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Dr. Dcup

For Sale Mantak Chia Kan & Li audio, Videos: Thunder Power, Water of Life Empty Force, Wisdom Chi Gong, more

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Hi All,


I have a few extra videos/dvds/tapes for sale listed below if anyone is interested. Please PM me with your email if you are interested. I will take Paypal, check, or cash for payment. Everything includes shipping via USPS media mail NON-insured. If you want a different shipping method you can pay for it. Everything I paid more for than the price I'm selling it, aka I'm not making money off of it. Ask if you have questions.


DVDs $7/each (Brand New):


Guided Sitting Meditation

Wisdom Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 (2 dvds one price)


Audio Tape Set with 2 hard Binders $80 (Used good condition):

Kan & Li (Lesser Enlightenment)

18 tapes practice

7 tapes lecture



Healing Love Through The Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy $4 (Used good condition):

The Classic of Tea -Origins & Rituals by Lu Yu $8 (New)

The Chinese Art of Tea by John Blofeld $4 (fair-warped)

Emperor of China Self-Portrait of K'ang-Hsi by Jonathan D. Spence $8 (good)

Chinese Domestic Furniture by Gustav Ecke $8 (very good)

Dreams of Spring: Erotic Art in China : From the Bertholet Collection $35 (New)


VHS video tapes $20/each (Watched once):


Fu Tsang Nei Kung

Slaying the Red Dragon-For the Immortal Sister, Transforming Blood into Chi

Water of Life-Golden Liquid-Taoist Way to Transform Urine into Chi

Advanced Empty Force Tao Yin

Developing The Thunder Power Advanced Male Sexual Practice


Audio Tapes Guided $4 each (Used good condition):


Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

Fusion of Five Elements I

Fusion of Five Elements II

Tai Chi Chi Kung I

Edited by Dr. Dcup

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Do you have Michael Winn's tapes on Dream Yoga?...If so, I'd be interested in purchasing them



I do have the Dream Yoga cd version, though I am not interested in selling them yet.

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