this life.


Next, when you are born, you have luck, luck is formed by number 3 and 4 and 5......


When you have good fungshui (surroundings and nature factors) you gain more luck, but if your karma is not good, you cannot accept all the good things that comes to you, like you are going to get a cup of tea, but when it is in your hand the cup will spill out half a cup because your karma is not good.


When you have good karma, you will attract and accumulate FUK (fortune) which forms a good life, brings you health and wealth.


For those who do not study, you will miss out the chance of having more luck in life becasue your base is not solid enough in life. Study is just part of life learnings. In the old days, chinese learn with all the chinese phillosophys studying the Sei Sue Ng Jing, nowadays we go to school and universities.


So there is a basic formula of a luck pattern or a life pattern.


In poker, first, consider your own personal luck.. if you did have bad luck in the day, like just stepped on a dog poo or something, when you go to the game room, you may have a bigger chance of choosing a bad fungshui seat, then you loose more money. When you loose money, you swears a lot and did a lot of bad karma verballing, so that leads you to loosing much more money!


Everything is linked in nature, it is not a myth to you anymore when you learn it. It is just part of nature, very easy to explain and experience WHEN you have the right teacher.


Mak Tin Si


One add-on here..


TAOIST do not have the theory of GOD ruling the universe or something like in the belief of jesus. We taoist do believe that everything is linked and interacting in nature, so nature works itself. It is just the matter of fact that do you REALIZE the pattern and formula and know how to play with it or not.


For those who laughed at the dog poo thread. Well, too bad, that is always in your life, you never mastered it, then you will never get the fun of mastering this part of tao.


Just like in my other thread on eating habbits, karma, etc,. are all parts of tao's formula, the way of how nature works that we do not realize they do it like this... it is just natural.

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