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  1. Who are you?

    classic post bro
  2. Manly P.. Hall Lectures

    thanks phore im gonna check it out asap...will report back : )
  3. the only time i feel irritated while doing semen retention is if i do not circulate the energy by doing the MCO...after then i start to feel lively again
  4. Secret Smile/Inner Smile + Energy Work sounds like the way to go.
  5. Seth Ananda for president!!
  6. Chi Kung Q&A with Sifu Dan Ferrera

    you dont stop learning no matter what level your at
  7. im practicing a different version of Spinal Breathing called "Mizong Spinal Breathing" which is similar because it goes from the Root to Ajna chakra....i have a practice journal where i practice for 1 hr. 30 mins. everyday for 35 days and im on Day 11...we'll see if i awaken Kundalini later on down the line but my 3rd eye is really getting stronger as a result of this practice
  8. Energy channels

    sounds like a good idea
  9. Plane of infinite awareness

    did you see any of the KAP lineage gurus?
  10. Plane of infinite awareness

    hmmm....ok *tries to access plane of infinite awareness* ok im getting something i think im going to astral project! *breaks wind* lol damn...sorry my bro maybe in a month or two! haha
  11. *2 thumbs up for KAP*
  12. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    hello Robert nice of you to come to the forum i like what your trying to do and ill definitely be signing up for the course
  13. Tao meets the Druids

    i feel you about things being in certain peoples programming...ive always felt the same way about sufi/islamic practices. ive been drawn to them all my life.
  14. WP

    Chuck Norris